The Art of Fashion in Civ3


Dec 25, 2001
Something I'd like to see, say, in future modpacks and scenarios:

While, for example, Hammurabi in the Modern Age is dressed in an extremely cool manner (love the glasses!), I've noted that rulers' style of dress, as the Modern Age approaches, tends to become /very/ Western.

You might think that -- as an example -- whichever civilization during modern times has the highest Culture rating (or perhaps economy...those are 'business suits') would probably determine which form of dress became most commonplace.

It would be totally cool to implement something like this in Civ 3 -- you could tell in general terms which Civ is on top just by glancing at the diplomacy screen -- but I realize that this would definitely place an unfair burden on the game programmers. :D

In any case, it would be neat to see something other than 'standard suits' in some games/scenarios. I haven't checked to see the extent to which this would be possible, though.
With all the real problems with Civ III now you want them to become non-"Western", and PC?!

No sale.
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