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The perfect city

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by BenitoChavez, May 14, 2018.

  1. LuckyAC

    LuckyAC Immortal

    Aug 25, 2004
    A Japanese city. I love putting 10+ districts from 2 or 3 cities in a big clump, doubling adjacency bonuses, getting a shipyard, getting Heart of Steam, etc.
  2. darkace77450

    darkace77450 Emperor

    Mar 8, 2015
    It makes even less sense when you realize that lumber mills along rivers do get a production bonus.
  3. Trav'ling Canuck

    Trav'ling Canuck Deity

    Feb 7, 2018
    Something you may not realize for some time, as the UI tool tip won't tell you about the extra cog from placing a lumber mill along a river. :)
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  4. Zyxpsilon

    Zyxpsilon Running Spider

    Oct 29, 2009
    On Earth
    Ultimately.. ideal cities (specially Capital) are loosely dependant on a bunch of factors highly related to current game settings & the map potential itself.

    I once got somewhat lucky with Australia Canberra.. and managed to build the most needed assets (Districts+Wonders) for my preferences.
    Check it out...
  5. zonk

    zonk Prince

    Oct 30, 2005
    I like the original list - as a turtler who has probably spent nearly HALF his gameplay time with constant "restart... restart... restart" - I'm very much amendable to the idea that the perfect city is always the start goal. Yes, I always reveal all - because there's nothing that bothers me more than not being able to build the pyramids.

    My first 3-4 cities are so (I play huge/marathon exclusively) are all geared towards mega cities.

    My personal rules for playing vs restart are -

    1) The capital MUST have an immediate 2/2 or 1/3 tile. I've come to believe that you just have to live with the fact that the AI is going to try to curb stomp you early - so my capital has to be able to pump out a slinger as quickly as the AI. I use the resourceful mod - so this means stuff like oak or whatever is great for this.

    2) River is highly desirable, though I'll make do with a capital on the coast or on a lake if another spot exists for a 2nd city with a river.

    3) No more than three unworkable tiles - mountains, ocean, etc. My capital is going to max district and also build at least 3-4 wonders, so space is a premium. I'd rather just a single mountain adjacent to max sprawl than I would three mountains eating up tiles within city sprawl. By the time it matters, I'm either snowballing or screwed.

    4) I actually prefer plains to grasslands. Plains, I find, are better because of the precious hammer for intermediate usage. Grasslands are just growth fodder - wasted until there's a district or wonder to place on them.

    5) I don't get so caught up in the capital having a coast/dockyard space - nice, but since it has so much other stuff to build - I'm OK with a city 2 or city 3 being my Scapa Flow

    6) I tend to be OK if I've only got one or two hills in the vicinity... Since most space gets eaten by wonders/districts - I only need the hammers early.

    Frankly, I find the space for city 2 to be a better checkpoint... and here - I pretty much insist on a nice, Petra-friendly city.

    So I guess if we're talking about the perfect city? Give me a spot in the middle of a vast desert with lots of hills (and especially hills with goodies). My Petra city is almost always my most impressive specimen. Here, I'd almost insist on at least one coast tile to make ships from it. Nice to have a handful of non-desert tiles where I don't feel trepidation for district/wonder building (sucks when you build on something like oil and miss out on the hammers, though usually by that point - it doesn't matter).

    Some would say you could get the same from a Chichen Itza city - but that's not true... suddenly, jungle tiles become precious plus - and district/wonder placement hurts more (plus, since I also generally play as Qin Shi - the Petra can be worker rushed while CI cannot).

    A good Petra city inevitably rules them all - even better if you can skip pyramids and Jebel Barkal and build them elsewhere in cities that have a spare desert tile. Build its infrastructure with granaries, devote your early trade routes to it, etc - and when you pop Petra, the city just takes off like a bat our of hell. Doesn't matter if it doesn't have even a single adjacency bonus for districts. Cultivate it right - and it can simply outbuild everything else and make up the lack of necessary tile adjacency bonuses by sheer production.

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