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TerraForm -- a map editor for CIV dos

Discussion in 'Civ1 - General Discussions' started by Dack, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Grand Dad

    Grand Dad Chieftain

    Oct 3, 2006
    I gave up on TerraForm despite Dack's attempts. I've playing my original on DOSBox and shall try it once again when return home next month! Perhaps Dack will try editting it, but then hundreds of our fellow players are using it successfully!! Maybe something wrong with our configuration?

  2. noushina

    noushina Chieftain

    Jul 1, 2005
    I doubt if it is our configuration.

    I really love the program. So I can't complain but I think the copy protection is just not necessary.

    I used to have another interesting program that has not worked on any of my machines for a long time now called CIVED15.

    Someplace I might still have the excel CIV map editor program. What was pretty unique!
  3. Grand Dad

    Grand Dad Chieftain

    Oct 3, 2006
    Well all the luck! For me, for the time being the game by itself is enthralling enough!!

  4. Dack

    Dack Terra Form Moderator

    Nov 26, 2003
    civ dos 474.05
    I think so, if it is used to look ahead. For me the mystery of exploration and the unknown size and strength of the other civilizations is where the fun is.

    I thought the point of TerraForm was to build worlds and scenarios to offer up as a game of the month.. For a better dissection of the game see CIV$

    As I have explained before (see post 4) I like to know my users, at least a count of them so I’ll know when the interest in this fades. As far as free, the price is participating in the civfantics forums and offering and playing the GOTM postings. Most people never log on again.
    Ver 3 registered users 166 never posted anything to the forum.

    CIV$ has a single button to vanish barbarians. CIV$ can be Semi-Integrated into CIV game play.

    In XP pro service pack 2; a double click and CIVED15 starts right up for me, but I didn’t test it in dosbox.

    Looking about I see I haven’t updated CIV$ in years.
  5. Grand Dad

    Grand Dad Chieftain

    Oct 3, 2006
    Fine with me Dack :)!

  6. Dack

    Dack Terra Form Moderator

    Nov 26, 2003
    civ dos 474.05
    This new release of CIV$ ver 081001 works in DosBox, Windows command processor, and DOS. It has a number of new features. None of the new features are described in the documentation. CIV$ can be Semi-Integrated into CIV game play. By that I mean you can do a save, exit CIV, CIV$ starts immediately, You modify what you want in CIV$, Click on the CIV button and you answers to the 3 questions are pushed into the keyboard stack and without further ado you are at the Select Load File prompt in CIV. If I do say so myself it’s a very good civ helper (play the way you want! cheat!) program.

    complete settlers tasks -- all of your settlers complete their tasks this turn
    Change Your People -- human becomes other civilization
    Unit Descriptor -- changes functions of units (see below)
    SpaceShip -- only works for ver 5 (needs fix)
    Finish Turn -- allows auto goto & aeroplane not in cities or on carrier to move
    Replay view -- Look at replay information
    First screen -- Answer the three CIV questions
    Turn/Year -- modify year [/list]

    Unit Descriptor

    The advance page now has a button to fill the light bulb bin so that the end of the next move will give you an advance.


    start E:\0DATA\vb6d\CIVmon\CIVmon.exe
    cd C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.65
    dosbox -c "mount c \mps\civ\" -c "c:" -c "cc.bat"

    This file needs to be edited to indicate the current directory (folder) that DOSBox is in for example: cd C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72 if using version 0.72

    If you download this how about posting a review.

    CIV dollar sign - CIV$

    Attached Files:

  7. Whelkman

    Whelkman Phantom Taxman

    Mar 16, 2007
    Changelog available? The one available in the distribution is from February 2005.
  8. void

    void Chieftain

    Apr 14, 2002
    A new version of civ$! Cool... Lots of neat things you can do with this.
  9. noushina

    noushina Chieftain

    Jul 1, 2005
    Thank you Dack.
  10. noushina

    noushina Chieftain

    Jul 1, 2005
    what is CIVmon.exe listed in above bat file?

    I'm just going to REM it out since I don't have it or know what it is.

    More comments. Never used Civ$ bf. Dont see a need for Dosbox, both civ$ and civ run from windows (I may have compatabilty mode set for both, not sure. I dont like going direct from civ$ to civ, as my icons then flash real slow and movement is slow. I find that to avoid that I always start CIV and hit 1,2,1 (setting mouse, and graphics options and something else). Other wise it is slow like that.

    Civ$ seems interesting. I didnt stumble across how to "disappear" the bad guys (in my curent case, the greeks and french). I found a list of the othersies pieces with reference to grid location. I guess if I figure out the grid of my cities then I could figure out which pieces are about to take my city
  11. noushina

    noushina Chieftain

    Jul 1, 2005
    Just curious. Did everybody's version 3 expire? Or is it just that a couple of us happened to no longer have working copies.
  12. Dack

    Dack Terra Form Moderator

    Nov 26, 2003
    civ dos 474.05
    1) Yolrin 12Sep07
    2) ianwelch 14Sep07
    3) blessern 14Sep07
    4) graylake 14Sep07
    5) bigkif 17Sep07
    6) Trigger The Kid 19Sep07
    7) krille 20Sep07
    8) joanangelats 01Oct07
    9) DarTiN 01Oct07
    10) skaeff 01Oct07
    11) blessern 01Oct07
    12) meifire 01Oct07
    13) Legolas684 01Oct07
    14) MagicKnight0233 01Oct07
    15) Luffy85 02Oct07
    16) Shaun Gilbert 03Oct07
    17) hannurabi 03Oct07
    18) wlblakeshaw 04Oct07
    19) Viperhawk 08Oct07
    20) wildlife8118 10Oct07
    21) NeoLin2 13Oct07
    22) VladaSzKamenice 15Oct07
    23) noushina 15Oct07
    24) reko669 19Oct07
    25) esbens 19Oct07
    26) V'Ger 22Oct07
    27) mssoetaert 22Oct07
    28) Kluie 23Oct07
    29) dhrubins 23Oct07
    30) vlimp 24Oct07
    31) anyway 24Oct07
    32) nemesisdb 25Oct07
    33) ongatkha 25Oct07
    34) KillerCane01 26Oct07
    35) Condor70 27Oct07
    36) Asem 27Oct07
    37) darkpanda 29Oct07
    38) DigitalJ1m 30Oct07
    39) jmt77 31Oct07
    40) peerke1983 01Nov07
    41) jimjim2 05Nov07
    42) xsh4dyx 05Nov07
    43) vennom 12Nov07
    44) nathadir 18Nov07
    45) mousepaws 18Nov07
    46) wdecker247 21Nov07
    47) beelzeblub 21Nov07
    48) Phénotype 24Nov07
    49) SteveCdn 24Nov07
    50) THEKapnobatai 24Nov07
    51) Xénotype 01Dec07
    52) Sniper Man 04Dec07
    53) chesspupil 11Dec07
    54) Jean Etienne 11Dec07
    55) Bratticuss 12Dec07
    56) smithrd3511 13Dec07
    57) Moosgruber 15Dec07
    58) LexCom168 16Dec07
    59) KILLA_B 24Dec07
    60) sotris99 28Dec07
    61) hans0 28Dec07
    62) vagrant66 01Jan08
    63) octobertiger 04Jan08
    64) mrdrifter 04Jan08
    65) PaNik 05Jan08
    66) Mr. Marcus 05Jan08
    67) Aumo 06Jan08
    68) mxat 10Jan08
    69) iviv 10Jan08
    70) Peter020 10Jan08
    71) esprin1 10Jan08
    72) usb 12Jan08
    73) iossif@gmx.de 12Jan08
    74) Cocey 16Jan08
    75) Lord_Hill 22Jan08
    76) Jackknife35 29Jan08
    77) Civ Revisited 29Jan08
    78) 'Dreas 29Jan08
    79) mglduo 30Jan08
    80) ajitam 01Feb08
    81) jonesr101 05Feb08
    82) Junubee 05Feb08
    83) Lundso 05Feb08
    84) Rashiminos 08Feb08
    85) mrsbex 08Feb08
    86) Alek83 09Feb08
    87) Arbool 09Feb08
    88) xprqc 10Feb08
    89) Genn 13Feb08
    90) rairs 15Feb08
    91) octobertiger 22Feb08
    92) mrkm 26Feb08
    93) psador 26Feb08
    94) Phlegmatix 27Feb08
    95) Goroux 29Feb08
    96) gorallodz 02Mar08
    97) kartikthegreat 07Mar08
    98) IGORRU 17Mar08
    99) honza.havlicek 18Mar08
    100) PontusAlexander 18Mar08
    101) dcruze75 31Mar08
    102) juandiry 31Mar08
    103) meisterether 27May08
    104) jim.fledermaus 30May08
    105) ucanadam 30May08
    106) Jeremybrightman 03Jun08
    107) juz 03Jun08
    108) Foodlion 03Jun08
    109) Livo 04Jun08
    110) nott 04Jun08
    111) oliweb 04Jun08
    112) smarte 05Jun08
    113) Adrian89 05Jun08
    114) Genn 10Jun08
    115) TSchellhous 10Jun08
    116) JROCKET 13Jun08
    117) john428 18Jun08
    118) Veni 18Jun08
    119) Sven77 20Jun08
    120) V'Ger 25Jun08
    121) DAVE_47 25Jun08
    122) dreniau 25Jun08
    123) enilkj 26Jun08
    124) CivPartisan 27Jun08
    125) kamujian 02Jul08
    126) BeniBB 02Jul08
    127) Mr Shy 02Jul08
    128) NoHayBanda 03Jul08
    129) tql 04Jul08
    130) Marks13666 09Jul08
    131) kiersteady 09Jul08
    132) hemangefahr 09Jul08
    133) uberswami 11Jul08
    134) octobertiger 16Jul08
    135) vodka 16Jul08
    136) thealanberman 16Jul08
    137) Ironmahatma 16Jul08
    138) tomigo 16Jul08
    139) milan_f 18Jul08
    140) Pinoy2k8 18Jul08
    141) mopyper 21Jul08
    142) Alcohol_IV 21Jul08
    143) johanneskoenig 21Jul08
    144) thealanberman 21Jul08
    145) kvandeweerdt 24Jul08
    146) tulc 31Jul08
    147) Soulreaper 05Aug08
    148) Mech8 05Aug08
    149) Spectual 05Aug08
    150) Peter020 05Aug08
    151) kartal172 05Aug08
    152) mxat 05Aug08
    153) Nutster 05Aug08
    154) ChristianL1964 05Aug08
    156) rob8od 07Aug08
    157) weshallarise 12Aug08
    158) lifeoftheparty2 14Aug08
    159) RavenCrow 21Aug08
    160) dcsyxx 21Aug08
    161) Mr.Foxhole 21Aug08
    162) michael1980 25Aug08
    163) corwinbad 25Aug08
    164) GoodAdvice 29Aug08
    165) AaronNZ 03Sep08
    166) generalmajorosk 03Sep08
    167) frogge 03Sep08
    168) Tha-ouTLaw 03Sep08
    169) wildlife8118 05Sep08

    In no praticular order the Version 1 users:
    1) Noli, 2) hannurabi, 3) krille, 4) Matrix, 5) carniflex, 6) solharis, 7) Goldberg, 8) flobi, 9) wanwan, 10) clownbox, 11) Tenochtitlan, 12) simonnomis, 13) trada, 14) NuPenguin, 15) sehner, 16) Snake05
    There may be other users (one or two), I did not keep records but have reconstructed this list from emails.
  13. Dack

    Dack Terra Form Moderator

    Nov 26, 2003
    civ dos 474.05
    This release detects and repairs the City Remains Unprotected... bug

    The French and German version of CIV DOS produce a SVE file that is of a slightly different format from the English version. At the moment TerraForm does not work with these versions.

    Build 64 Build 65 replaces Build 62 - Oct 10, 2008
    This release allows read only viewing of the German and French version of CIV DOS (MAP & SVE) output files.
    Note: 17Nov08 Current build is 72 see first post

    Attached Files TerraForm0074.zip (432.3 KB, 20 views)
    Oct 8, 2009: The attached file was removed as new verison in first post

    Users Version 4 Placed here Oct 12, 2009
    01) Tenochtitlan 09Oct08
    02) hannurabi 09Oct08
    03) magyarka 09Oct08
    04) nova10 09Oct08
    05) leandrotlz 10Oct08
    06) »Vûlçåñø« 10Oct08
    07) noushina 11Oct08
    08) octobertiger 11Oct08
    09) Pinoy2k8 11Oct08
    10) Soulreaper 11Oct08
    11) Khandster 11Oct08
    12) Keylime 15Oct08
    13) eBeni 15Oct08
    14) urbancaver 17Oct08
    15) Zetal 19Oct08
    16) lndm 20Oct08
    17) petarv 23Oct08
    18) jim.fledermaus 24Oct08
    19) Elliott Hannant 25Oct08
    20) thulean 26Oct08
    21) blackcrow 27Oct08
    22) pieterrademaker 29Oct08
    23) gumiololouc 03Nov08
    24) civfan1234321 03Nov08
    25) discolando 04Nov08
    26) civmiff 06Nov08
    27) Fillmore27 06Nov08
    28) Snake05 09Nov08
    29) 7Gawinetus2 11Nov08
    30) Phlegmatix 11Nov08
    31) IceDiver 12Nov08
    32) Jeremybrightman 12Nov08
    33) leandrotlz 13Nov08
    34) purplemicrodots 24Nov08
    35) bg_civ 28Nov08
    36) mumble_myopia 01Dec08
    37) kiersteady 04Dec08
    38) ragerfiend 18Dec08
    39) murdzi 18Dec08
    40) ahuajehovan 18Dec08
    41) ZlyZlyZly 18Dec08
    42) Goroux 18Dec08
    43) CivFan1981 24Dec08
    44) lvdogma 26Dec08
    45) jakell 26Dec08
    46) kostjas 28Dec08
    47) gws24 04Jan09
    48) libelinha 09Jan09
    49) usbyeah 10Jan09
    50) s300pmu1 10Jan09
    51) GioGio 11Jan09
    52) Pazar 14Jan09
    53) Death Zebra 15Jan09
    54) josdino 16Jan09
    55) mumble_myopia 22Jan09
    56) -ThePeacemaker- 29Jan09
    57) Fullkornspasta 30Jan09
    58) metzi1981 05Feb09
    59) akshaythegreat 05Feb09
    60) Markku 06Feb09
    61) googolithic 07Feb09
    62) hexio 08Feb09
    63) parnhawk 08Feb09
    64) DarkMere 10Feb09
    65) samurai77 11Feb09
    66) pjbump 13Feb09
    67) RenneF 17Feb09
    68) Peter Clausen 19Feb09
    69) Petersen 23Feb09
    70) azat 23Feb09
    71) MaxFrax 28Feb09
    72) thisisnotanick 01Mar09
    73) Juan pou 03Mar09
    74) andrewrosenblum 04Mar09
    75) ddkjek 08Mar09
    76) Goroux 13Mar09
    77) 1080774 15Mar09
    78) Evagreen 17Mar09
    79) Lord_Hill 17Mar09
    80) markburton3575 17Mar09
    81) mendalfry 19Mar09
    82) frdjung 24Mar09
    83) leibeld 26Mar09
    84) flarpman 28Mar09
    85) jsgibbs01 30Mar09
    86) Eastsidah 30Mar09
    87) green2000chevy 04Apr09
    88) wetpeds 08Apr09
    89) matijam99 08Apr09
    90) bahill 10Apr09
    91) Horscht 12Apr09
    92) lofty777 12Apr09
    93) C1v1l1z@t10n 18Apr09
    94) morbidel 18Apr09
    95) Mattnurse 19Apr09
    96) overlord p 27Apr09
    97) joonshin 27Apr09
    98) Brainly 27Apr09
    99) Spectual 29Apr09
    100) ucanadam 03May09
    101) andreius 03May09
    102) Piter77 05May09
    103) Kunelly83 07May09
    104) tuga2112 08May09
    105) z66 12May09
    106) bongman 12May09
    107) Vianami 14May09
    108) konfuzius 16May09
    109) mensmans 18May09
    110) kvandeweerdt 23May09
    111) Berke 28May09
    112) GoldBerg 28May09
    113) Dragonblaze 30May09
    114) popelheiner 31May09
    115) Acez 03Jun09
    116) cholonge 03Jun09
    117) matteori 12Jun09
    118) krille 15Jun09
    119) leibeld 16Jun09
    120) blueskirt 19Jun09
    121) richzaqwsx 19Jun09
    122) akkuan 26Jun09
    123) ivoapostolov 28Jun09
    124) Medvedik 29Jun09
    125) DragonYoshi 29Jun09
    126) Marks13666 01Jul09
    127) akkuan 03Jul09
    128) newvision01 03Jul09
    129) Tha Doctor 05Jul09
    130) ChrisX 05Jul09
    131) Dandenoth 08Jul09
    132) zviratko 11Jul09
    133) markburton3575 24Jul09
    134) glenmccoll 27Jul09
    135) menion 29Jul09
    136) vennom 29Jul09
    137) cheungsu 30Jul09
    138) phoenixrd 09Aug09
    139) lukab0i 13Aug09
    140) rugerdon 13Aug09
    141) Matrix 14Aug09
    142) Gadinaaa 14Aug09
    143) Brandjoker 18Aug09
    144) riesenbrello 20Aug09
    145) Gadinaaa 23Aug09
    146) Adrian89 25Aug09
    147) ervas 02Sep09
    148) ucanadam 03Sep09
    149) bugmagnet 05Sep09
    150) everread 09Sep09
    151) wypromuj 09Sep09
    152) GibsonS 11Sep09
    153) JTogas 13Sep09
    154) andy1982 15Sep09
    155) tflorczak 18Sep09
    156) Arbool 23Sep09
    157) RaT666 23Sep09
    158) Basslines 24Sep09
    159) HollieDaWuff 29Sep09
    160) sarabmatevs 29Sep09
    161) namocat 05Oct09
  14. Tenochtitlan

    Tenochtitlan Supreme Commander

    Jun 27, 2004
    I just sent a request, Dack, maybe I'll be the first on the list for this version
  15. Dack

    Dack Terra Form Moderator

    Nov 26, 2003
    civ dos 474.05
    CIVmon is a windows program I wrote that monitors the directory that contains the MAP & SVE files (C:\MPS\CIV). It uses the FindFirstChangeNotification API to watch for changes in that folder. Then it makes a backup of the MAP/SVE files using the following format: date stamp, country, leader, civ year, game number.
    Example: 080527172244 English Churchill 1948AD 0.sve

    The program also restores the files it produces back into civ naming format. If there is interest I’ll post it.

    CIV$ on the MISC screen there is a button called First screen click it then enter the your answers to the first 3 questions of CIV. These answers as saved in a file CIV$.111 and used any time you start CIV from CIV$. The default 111 is not stored and if the file does not exists CIV$ uses the default.

    On my machine if I start CIV directly I get inconsistent results some times normal speed , some times slow and often the mouse pointer will only go half way across the screen. I get good consistent results from DOSBox-0.65

    I would suggest reading the documentation and experimenting. CIV$ is feature rich.
  16. Tenochtitlan

    Tenochtitlan Supreme Commander

    Jun 27, 2004
    When I re-installed my civ, I didn't do the patch, where is the patch? I think that lead to incompatibility with TerraForm
  17. Dack

    Dack Terra Form Moderator

    Nov 26, 2003
    civ dos 474.05
    I received the following pm from »Vûlçåñø«

    Hi Dack,
    thanks for your fast answer and registration.
    I have to say WOW.
    The Programm was great, nice work, respect.
    But, ive the german version and can save the map in german or french. Only english is here supported.
    What ive todo to use german Savegames.


    The current version of TerraForm will read and detect if the SVE was written by the German, French or English version of CIV DOS. The German and French SVE files are read only at the moment. Note: TerraForm may encounter a program error and terminate if modification are attempted to a file produced by the German or French version of CIV DOS. So what you are getting is an early version of the effort to alter the German and French SVE & MAP files.

    Over time I hope to modify TerraForm so that it will read / write the German and French MAP & SVE files. At the moment all you will be able to do is look at the map.
  18. Zetal

    Zetal Chieftain

    Oct 19, 2008
    I'm brand new to this, and was wondering how I would get this to work in the first place. :rolleyes:

    Try to be specific, I'm not the brightest lightbulb!
    How do I edit the map? I'm trying to edit it but I have nothing to edit.
  19. Grand Dad

    Grand Dad Chieftain

    Oct 3, 2006
    The first thing is to download the TerraForm map and get e-mail from Dack (its creator), only then will you be able to install or edit it :)!

  20. Zetal

    Zetal Chieftain

    Oct 19, 2008
    Thanks for the help, but I've gotten everything figured out with Dack's help now. :D

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