The rise and fall of the viking empire


Jan 6, 2004
I was playing this game when i was playing as the vikings i started off on an island i slowly settled it alll then around 500 ad i devolped beserkers and the conquests began. I invaded england {everybody else was on one big island} and i took 3 citys from them till they begged for peace. I then started a reasonably strong colony on the island with all the other players. Then england invaded me so i kicked its ass again and made off with 6 citys. So egland was nothing but a two city puppet state. Around 1500 ad i invaded The irqouis and with my knew infantry i conquered all of there coast citys before i got peace. Then at 1777 ad i declared war on them again {its about pre ww1 technolgy right now} and i conquered them all. Feeling my might i finished off England. Then my allie the celts must of thought i was getting to big for my britches. So they invaded me. I lost about my entire colony to them but then over the next 50 years i took it all back and slowly and painfully cut them in half by taking 7 citys {the bloodiest city was there capitol i lost 32 infantry before i finally took it} then at 1900 I started the late industrial age and with flight gave the frenchies an ass kick. So heres how it is so far my war record 6 wins o losses and everybodeys now mad at me so what happens every nation declares war at me. I was slowly driven back to the coast by 2010 ad i had lost all my mainland holdings. But my decnet into hell had only just begun the allies {america france aztecs and spain} launched an invasion of my home island i was forced to launch nukes on my own cites:cry: by 2050 i only had my capital left which would of fallen the next turn. Now do you guys think the history of that game was like Germany in ww2?
surely it's a game you'll never forget... never had a game like that, not even close... and at Monarch, it's almost weird...
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