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Somethings HOST should know:

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Multiplayer & PBEM' started by best_defense, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. best_defense

    best_defense Chieftain

    Sep 11, 2008
    There are many people host the first time and didn't know lots of things (especially bugs) of this game, here is a list of things (some are just optional).

    1. (Settings-->Speed-->Quick) You never want Normal or Epic speed in online gaming, because that would take too long to construct any building or unit. Online game is not some single player game you can save and reload so often, and definitely won't last over 5hours.

    2. (Set AI natives manually) This is a bug. AI random still allows people join, but AI natives does not. And while you launching your game, if some new guy just try to join, then: (A) you won't be able to launch, (B) that new guy doesn't have time to pick a leader/country and game started, (C) game started but very often frozen, (D) you are lucky, game works.

    Another reason is that AI random may result European leaders. And even during the game, new JOINERS can still join these AI European at any time. Doesn't mean you got 4 players with 4 countries, and AI would be natives. WRONG! Once, we got 5 players and 4 AI random. At turn 1, I met 3 AI, and 2 AI's are from Europe! At turn 2, some joiner just joined one of these 2 AI and crashed the game. That host was wondering who ever quit the game, but there were none.

    3. (Timer Blazzing) Blazzing is 40seconds per turn at first, later IF more colonies, it will increase the time til 1-2minutes (or maybe more, but game probably got a winner when timer is greater then 2min).

    4. (Avoid Joiner): 3 ways to avoid joiner and STILL ALLOW rejoin if disconnected:

    (A) HOST sets a password for the game. The password must be easy to remember, and please give the password out, unless you got half a dozen buddies in your list who is in lobby.
    (B) HOST uncheck Multiplayer-->Take over AI. This would ONLY allow ORIGINAL player to REJOIN if the VOTING WINDOW is NOT CLOSED!
    (C) HOST asks EVERY PLAYER to password their OWN SLOT. Then, only themselves can rejoin. Irony is most quitters never password their SLOT, and non-quitters most often password their SLOT.

    5. (Boot Quitters): please boot early quitters, especially the early quitters NOT due to early rush. I know a very bad quitter, who would use his soldier to challenge the odds with lower then 50% chance. If fails, he quits right away. If succeed, he hopes that guy would just simply quit. Even if lost ALL cities ALL units including SHIP, player like me won't quit as long as I got money to hire a new immigrant from Europe. He would eventually quit again when he lost that conquered city or unit due to counter attack. I added him to buddy, so I can track him down and avoid him in any game :)


    6. I will add more later, but most likely they would be optional

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