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The lowest victory

Couch Tomato

First Tomato Emperor
Jul 23, 2007
I just played my second game, this time as the Aztecs on Earth, standard time, Prince difficulty. Unlike my first game as Chinese, standard time, Warlord difficulty, I completely bombed.

I started off in North America, and was the only civ on the American continents. Eventually I came to conquer pretty much all of North America, and slowly much of South America. I was even the first to discover the old world (And found England first, lol) However, by the time I had a presence in South America, my economy collapsed. I was losing heaps of gold per turn by 1750 or so, and no amount of gold-producing buildings and social policies could help me.

In the meantime... Egypt, whose capital was around where Tibet is, began a conquest of the Old World that would eventually see it become the sole owner of the Old World. That left me, a wimpy civilization with a score of 1000, and Egypt, a mighty and advanced civilization with a score of 4000 with a military that could squash mine in seconds.

I went for the only way possible for victory... domination. Since everyone else's capital was taken, I just needed Egypt's to win. So I started pumping out golden ages with the sudden flux of great people I was getting, and managed to pump out an army of mech infantry and artillery... with a couple battleships, a carrier, and fighters for support. Needless to say, when my golden ages ran out, I was at like -187 gold per turn, and losing units.

So for some reason, Egypt was friendly with me and had open borders. I sent all my guys across the Atlantic, and they used friendly Egyptian roads to surround Thebes. At that point my income was imploding faster than a mile-high stack of Jenga blocks, so I declared war, let loose a flurry of artillery blasts, and finished off Thebes with my mech infantry. Victory!

Although I got a victory out of this, it seems kind of empty... I wonder, is Firaxis going to fix the AI so that if they notice a swarm of military units running through your empire, and then completely surrounding one of your cities (ESPECIALLY your capital), you might just get a little suspicious? Oh no, not Ramses. When I talked to him out of curiosity, he greeted me with "Hello, Friend..."

And on another note, is anyone else disappointed there's no map trading and especially disappointed there's no world history playback at the end of games? That was one of the main features of Civ!
I got a domination victory the same way by doing this to Rome. I felt dirty afterwards. If they are going to remove the war declaration transport, they should have made the AI be able to compensate. It was in Civ 4 for a very good reason.
I agree, the war declaration transport was a good idea just to prevent cheese victories. (Not that I'm throwing stones at you for taking it, it just shouldn't be possible.)
so you can have an Open Borders agreement and declare war from within the future enemy's borders????


ok, back to RomAND...
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