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The AI's Guide of DoC

Discussion in 'Gameplay Guides' started by Louis the XIV, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. Louis the XIV

    Louis the XIV Sun King

    Jun 23, 2020
    Court of Versailles
    First of all this thread will not be teaching you strategies on how to win Dawn of Civilization. I am in no position to teach you how to try and win DoC because I only won 2 times in DoC in the 100 and something games I have played:crazyeye: and 3 times in the 150 I need help! games of DoC I have played. (I usually start a game, play a couple of turns and then think of a mod/modcomp idea and try to do it.)
    Sorry for wasting you time here, let's get down to business.
    Because I have played so many games of DoC I now the AI's behavior by heart. So here I will be showing what the AI does 90% of the time and hopefully it will give you an insight as to how you can plan your strategies etc... I will not only post AI Civilization behavior but also Religion founding, City spawning etc...
    Note: These AI gameplays do not happen always. They happen 80 - 90% of the time.
    Also this AI gameplay guide is only featuring the 600 and very little of the 3000 BC scenario and only in between the spawn year of the civ and 1750 AD because I rarely play any further.

    -AI Religion Play

    -The Moors
    -The Mongols
    -The Byzantines

    The Moors
    The Moors under Abd-ar-Rahman III and in the late Middle Ages under Yaqub al-Mansur have a pretty strait forward way of playing.
    They start with a middle ranked army in Cordoba and receive Marrakesh, a Camel Archer, and a Settler on North African territory.
    They usually found their first city Cordoba and their second founded city is 70% of the time Wahran in North Africa.
    The Moors don't advance into Spain and mostly just keep a small and weak army in Cordoba so it is fairly easy to conquer Cordoba once you discover the knowledge to build Lancers with Spain or France.
    The Moors 95% of the time expand into North Africa a LOT and start with all the territory west of Carthage. Around 1100-1300 they lose Cordoba and their capital moves to Marrakesh. When that happens they have only 4 cities. One below Marrakesh in the Sahara desert, Wahran, and a city either Tunis or a city right next to it. In between the years 1300 - 1700 AD they expand into all of North Africa and 50% of the time even conquer some cities from Mali! They usually get Egypt at around 1500 - 1600 AD but don't advance any further then the Suez canal.
    In conclusion the Moors are a powerful and potential enemy if you plan on conquering North Africa and they very rarely collapse.

    The Mongols

    With Genghis Khan in front of their gigantic hordes and Kublai Khan to be Emperor of the Mongol Empire is one of the most feared Civilizations in Dawn of Civilization.
    They spawn in 1190 with an enormous army but as if that is not enough the AI gets as a bonus around 4-5 more armies the same size around Persia, China, and Russia.
    If you play as China, Korea, Khmer, Turks, Ottomans, Arabs, and Russians then your top priority should be to build a huge army of Pikeman, Heavy Swordsman, and Bombards because the Mongols also have Bombards so they will be able to do a lot of collateral damage if you don't attack them first.
    The good part is that they attack in HUGE stacks so with enough bombards you can take them out.
    Anyway 91% of the time the Mongols conquer all of China first in 10 turns and Persia and Kazakhstan are next.
    75% of the time they get all the way to Jerusalem but rarely actually have a war against the Ottomans.
    Their worst enemy is not China because China doesn't even have time to fight back, but instead the Mongols strongest enemy is no one. That is because the Byzantines are already close to collapsion, the Ottomans just spawned and are fighting for Asia Minor, the Russians are far too weak to put up a fight, and the Seljuks already beat the Byzantines and their troops are either dead or very wounded.
    The good news is that the Mongols only survive till 1450 AD 90% of the time and rarely they get to 1500 - 1550 AD. Seeing the Mongols in 1550 AD is very rare.
    In conclusion the Mongols are a civilization that becomes enormous in 100 years so about 20 turns and collapse 200 years/55 turns after their spawn so they are lucky if they survive 60 turns.

    The Byzantines

    The Byzantines spawn in 330 AD and receive Roman cities in Egypt and the Levant.
    I haven't played a lot with them or have seen them act in the 3000 BC scenario but I do know their cycle in the 600 AD scenario.
    They start pretty bad in the 600 AD scenario and after 4 turns into the game they lose 4 cities and 3 of them have more then 2 wonders! These cities are Damascus, Alexandria, Cairo, and Jerusalem. These cities flip to the Arabs.
    After that the Byzantines are only left with 1 city in Greece, Belgrade, their capital of Constantinople and 2 cities in Asia Minor.
    The Byzantines are 95% of the time the strongest and most technologically advanced civ till the late Medieval era. Around 1050 AD they start going into heavy decline and the Turks receive huge armies around their empire and the Byzantines lose all of Asia Minor.
    In 1200 AD the Byzantines are 75% of the time Shaky stability and 25% of the time Collapsing.
    After 1280 the Ottoman spawn the Byzantines are only left with 3 cities (Constantinople, Belgrade, Athens).
    The Ottomans will conquer Constantinople around 1300 - 1400 AD and the Byzantines survive with Athens 65% of the time.

    Anyway I will post another AI Civ guide here so stay tuned![/set_anchor]
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2020
  2. Louis the XIV

    Louis the XIV Sun King

    Jun 23, 2020
    Court of Versailles
    Religion Founding

    This part is about where Religions are usually auto founded. I will go in order from the first to last founded religions. Hopefully this gives you an insight and help you with Religious UHV's.



    Judaism acts a lot as it did Historically. No civilization ever has Judaism as a state religion except very rarely (20% of the time) one of the ancient civs like Greece, Babylon, or Egypt.
    Judaism is founded automatically in 1500 BC in Jerusalem. If Jerusalem was razed which I never saw happen but I opened WB once and destroyed the city in 2000 BC to see what happens and Judaism was auto founded in one of the cities of Babylon.
    Judaism spreads a lot in Polish cities after the Polish spawn and in Holy Roman cities.
    The most important part of Judaism in DoC is that it allows the Dome of the Rock to be build and that lets you get max 40 gold from shrines instead of just 20.
    95% of the time Jerusalem is conquered by Greece around 300 BC, then it becomes independent after Greece collapses or 75% of the time Jerusalem is under Roman rule by 100 AD.
    After Rome Jerusalem becomes Byzantine 99% of the time and flips to Arabia in 630 - 640 AD.


    Hinduism plays an important part in DoC in the BC era but after Buddhism is founded it starts losing its supremacy in India.
    Hinduism is auto founded a lot like Islam, so it is founded right when the Indian civilization found their first city of Pataliputra. In 1475 BC Hinduism is founded.
    List of civilizations that convert or are Hinduist:


    Orthodoxy, the first of the 3 Christian Religions to be founded in DoC.
    Orthodoxy is auto founded in a Roman city around the 1st Century AD. 65% of the time it is founded in Jerusalem as it should be but I have seen very many times Orthodoxy being founded in the Egyptian capital or an Egyptian city.
    Orthodoxy is 30% of the time founded in Egypt and 5% of the time in a city founded by Babylon.
    List of civs that convert or are Orthodox:
    -Rome: Converts right after it is founded
    -Byzantine Empire: Starts with Orthodoxy
    -Ethiopia: Converts
    -Russia: Starts as state religion
    -Greece: Converts if Reborn
    Another important thing about Orthodoxy is that if Catholicism is not founded then the European civs like France, Spain, England, and Holy Rome start with Orthodoxy as state religion. I know it sounds stupid but it has happened to me that all of Europe was Orthodox and Catholicism was founded in 900 AD :crazyeye:!

    Catholicism, the most influential religion in Western and Central Europe.
    Catholicism is auto founded only if Orthodoxy exists.
    You might think that Catholicism is auto founded in Rome but that is a lie. Catholicism is auto founded in Rome 15% of the time, in Bordeaux or Marseille 70% of the time, and in Tarragona in Spain 15% of the time.
    90% of the time Catholicism is founded around 300-400 AD and if you play as a civilization that has Orthodoxy as a state religion you will get a popup about the Great Schism.
    List of civs that start with Catholicism or Convert:
    -Rome: Converts
    -Holy Rome
    -Vikings: Convert after their reborn as Sweden in 1500 AD
    -Kongo: Converts if it can
    -Canada: 50% of the time
    -Inca after their reborn as Peru or if vassalized by Spain
    -America: 20% of the time
    There are so many Catholic civs I might be missing one so tell me if I am.

    Ah, the worst part of playing as a civ in Europe is Protestantism.
    In all my DoC games Protestantism has been founded in Frankfurt 80% of the time and in Paris 20% of the time. The good part about Protestantism is that it's not like Catholicism, that means you can actually discover Academia and found Protestantism if you play as another European civ.
    If no one has founded Protestantism then it is auto founded around 1500 -1550 AD in the cities I mentioned above.
    The Reformation is the worst part about this. If you don't know what the Reformation does I will explain it here.
    All Catholic civs get 3 options when Protestantism is founded.
    Embrace the Reformation!
    First option of the options is to Declare War on ALL Catholic civs but you get a large sum of money for all of your Catholic churches (250-700) and the shrine of Protestantism (All Saints Church and only if you have the holy city) is built for free in your holy city!
    What chance is that the following civs pick this option:
    -England 97%
    -Holy Rome 98%
    -Poland 30%
    -Vikings/Sweden 30%
    -France 25%

    Tolerate the new sects
    This second option allows you to remain Catholic but Protestantism spreads to most of your cities and replaces Catholicism!
    What chance is that the following civs pick this option:
    -Italy 2%
    -France 5%
    -Spain 1%
    -Portugal 1%
    -Vikings/Sweden 5%
    -Poland 3%

    Join the Counter Reformation!
    This means that you stay Catholic and declare war on all the civs that chose the first option and became Protestant!
    What chance is that the following civs pick this option:
    -France 70%
    -Spain 99%
    -Portugal 99%
    -Italy 95%
    -Vikings/Sweden 60%
    -Poland 67%


    Islam is founded 1 turn after the Arabs spawn. So in DoC Islam is founded in 620 - 640 in Mecca no matter what. There are no exceptions like at Christian religions. The only way to make Islam not be founded in Mecca is to try and research Theology before 640 AD. I have only accomplished that once as Carthage but it worked! So there are hopes if you want to be the civ to found Islam.
    List of civs that start as Islamic or convert later in the game:
    -Egypt after their rebirth in 950 AD as the Mamluks
    -Turks convert 50% of the time
    -Persia after their rebirth in 1500 AD as the Safavid Dynsaty
    -Ethiopia converts 60% of the time after their rebirth in the 600 AD scenario
    So as you can see a lot of civs are Islamic and you will have a lot of influence if you control the Holy City.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2020
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  3. rmontaruli

    rmontaruli Prince

    Sep 10, 2002
    That's interesting.
    But also interesting for a player is the behavior of native and barbarian units, and popup of independent cities.
    I mean, for example, in south america Incan are attacked by native dog soldiers from south and from north in stack of 3 every X turns.
    Or there are cities that popup in defined tiles and in defined years, like Buda, or Kiev, or Dublin...
    These informations are very useful to draw a strategy plan, and if you add these informations to your document, it will be a great help and avoid to play several games to learn what will be happen and be prepared.
    Another useful information is the condition of religion founding and spreading. There are some techs that allow religion founding, but often a religion springs anyway, you know.
  4. Louis the XIV

    Louis the XIV Sun King

    Jun 23, 2020
    Court of Versailles
    I do know a lot about independent city spawning but mostly only Europe because I almost never played Inca or Aztec's.
    Religions founding happens 99% of the time so I guess I could add a part to it, it would make this more interesting.
    I will start creating a page about Religion founding then!
  5. Louis the XIV

    Louis the XIV Sun King

    Jun 23, 2020
    Court of Versailles
    I made a part about AI Religion play as well!
  6. Louis the XIV

    Louis the XIV Sun King

    Jun 23, 2020
    Court of Versailles
    Added entry for Islam and Protestantism, Buddhism is next!

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