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Tech Tree Revisions

Discussion in 'Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn' started by Vokarya, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Vokarya

    Vokarya Deity

    Mar 25, 2011
    Here are some of the tech tree prerequisite cuts I am considering. None of these are truly redundant prerequisites, but I don't think any of these really contribute to the overall goal of the tech tree of providing a plausible path of technological advancement.

    -> Astronomy: This is a holdover from BTS. In BTS, Astronomy's prerequisites are Calendar + Optics, and Astronomy is Calendar's only exit point. In AND, Astronomy also requires Algebra and Compass, and Calendar also exits to Crop Rotation and Clockworks. Astronomy does not need to have four prerequisites, and Calendar is two eras back. The Calendar to Astronomy jump is the fifth-longest jump on the tech tree. This is one connection that can be cut with only leaving a very small potential hole that I don't think offers an exploit. Calendar probably needs a Classical Era exit point, but I can't think of one right now.

    Civil Service
    -> Invention: Civil Service is the fourth prerequisite on Invention, besides Alchemy, Engineering and Guilds. Civil Service is the only prerequisite that is in the Medieval Era's first column rather than later.

    -> Scientific Method: Another fourth-prerequisite tech. Here we have Scientific Method requiring Astronomy, Anatomy, and Printing Press, all of which are Renaissance techs themselves, and then Clockworks as a Medieval Era tech. Clockworks also exits to Matchlock and Navigation, both important techs themselves. Anatomy is actually the tech that pins Scientific Method to its current place on the tree. I do like not having Scientific Method too early in the Renaissance.

    -> Fiber Optics: I noticed that Robotics and Fiber Optics have very similar prerequisites. Robotics requires Laser and Semiconductors, while Fiber Optics requires Laser and Semiconductors and Synthetic Fibers. I don't like that much overlap, so I think cutting Semiconductors from FO is fine. Semiconductors also leads to Composites and Microprocessor so losing one exit point out of 4 doesn't hurt.

    Advanced Computers
    -> Orbital Flight: Orbital Flight has 3 other required techs (Biomimetics, Skyroads, and Space Stations) and either Biomimetics or Skyroads will pin it in place. Advanced Computers leads to EIGHT other techs, more than any other AND tech. Losing one will totally not bother it at all.
  2. Vokarya

    Vokarya Deity

    Mar 25, 2011
    I also want to add a few additional prerequisites to eliminate some of the places where there is a long jump between techs or a tech is "one-in-one-out" with one prerequisite and one exit point.

    Machinery -> Optics: This is a prerequisite chain that is in BTS but we somehow dropped from AND. Here it just prevents a "one-in-one-out" from Alchemy to Optics to Astronomy. Half the time it is redundant if you come to Alchemy from Engineering, but if you come from Theology to Alchemy it is not.

    Crop Rotation -> Colonialism: Crop Rotation to Biology is the longest current jump on the tech tree, going from an early-Medieval to a early-Industrial. This replaces that. I think Crop Rotation makes a good proxy for "advanced farming" that would be necessary to sustain a colony.

    Flintlock -> Replaceable Parts: This actually replaces Chemistry -> Steam Engine and Chemistry -> Photography. I did not like Replaceable Parts having only one prerequisite (Economics) and I do like to be able to integrate military and non-military techs when possible.

    Refrigeration -> Logistics: This replaces two long jumps in Refrigeration -> Antibiotics and Refrigeration -> Superconductors. Refrigeration to Superconductors is a leftover from BTS, which works better because Refrigeration is a Modern Era tech rather than the Industrial Era tech that AND has it as. When Refrigeration is mid-Industrial and Superconductors is late-Modern, that's a really long jump.

    Combined Arms -> Aerodynamics: This shortens what otherwise would be Combined Arms -> Modern Warfare. Aerodynamics is currently "one-in-one-out" with Radar as its prerequisite and Jet Propulsion as its outgoing tech. Modern Warfare has Globalization and Supersonic Flight as other prerequisite techs and can therefore dispense with a third.

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