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This Ever happen to anyone?


Nov 24, 2008
Up in the great white north
I was play testing a mod I was working on and the problem I keep running into is on one particular turn as soon as I end it with a certain side civ will completely freeze. I can can go past the time point with other civilizations but just not with that particular one. Anyone have this happen to them?
Is this late in the game and do you have automated workers. Sometimes there is some wierd loops that automated workers get into late in the game. Hit esc and wait a bit see if the save/load menu pops up.


Hit return and wait a bit, the game may go on to the next turn.

If that doesn't work, then try activating a fortified unit at the beginning of the turn an don't re-fortify him, leave him active and hit return when you have finished your turn.

Late in the game, especially large games, I always leave one unit with no orders, the game never hangs on me. I know that my turn is over when it won't cycle past that unit and I end my turn with return.

If you still can't get past that turn, do a little time travel, go back a turn or 2, and un-automate your workers or leave a unit active with no orders.
Its not that pounder its when i end it. I have let the thing run all day but the next turn won't come up. Also no automated workers on my part. Another strange thing is i havn't seen any enemy moves either.
there could be a bug with the mod. what mod is it? i know that Civinator's CCM is encountering difficulties like this because of an immobile unit being able to load onto ships. another possibility is that a HN unit (and/or invisible) might be causing this... they seem to cause a lot of problems in my experience.

again though, can you give any more details on the mod or particular game?
The mod I have is Rocoteh's global world war 2 scenario except I have gone and replaced a lot of the units and changed a bunch of stuff around. Also I will not release it because it not my creation so I am not sure if it is something i did or something from the original scenario. I am playing as America.
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