TETurkhan Test of Time (Map & Mod)


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Dec 1, 2001
For those of you who are just after the map and not the mod - here is a list of world maps I have completed for Civ (all Conquests compatible):
Just Maps
TETurkhan - The Lost World (World Map 256x256) http://www.civfanatics.net/~teturkhan/downloads/TETurkhan - The Lost World (World Map 256x256).biq
TETurkhan - Test of Time (World Map 256x256) http://www.civfanatics.net/~teturkhan/downloads/TETurkhan - Test of Time (World Map 256x256).biq
TETurkhan - Test of Time 2.0 (World Map 362x362)http://www.civfanatics.net/~teturkhan/downloads/TETurkhan - Test of Time 2.0 (World Map 362x362).biq

Version 1.93 us however ready http://www.civfanatics.net/~teturkhan/downloads/tet1.93-update.exe (further details on this version can be found below).


Player Setup

• First I should mention that I use to recommend Regicide mod but not any longer. If you do select this the game will crash or freeze for insane length of time.
• All default settings except turn off respawn AI players IF you are playing the World Map with Cities version. If you are playing random map then I would say choose whatever your preference is.
• Choose Deity


• Select “Color Blind Help” – it helps distinguish between the many different colors that look very similar to one another.
• Select “Show Advanced Unit Action Buttons” – it gives you many more options in controlling your units.
• Depending on the speed of your computer you may want to turn off a number of animations. If this does not work good enough then I would even turn off some of your unit moves – but don’t turn off your enemy moves ;)

There are dramatic differences between the version on the PTW disk and what you will have after this update. Thus it is highly recommended that you download it. Those of you that already have version 1.65 or 1.66, all you need do is download the latest file listed below called "tet1.93 update". Many people have written me about the scenario stalling when loading (the City Version). Be advised loading times can be quite extensive. Finally, remember that if you have a slow PC, you can play the mod version (where you choose a small random map) that will significantly reduce loading times as well as wait time between turns.

• INSTALL DIRECTIONS: Just review these instructions and when finished, click one of the two primary updates followed by the latest 1.93 Update.

A. If you have the PTW Disk or Version 1.5 of the TETurkhan Mod then Download the TET1.66-Update (the file is self installing, one click and you are done-then proceed to download the 1.93 Update).
B. If you want to reinstall the entire mod then download TET1.66-FULL (this is also a self installing file), followed by the 1.93 Update.
C. IMPORTANT: The primary updates should erase all previous BIX(s) (scenarios) of TETurkhan mod. However people with an operating system other than XP will need to delete the old BIX(s) manually. There are a total of 5 that need to be erased. They have similar names so ensure you have the right ones. One last note, it has recently come to my attention that some people with older operating systems such as Win98 are unable to get either of the two primary installs to work at all. These installs were made using Winrar (http://download.com.com/3000-2250-10007677.html), use it to open the install file, then manually extract all files and folder into their appropriate places.

• BIX(s) (Scenarios) THAT NEED TO BE ERASED (these are no longer compatible with the new version 1.65 & up):
1. TETurkhan.bix
2. TETurkhan Test of Time (with cities).bix
3. TETurkhan Test of Time (start position only).bix
4. TETurkhan Test of Time (Regular).bix
5. TETurkhan Test of Time (Cities).bix

UPDATE DOWNLOAD: Update to 1.66 version of Mod (53.9 MB Zipped) http://www.civfanatics.net/~teturkhan/downloads/tet1.66-update.exe(This primary update is for those of you that have the PTW disk or version 1.5 - After downloading and installing this, proceed to download the 1.93 Update)

FULL INSTALL: Complete install of Mod (88.5 MB Zipped) http://www.civfanatics.net/~teturkhan/downloads/tet1.66-full.exe(This is also a primary file, but unlike the update it reinstalls the full mod updating it to version 1.66 - I recommend this ONLY if your have in some way erased the mod, and again you will need to download the 1.93 Update afterwards)

VERSION 1.93 UPDATE (critical one): Gives you the latest fixes and modifications http://www.civfanatics.net/~teturkhan/downloads/tet1.93-update.exe(Make sure you have the 1.65 or 1.66 primary installed before downloading this file. When done, just click the update file once and it will self install.

I know this all seems confusing and sorry for that, but if you get lost here is a basic summary:
1- You must have 1.65 or 1.66 downloaded first (the Update or Full).
2- Then download the latest 1.93 Update and you are done!

That’s it! I have a tendency & talent for making things more complicated than they are - if you have difficulty just email me teturkhan@hotmail.com and I will more than happy to assist.

Taken from the TETurkhan Readme file

• THREE WAYS TO PLAY TETurkhan Test of Time:

1. Just Mod: You choose the map you want to play on, but use TETurkhan Rules (units, resource etc).
2. World Map: TETurkhan Rules played on the TETurkhan Giga World Map (256 by 256).
3. World Map & Cities: Has over 250 cities placed in their historical spots, each with a starting population of one. Approximately 2-14 cities per Civilization. Some Civilizations have a clear advantage while others do not. If you seek an equal & fair start for all Civs then I suggest you play the other two versions.


A. Slow PC: If you have a slower computer I highly recommend you choose just the mod version where you pick choose the size of the map you wish to play on. The smaller the map the faster the game – its as simple as that.
B. Boredom: For those of you that like the mod & map, but want some added variety – simply go to the editor and choose ‘Redistribute Resources’. This will change all resource locations.


When you think of the TETurkhan Map & Mod, think detail, realism and ultimately depth. Every aspect of the game was changed and modified to this end. Range of units, their real life costs, terrain, resources, cities that grow to their actual population sizes recorded in history, and so much more. Every detail and change was based on facts & formulas with next to no guess work involved. How detailed am I talking? Read on…

1. 31 Civs in total, with each having their own unique leaderheads except one where I doubled up. Included are the WW2, Japanese & Dinosaur units found in the extra folders on the PTW disk, plus a dozen more I added. Over 40 resources, all placed accurately according to history.
2. Hills that represent mountains from 500-2000meters high, Mountains represent ones that are 2000-4000meters high, and Snow Cap Mountains represent ones over 4000 meters high.
3. Forests were placed according to what the Earth looked like 5000 years ago. Resources like horses will spread to different regions as time passes in the game, just as they did in history.
4. To obtain unit movement ranges/rates, I simply took the circumference of the world 24900 miles, size of my map 256 squares across, then found out the range or speed of the unit and converted it to squares.
5. Figuring out unit costs, I applied ratios again, however since the game’s maximum production shield limit is 1000, I had to modify the higher end units to compensate. This however could not be helped, and if you look at the game where a $30 million fighter costs 10 shields and $4.5 Billion dollar Carrier costs 18 shields, my adjustments are much closer to reality. How can you afford such units? Simple, some of the Civilization Advances you discover will cause resources to pop up; which will give you additional wealth to help facilitate your purchase.
6. Great effort went into Barbarian placement. In almost all cases I renamed them according to the indigenous people who lived in that particular region. Furthermore I placed “workers” in villages to represent the indigenous people – thus you conquer the village you can take them as your slaves. Many barbarian villages have great leaders, before destroying a unit check to see if it is anyone special.
7. Infamous Pirates now sail the seas. I placed over a dozen famous pirates found in history through out the map. They are terribly fearsome in battle and will wreak havoc on your shipping lanes.
8. Cities grow to sizes that they did in history and at the right times.
9. Diplomacy text that is updated with the new Civs, with unique text for each.
10. Dinosaurs: I know my mod and map are both based on realism, but I swayed from this on one point for the sake of adding some comic relief (if you can consider a T-Rex funny ). I added Dinosaurs and placed them in remotest parts of the South American and African Jungles. They are locked in those areas, thus you will not have to worry about them stomping on your cities (though that would be fun ;)). They can be quite powerful, so you might want to send a descent sized expedition force, depending on the Dinosaur to kill it. If this feature is not to your liking, then it’s as simple as opening up the map and deleting them. Remember Dinosaurs cannot be built by players or barbarians; whatever is on the map at the beginning is all that will appear in the game.
11. Silk Road: I found out the route of the Silk Road and placed it on the World Map. It connects China with the Middle East and promotes trade. Cities along the Silk Road are historically correct. Of course over time Civs will build roads everywhere making the Silk Road obsolete, however initially it is of vital strategic importance being the primary medium for trade between East & West.
12. Ancient Relics: The Lost Ark, Holy Grail, Buddhist & Islamic Relics can be found on the mod. They can give their owners great power, but they can also serve as a curse fore other Civs will want them for themselves. Each relic is Religion specific; the Holy Grail only works for Christian Civs, the Ark of the Covenant only works for Jews and so on. The holy land (around Jerusalem) has key relics for Islam, Christianity & Judaism and is thus a battle ground. He (or she ) who controls Jerusalem will wield the power of Templar Knights, Ghazis or Shofar Warriors, depending on their Civs Religion..

There is more, but too much to list here... for further details, check out the Civilopedia while playing the mod. It is completely updated with text for all the added units, techs, resource, Civs etc. Any and all information you need you can find there.

Try a game and see what you think - feedback is welcome!




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Map looks great... But when can we expect one with resources?
as he said: soon!

It isn't easy to place resources, because gameplay and realism are at odds. If you want to place huge deposits only, which will give you a good number of each resource for gameplay, you will end up with many historical starting positions that are practically resource-free, if you add resources to these areas, then you end up with say over 30 coal worldswide for 16 players - not good!

Also, Rubber is a ridiculous resource and should better be replaced by copper, also, Horses are restricted to central Asia in BC times, want to do that historically correct????????? Difficult things to balance in a mod, so give him some time!
I know the title "simply best blah blah blah map ever" is not going to sit well with some of you... sure you are thinking, who does this guy think he is... well WAIT and before you start posting for me to get my ego out of my ***

Understand the reason I did this was to spark curiousity... many modders are using maps right now for their scenarios, I wanted to grab their attention and make them aware of an alternative choice.

As for other maps out there. I have nothing but respect for the people who have labored hours on end to make them... And there are some real good ones (refer to the chart for my top picks)...

So the title is nothing more than a marketing tactic - ok? :D
Also, Rubber is a ridiculous resource and should better be replaced by copper, also, Horses are restricted to central Asia in BC times, want to do that historically correct????????? Difficult things to balance in a mod, so give him some time!

How can you say Rubber is a ridiculous resource?
During WWII it was one of the most importantly sought resources of the war. It wasn't until after the war that synthetic rubber was really invented and used. Japan needed to invade Burma and other SE Asian countries to secure supplies of rubber, Americans recycled tires, etc in order to get rubber. Without WWII there might not have been synthetic rubber, but it was developed to alleviate the problem of worldwide rubber shortages during the war.

pap1723: you are talking about 20 years of importance! That is maybe 15 tunrs in Civ3!!!!! And since the AIS are so unwilling to trade resources it really stinks.
• just change it in the world size menu?
• adjust all advances, by adding more cost to them? (Which by the way might very effective in slowing down earlier Eras, since they go by so fast and are disproportionately compared to the ladder ones).
I agree rubber was important but plastic would be a cool resource to add, maybe after rubber or something, I also like the idea of copper. Very nice looking map, I will try it out when I get home. Also, off hand, what was the size or Marla's world map?
Isn't plastic made from petroleum?
I am not sure, just wondering, if so, than it is covered with Oil, and then when you discover plastics, it makes the ability to make the plastics.

Here is a possibility...
Make rubber a required resource for infantry, tanks, and whatever else it is currently used for in the game, and make a new advance further in the tree called synthetics, Unless is there one???

Then you can make new units that have the same stats as the other units that require the rubber resource, but make them so that they do not require rubber.

Just an idea...

Well, the bombers and the fighters are limited to the 8 space bombard, unless you are considering making them air units that are not immobile.

I'd say early fighters give them a 4-6 range with all bombers and fighters after the jet fighter with an 8 range.

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