Stalker0's Voting Record: Session #4


Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
Once again, diving into the votes, and recording how I vote and why for anyone who cares.

--Yes, I do think the helicopter could use some love. While flying over the oceans might be weird, honestly there is a lot of weirdness in the late game compared to "reality", and I think this might just give the unit a niche to help ensure usefulness.

--Yes, though I've become lukewarm on the proposal. I do think its an improvement, but probably a small one, and could respect if the benefit isn't worth the change.

No, I respect the notion I really do, but I don't think either of these proposals has really thought through the consequences. Military Bases are expensive buildings and do lots of secondary things, and they are appropriate for the big jump in military tools that happens at that point in the game. While I can see a few building tweaks, I think gutting the hp of early building is not the way to go, and this doesnt's how respect for how much war ramps up from the ancient era into the medieval and renassiance eras.

--Abstain, I don't play enough Korea to have strong thoughts on them.

--Yes or No, I really don't care either way.

--Yes or no. This is my proposal but I have seen some good arguments on the no side, so I'm torn. I will be thinking about this one a second time.

--Yes. There are reasons to build aqueduct without granary, but frankly I could say that about any building with a prereq, and it just makes it consistent to have granary be a prereq.

--Yes, info era is too slow now.

--Yes to Spy level based couping. This one takes my original proposal and improves it, I like it.

--Yes to 10a and 10c (ie add Herbalist, Lodge, and Arena to Pioneer/Colonist, colonist create puppets).

I really want later game expansion to be fun and viable, and right now its really a question mark on how much its worth it. I think the extra buildings do get pioneer cities off the ground a bit quicker. Adding puppet options to colonists could result in a lot more expansion in the late game, but that is very historically thematic and frankly creates a lot more interesting options in the late game.

--Yes to 4-11,4-11a, 4-11c (ie update martial law, change prereq structure, and move GA bonus from rationalsim to imperalism). I think this will be a breath of free air for imperalsim, which has been a good tree in its niche but its just weirdly focused and has some real weaknesses. I think this will round it out well.

--Yes. We will see if its an overcorrection to CV based on other things we are trying, but frankly CV has held strong enough with other nerfs, and its time to really hit the hammer hard.

--Yes, at the end of the day I do think Order still is stronger than freedom when it comes to science, even with these changes. Freedom does have a lot of other nice benefits though, so we will see how this looks.

--No, at the end of the day I still think Covert Action is better than Double Agents, so I am fine if there spy numbers aren't the same.

No. I don't mind looking at Sacred Sites, because I do think its a "lame belief". But the one thing its doesn't need more of is tourism, its tourism is great, amazing....its literally all it does. And if you are winning a Cv, that's frankly all you need it to do. If I'm changing anything it would be to make it more well rounded, not just win more.

--No. FoTM isn't a top belief to me, its just not. Being able to instant buy a building to reap the benefits quickly, that is the WHOLE point of the belief. This is just a pure nerf with no compensation to a belief that isn't all that strong to begin with.

--No, this proposal doesn't feel like it has a good direction or course, and its concerns I think have been met with other changes that we need to let settle.

--Yes to either option. I like the median more but I think both are moving in the right direction, PTP needs to be easier.

--No, I don't want any of this. First, having just played against Babylon in a recent game, there walls are already crazy strong. Another 2 CS on top is crazy, they are already so hard to attack. I don't see the point in swapping babylon and mayan UU bonuses at all.

--Yes. I can confidently say we went too far on the gold nerfs, having played several late games where I am in debt with all Trade Routes intact, only half of my military supply used, and all econ buildings built. That simply should not be the case.

--Yes, a b and d. Phew this one is complicated, and I actually wish we could split off a few of them in this one, as you have the more QoL ones and then you have the completely revamping the system ones. But anyway.

I think b and d are the gimmies, they are simply changes that are just straight improvements, no brainers to me. Now the question of which revamp to go with. At the end of the day, I picked version A. (not to be confused with the number with no letter). I honestly don't think its that great out of the box, the durations imo are going to be too high to start, but I think the direction is the right approach. I agree that the current system is just too damn complicated, we don't need a million littles variables. The idea that an espioage building just takes a turn off the mission, straight up....easy. I can work with that. I think the numbers will need to be tweaked (all the of the starting mission durations are too much), but I think its a good start.

While I like the idea of the changes to the siphon missions, I think there are a lot more nuances there that the system is not accounting for, it needs a rethink.

--Yes, less is more.

DT really needs a boost. We can argue whether the zoo should be included, but I am ok going too much than too little right now, as we need a surge to put this guy on the same footing as the top beliefs, because right now its not even close.

--Just do it, you know you want to:)

--Yes, if you actually want the different power plants to mean something, than yes.

--I was one of the biggest advocates to ramp up the strength of the GDR, and have no problems saying it went just a bit too far. Honestly this nerf is a small one, and won't fundamentally change anything, but will give people at least a chance against this unit.


--Yes, the new rome is cool but yeah it can snowball way too hard. I think this is a good compromise, maintains a cool unique reason for Rome to go after CS, but it still has to put in the work.

--Yes, china could use some nerfs, and I still think this is a very nice UI even with the nerf.

--Yes, I'm excited to try this out!

--No, I don't agree with the premise of this proposal. Yes spearman are more expensive than warriors, and they are better. They take less damage, and do more damage. This is especially true once the barbs themselves upgrade to spears. Spears do their job, they have no issue against barbs.

--Yes, I think its time to give SoZ some love, and I think this is a nice to both help your warfare longterm, and your economy in the short term. Lets go!

--Yes to a and b. I like the change to food just to give them a bit more uniqueness with other growth civs. I think the 2000 pressure per GP gives them the wall they need against foreign conversions withut ramping up the pressure snowball that could just bowl over other civs if left unchecked. I don't want to see india turn into an Austria, a civ you feel you have to destroy just to play the game.

--I do not see the point of this change. Either requirements aren't needed, or tall is supposed to be limited on national wonders. But this middle ground approach doesn't solve anything to me.

--Abstain for now, i have to think about this more.
First, having just played against Babylon in a recent game, there walls are already crazy strong. Another 2 CS on top is crazy, they are already so hard to attack.
They're not getting +2 :c5strength:, they're already at 8 :c5strength:. The proposal is about their other benefits.
--I do not see the point of this change. Either requirements aren't needed, or tall is supposed to be limited on national wonders. But this middle ground approach doesn't solve anything to me.
I don't get what you mean. It's a straight tall buff (+wide nerf if you heavily lock growth). You STILL can't build the NW if you beeline the tech, but it's not as hard that you still can't build it after researching half of the techs on that tier.
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