Strategic Map View


Sep 22, 2010
You'll have to excuse me if this function is already in here. I tend to crash in strategic map view so I may not have found it.

When I do load the view (I like to call it bejewelled mode), there is a lot of tile information.

What I'd like to see is a legend that I can bring up/close down as well as toggle resources on or off.

So if I'm looking for say, Iron, I don't have to scan around, I can simply de-select all the other resources (also would be helpful with a select/de-select all option) and only show the sources of iron. It would make things a lot simpler.

Also would be simpler if I didn't crash to the desktop every time, but hey, I can't have everything my way ;)
I'm not happy with the strategic map view either, it's simply too hard to turn layers on/off easily because they're buried 2-3 clicks deep in menus.

- The two drop down lists that let you change what the map looks like (one changes the background elements, the other changes the foreground element) need to be first-class citizens in the UI at that point when you press F10. They should not be buried in a sub-menu.

- Any filtering check boxes should also be brought up to the forefront when in F10 mode. There should be checkboxes that are context sensitive based on what mode the strategic map is in.

- Current strategic map is a definite step back from Civ4 in ease-of-use
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