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The offensive use of Artillery on the AI


Mar 26, 2022
Is there a certain limit anybody puts themselves on the use of Artillery, being it is such a huge advantage over the AI. I don’t mind massive bombardments from Air or Sea because they can defend themselves and even hit back at us humans. I don’t even mind using them defensively when AI units cross our territory. But going on offense just seems to make it really easy to conquer the AI. Not sure if something like 3 or 5 artillery units per attack on a city is more fair? Does anybody do this?
I already refuse to use Armies for the same reason.
From what I've read if you play with the Flintlock patch, the AIs can use artillery offensively in the same way, given that they build enough of them. It also enables the AIs to use armies more effectively.

In such a case, I would think using armies or artillery offensively not unfair, or at least less unfair, because you just focused on intelligent production better than the AI.

The game is currently on sale at GoG, and from what I've read the Flintlock patch works with that version.
By the time I get to Artillery, yes, I might limit myself. Earlier in the game (I don't have the Flintlock patch), my catapults and trebs miss often enough that I don't feel it's unfair to use them. My Ancient Age and Middle Age (pre Cannons) stacks are not big enough to be really unbalancing. Probably an area I need to improve. Sea bombardment isn't even possible until Magnetism, at the very end of the Middle Ages.

Once I can upgrade to Cannons, and make more of them, the difference in tactics between the AI and me is more pronounced. But even cannons don't have lethal bombardment, so it's not a slam dunk. When I can bombard with both Frigates and Cannons, then my attacking stacks have a much easier time.

Protecting the siege units (Trebs or Cannons) requires decent stack defense; I've been known to use a archer army or sword army for this task when my main offensive units are knights or cavalry. Many good players here use their knight armies or cav armies for pillaging while they're on offense. I do less pillaging, since I intend to keep the cities and I would have to expend a bunch of worker turns to rebuild all that infrastructure.
I’m going to check out the Flintlock patch. I have the GOG version I should be good!
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