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The Union State

Discussion in 'Civ4 Strategy Articles' started by Madoo, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Madoo

    Madoo Chieftain

    May 30, 2007

    I tryed this some time ago and i became almost invincible useing even an minimal of strategy and with a poorly (but very strong) manged ecconomy.

    This is based on the model of the Soviet Union but with Republics loosely organised like the European Union and the ecconomy is bassed mostly on production impovments as the strong point and presure factor is acheived with a high level of Power on the graph (when i play as a union i focus on the millitary asspect so much that on a game i once played all of the other nations power was almost a strait running line in comparison to my own).

    And one other thing should be mentioned, this is better for Rhyes Earth 24 Map and the Union relys heavily on the use of Vassals to be larger with out completely crippiling the ecconomy, any way here go's.

    Now the idea is that the Centeral Republic/State is supreme over all other states in size, poppulation, ecconomy, millitary and all other aspects almost like the russian SFSR in the Soviet Union. Your size must completely dwarf all of the other Republics and your millitary should have a heavy pressence in all of the republics, but mostly on border citys how ever the millitary must be organized much diferently in the home Republic (republics will be mentioned in more detail later). There should be Depots in patches of territory that u can afford to keep for nothing (loosing 4 tiles to forts every few places in your Centeral Republic shouldnt cause any problam as the huge size of the Republic should dwarf the small Depots) Depots are four Forts in a certain area (you should atleast have 5 depots) and in each there should be 20 Tanks in one Fort another 20 in the other and 20 Helicopters in another and 20 Artillery in Another these are called reserveists and how u organise your own army is your buisness and these are only supposed to be used to replace losses during war and keep advances going but it is reccomended you should have ten armys (like the US millitary) that consist of 40-50 troops of a diverse nature for all purposes.
    Air force is also important and an Air division shouldn consist of 10 bombers, 10 fighters and there should be 5 to -20 of these divisions to fill in for the lack of Artillery in your armys that could be used for Tanks to throughly control the ground in any war.

    Now on to Central Republic Ecconomy, there isnt much to say in this topic although one thing should be mentioned there should be as many production citys as possible and then followed by Cottages and then Farms take a lower priority (the larger area means several citys (30-40) which ensures a large poppulations with out overcrowdedness and also ensures Hegemony over your other Republics ( Vasssals ) and Sattelites (which war should be empossed on offten although for no perticular objective onlt to weaken there eccconomys and issolate them from your thoroughly huge state(you dont need freind when u have close to ten vassals and a huge millitary).

    Now Republics are Vassals (always make them capitulate never except volintary as they control there situation) and make sure they are heavily millitarised by you.

    I usualy do this with China as they are optimal for this because of there geographic area.

    Try it and then Reply. If done properly you should be in control of most of Eurussia and be one of the superpowers with you and your Republics combined strength.

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