Syndicate Mod. Anyone interested?


Jan 14, 2002
Anyone interested about syndicate mod?

The scenario would be near future metropolis (big city).

The land terrain would be different "zones" of city like industrial/commercial zones. There would be skyscrapers and stuff...Those city graphics from art/cities and also buildings from city view could be used as those buildings.
Water terrain would describe terrain outside the city lines.

Resources wouldn't be materials like saltpeter or aluminum but instead buildings like courthouse, offices, malls etc.

Civilizations would be "Syndicates". Like big companies that use different kind of ways to get power (also criminal ways)
Example: Policestation is strategic resouce and when you get access to it you can hire cops to defend your "territory".

Food would be described as jobs (more jobs, more people will join) irrigation would be jobs. Mine could be like factory and give production bonuses and so on.

Culture would describe the power of the company and the influence zone. Roads would be changed to some sort of connections more like abstract and superfical than real pavement street. They would show how the syndicate would know people inside certain building example from courthouse and would allow resource used to build something.

Research tree would describe syndicate trying to spread it's tentacles to different aspects of business and could get units/resources/buildings through it.

Problem in this mod is of course that like in fantasy mod there aren't really any graphics available for units. There is that other thread called "mod idea: criminal" which describes almost this same idea.

Right now I haven't really time to do this mod but I have started to work on it and would like to get some more ideas.
I just wanted to ask this as there is sure need for volunteers to make graphics for units and also design the whole thing. I think in overall it would offer different gameplay than normal civilization and therefore could be interesting.
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