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Standard and Custom Civ Flavors and Personalities


Jul 11, 2001
Weston, Massachusetts
Hi all!

Attached to this post is an Excel file detailing the flavor and personality values of Civs/leaders present in the game + custom civs found in the Mod Repository (39 in all). If you scroll down to the bottom of the tables, there are stats around both VP only civs and VP + custom civs. I've been using this to get a better understanding of how I should be playing a particular civ. I hope you all find it informative.

Some notes:
  • The cutoff for inclusion of a custom civ required some sign that the civ was updated for 3.X. If I missed any, please let me know!
  • I've probably missed some of the start biases, victory pursuits and default personalities. Let me know if you find any that I missed!
  • A few custom civs did not have an Antiair personality value nor a default personality. I am not sure how the game handles this, so I left that as NA.
Are there other civ/leader information that I should include?


  • Civ Flavors and Personalities.xlsx
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