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The United Divided

Nov 24, 2015
Germany, in the forest
1) Continue to attract immigrants and integrate them into the wider Californian society. Also push for political reform to turn California into a democratic republic.
2) Finish construction of the Pan-American Railroad to connect the West and East Coast
3) Build a great irrigation system to uitilize the fertile but arid parts of Cali
4) Continue the Engagement in Peru/Andeans, broker a peace treaty between both sides and push them into out sphere of influence
5) Continue good relations with Japan (and with Colombia). But try to stay partners and not fall into their sphere of influence.

PCA) Kyzarc Fitjage, for turning another cold, desolate country into a prospering nation

Although I am more allied with the Japanese, my first pick for World Power is Germany, with the Second beeing Japan


Not An Evil Liar
Jan 20, 2009
Not Lying through my teeth
uhh I vote Russia for world power followed by China
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