The Classical Antiquity Mod (2 scenarios)


Jul 10, 2007
The Classical Antiquity Mod! (version 1.2)

This is a mod featuring two scenarios of the Ancient-Classical Era:

1. The Classical World
2. The Biblical World

This mod has many features: custom religions, manipulated tech tree (even more than the previous version), new civics, new units, wonders, UUs and more!

The Classical world:

The Romans and Carthaginians are in the Second Punic War, Hannibal crossed the Alps and Scipio Africanus is attacking Iberia. the 4th Syrian War between the Selucids and the Ptolemaics is fought while the Celts attack Rome and Macedon. Parthia and the Greco-Bactrian Empire had declared their independence from the Seleucids and they join forces. The Greeks colonies are all over Europe, Africa and Asia - this is the Hellenistic age.

Playable civs:
Ptolemaic Egypt
Seleucid Empire
Kingdom of Sophene (Armenia)
Greco-Bactrian Empire
2 minor Greek colonies civs

The Biblical World

David, King of Israel is expanding his rule and forming a new Empire.
Assyria is expanding, Babylon is prospering and the Greeks are living in seperate city-states after the fall of Mycnea.
The trading kingodms of Edom, Phoenicia, Sheba and Kush are getting richer and richer while tribe-people such as the Phrygians and Lycians are forming states.

Playable civs:

This is a scenario and a mod

Only for BTS

Download link

Esnaz for Israel civ
Common Sensei for Israeli diplomusic
The Greek World team for the .dll

I hope you enjoy! :)
I'm going out for 10 days and I can't access a computer, but I'll be happy to see a rating or a comment when I'm back!
Fixed weirdly written last post.
Why can't you post a comment? there are something like 500 downloads!
Alrighty: tried out Rome in the Classical World scenario. Hannibal's army smashed itself against my defenses (after taking a look at the stack and my defenses this is basically what I expected); I mopped op the remains and started my counteroffensive. (Might be fun to try it the other way around - though even then I think the Roman presence in Northern Italy is a bit overpowered. In Genghis_Kai's 200 BC on GEM Hannibal starts in Southern) Italy; perhaps an idea for an update?) Didn't play long - basically til I ran out of Carthaginian cities to succesfully attack - because there seems to be coming out a lot of new stuff these days. But, in short, I like it!:thumbsup:
Well, Hannibal crossed the Alps so he needs to come from Northern Italy.
When I playtested I had problems with balancing Rome/Carthage (every time there was a much stronger side) and when I tryed I managed to capture most of Italy with the Carthaginian army.
Well, if you consider Rome vs Carthage balanced as is, I believe you.;)

Historically Hannibal defeated any Roman armies he encountered in Italy, gaining first the Celts in the Po valley area as his allies, but failing to gain any Etruscan allies (who were already thoroughly romanized by then), so when he arrived at the gates of Rome ("Hannibal ad portas!") was unable to attack the city and went on to capture most of Southern Italy (which was predominantly Greek until well after 1000 AD). Curiously, he didn't even march on Rome after Cannae, when there was no longer a Roman army left in all of Italy...:confused:
Curiously, he didn't even march on Rome after Cannae, when there was no longer a Roman army left in all of Italy...:confused:

AI stupidity? :lol:
Can someone rate the scenario? it has 700 downloads, I think that only if 1% percent of the population are raters I could still have 7 ratings...
I have played the classical world a few times without going too many turns. I think it looks very good. Rome is very strong, but that is fitting. I think it is the best simulation of the second punic war I have played so far. I will return with more comments in the future.
Come on rate this Mod! it has more than 1000 downloads and it's an upgrade of a 5 stars mod, I think that 0.1% percent of the downloaders can at least vote for a rating!
Haven't had a chance to play Biblical World, but Classical World is great. Loving it!! I'm playing as Scythia and conquering with Keshiks... tons of fun.
I can't make it a Zip file because it will be more than 10 MB, which is the limit for the download database. if you have a problem about Zip-7, post it here.
Thanks. I just hoped to not have to install more software on my computer; I'll probably do it later. I like to keep the number of programs, particularly free ones, down to an absolute minimum.
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