Techs 1740 AD Poll 1

Which tech should we research first?

  • Theology (715)

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  • Scientific Method (3432)

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  • Abstain

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Jan 5, 2006
Options (cost in beakers):
Theology (715)
Music (858)
Economics (2002)
Chemistry (2574)
Scientific Method (3432)

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Tech information

This poll will be open for 2 days to allow for a follow up poll to follow.
This poll will be public.

Interpretation: The single option with most votes (excluding Abstain) will be the first tech to be researched in the next turnchat. The second option will not necessarily be the second tech to be researched. That decision is up to the Head Scientist. In case of a tie, the Head Scientist will decide between the leading options.
myself said:
Personally, I would like to do Chemistry - Steam Power as it will improve the speed at which our workers build improvements and it reveals coal, an important resource. I would like to let Steel and Railroad follow these two techs. That will allow us to build railroads and the Ironworks, improving our productive capacities even more.

So that's Chemistry for me.
Your beeline to railroad needs 17589 beaker, also 14658 commerce, in the moment we 've ~900, also 15 turns till rail.
It's looking like music ain't gonna win it.

But I had wondered whether we have a chance at the free great artist, or if another civ has already got music.
they've already gotten music, the great artist has unfortunately been born elsewhere, his loss really missing out on the glory of yasutan :)
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