[Suggestion] Founding father logic change


Oct 11, 2010

One feature which I personally dislike is that when you reject founding father you cannot hire him again. (all though it makes some sense to have this kind of rule)

But what I really really really dislike is when you have enough points in the same turn to hire multiple ones and the game presents them in some order (I don't know if its random or is the order chosen in some way) but more than once I have noticed that I wanted to have multiple founding fathers, but I really like to have one that game doesn't still allow me to choose.

Therefore I would personally prefer that if multiple choice is available the game would from example generate one event box, which introduces every possible founding father you could take this turn, and then allows player to choose one or reject them all.

Naturally if player chooses one from multiple choices the other choices doesn't get rejected.

(I suggested in my first post that perhaps political points could be used to unlock rejected founding father)
... the game would from example generate one event box ...
You are basically talking about something like 60 hours of effort to rewrite FF logic for a "nice to have" that I never needed.
For me this is so low on "benefit vs. effort ratio" that I would never touch it myself. (That UI dialogue is much more effort than you probably imagine.)

But if anybody really wants to give it a try and implements a nice solution, why not.
But I would need to see the final result to really know if I like it.

I simply seriously doubt that will ever happen considering how many more important and more interesting topics we have on the list.
(As I said, the effort for this idea is basically killing it where it stands - I doubt anybody will ever volunteer.)

To summarize my personal opinion:
I simply personally consider it way too much effort for the benefit. :dunno:
But every modder is free to implement whatever he wants.
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