Thank You, from Firaxis!

King Rad

Oct 5, 2010
Pensacola, Florida
You guys have done a great job on Civ! I didn't use to play computer games, but I've always been a strategy board game fan [used to give the ones I wanted to play to my brothers for Christmas or b'day presents]. I discovered Civ IV and have been hooked on the franchise ever since - to the point I simply don't have time to play anything else it seems. While I didn't get into Civ until IV, that doesn't mean I'm a young whipper snapper. I'm one of your older fans (74, although my wife says I act like I'm 14), but you've got to keep putting out more in this franchise because I plan on playing for at least another 25 or so years! As some have said, I often use Civ to relax, and while if I make a mistake in Civ some of my little virtual people might get hurt, it's not like when I'm working with a client and making a mistake can cause major issues and/or the success or failure of a venture. I also am part of a family that is very computer oriented [several programmers and in fact, one of my sons is a computer game designer] and have some appreciation for the difficulty of programming and making a game like Civ, where the possibilities an AI has to deal with are literally endless. You guys do a great job of bringing the world to life [to the extent that we often 'hate' some of the other players, even if they're not real!]. Keep up the good work; and thanks for all you do.


Dec 13, 2016
Morgantown, WV, USA
Just found this thread a few minutes ago. So cool.

To the devs: Seeing the video earlier today also made me really think about how hard it must be to continue to try and please some of us Fanatics, given what you might read on these boards sometimes. So let me add my voice to the chorus of those now acclaiming you! I have 2492 hours in Civ VI and it would be ridiculously ungrateful of me not to spend a moment saying THANK YOU so much for your dedication, talent, and professionalism. And I promise to go a little easier on you in the forums... sometimes I have been guilty of forgetting that you guys might actually read this stuff!


Nahtanoj the Magnificent
Feb 15, 2006
Christchurch, New Zealand
Thank you so much for joining me and all of the phenomenal musicians on the soundtrack as we’ve explored so many of the amazing musical traditions of the world. Your support, enthusiasm, and deep interest in the music for each civ has been a continual encouragement as we’ve worked on the music for each civ. Thank you for leaving the music on and being open to hearing the richly diverse music of the world!

Geoff, mate, the music themes in Civ VI are amazeballs!! I love the detail in all of them, and how they gradually change over the game. Many a moment I'll be deep in a game, but pause as a theme hits a point that I especially enjoy, to drink it in. I really hope you carry on theming games, as your work is above the shelf!


May 9, 2016
Leeds, UK
We had just started working from home full time, as COVID-19 precautions swept the world. As hard as that was, it brought into focus the role that our game plays in peoples’ lives. One of my favorite parts of seeing your reactions to the Pass in the last year was how some of you, like me, were able to find a corner of solace and joy in Civ, amidst the uncertain times we were living through.


I definitely found solace in Civ when I was in hospital and during poor health. Civ definitely made my experience in hospital that much better. (Also thanks to Nintendo and Aspyr for the brilliant Switch port!).

Jun 19, 2012
You know that place by the other place...
As someone who has played over 16,000 hours of the current iteration of Civ (and tens of thousands more with the previous versions, start from Civ I ), there is certainly mutual appreciation from my point of view. I seriously don't know what I would do without Civ, it immerses me in a world that brings so much joy to my life.

Kudos to all involved and cheers,

One seriously fanatic Civster!

Kaan Boztepe

Mar 26, 2018
a heart felt thank you to everyone that contributed to the civ franchise that brought us here all together. I hope that the franchise continues to stay in good hands and keeps releasing interesting iterations in the future and more of Sid in videos please :smoke:
Even for the 6th version there are still bugs to fix , worldbuilders to improve and mod tools to release.


Oct 23, 2016
Awesome thread!

My dad got me hooked on Civ 1 and it's hard to believe it's been 30 years!

Me and my dad never lived close together and had little time together. We were always big gamers, whether board games or computer or arcades. Me and my dad were both overseas in different areas but we were always able to play and enjoy all the Civs upto CiV.
Unfortunately my dad passed before getting to play Civ 6, but I know he would have loved it as much as I have.

I put over 4k hours into 5, over 1600 into CivBE, and almost 4k into 6. I have no idea how much time went into the other titles but it has been an amazing journey so far! Thank you for all you have done!
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Keep up the good work! Looking forward to much more in the future!

Duke William of Normandy

King of England & Unofficial Welcoming Committee
Jul 27, 2020
Rouen, Normandy
I can't give thanks to the devs and staff enough for creating Civ 6, so here's yet another post, lol. :lol:
Apr 6, 2019
Ignoring above rude comments thanks again Fraxis for creating civ 6. It may not be perfect BUT it is fun game. AND it got me learning more and more about historical people.

To people who keeps complaining.. at least it didn't go like the Paradox games.


The Village Idiot
May 24, 2012
Land of the Lost
Thanks Firaxis for making such a fantastic game. Civ has captured my imagination probably more than any other game ever created for at least the last 20 years of my life. So much so that I even learned how to create mods. Looking forward to the future...Keep up the great work...Civ VI will be hard to beat.


Nov 16, 2009
Firaxis, I know I don't play civ as often as I'd like but you're welcome. I still kept vanilla and civ 6 with the expansions around on different platforms. I like the music a lot and I often youtube it when I would like to hear it outside the game. There's a lot of pieces in civ that are my favorites.
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