things civ VI did GOOD (part 2)

I still think the storage expense of having videos of leaders rather than rendered models should be an option, perhaps a free DLC, allowing weaker processing systems to have the best quality leaders. As is, I often get glitches in rendering (shadows seem problematic), and sometimes simply turn animations off to destress the system.

Sorry, that's a bit tangential to the V vs VI discussion.

I'm posting here between turns, and I just got this...

Is the "stealing" he's talking about that I stole his wrists?
I'm not sure this thread is as much civ 5 vs civ 6 as it is a look at what is good about civ6 on it's own?
It should be, but we are all naturally inclined to make comparisons. It's a matter of what is good in VI compared to else, and V is the default and base against which people's claims continue to be debated. Much akin to how a similar CiV discussion would have played out against IV.
I'm posting here between turns, and I just got this...
Hmm, Poundmaker looks good in mauve, but it's kind of glittery. Also what happened to his forearms? :shifty:
What I like about Civ VI:
  • The civ designs
  • The district system, although it does have some issues and room for improvment
  • Actually having a government system. It's not as good as Civ IV's, and a lot worse than Alpha Centauri's, but Civ V didn't have one at all (no, Social Policies is not a government system).
  • Loyalty, it works very well
  • City states having unique bonuses
Apart from those, I think I prefer most aspects of V to the corresponding ones in VI.
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