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Tibet UHV, Regent/Normal, 600 AD, SVN rev.983

Discussion in 'Gameplay Guides' started by Fresol, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Jipsu

    Jipsu Chieftain

    Sep 12, 2017
    Going for Indian cities is clearly the quickest way to win but in 1.15 Monarch Tibet might be doable even if you don't capture any cities. The pro is that early on all your units can be used to defend your farm and pasture. There's city spots in Manchuria with plenty of production and growth potential, there's Hanoi, and you can fit three cities in your core.

    Getting Buddhism to 25 % is clearly the biggest hurdle to achieve and somewhat out of your control. Send missionaries to Persia and around you, try to make your cities big, trade your resources to Buddhists and hope that stars align. If Mongols happen to conquer Mesopotamia or Russia, and you can espionage or bribe them to Buddhism, send missionaries there too. Can be achieved with or without Tolerance. Settling a sixth or seventh city somewhere might be worth it as most existing cities will be divided by three religions.

    Getting the five great prophets can be done by beelining Borobudur or by prioritizing temples after all the settlers have been built and by building the Buddhist cathedral later in the game. If you micromanage your great person points you should be able to get three GP from Rasa and two from the Tibetan city on incense. Your Manchurian expands might contribute if they can build two temples. Gompas will be reachable through espionage but be careful not to annoy China too much; switch spying to the Mughals if need be.

    So tech priorities will be Borobudur if going for that gambit (Japan is likely to build it around 1060) and/or Spies (Elective government seems good but you lose on whipped Buddhist Bikkus. Then again, you don't want to whip too much since you want your expands to grow.). Switching from research to culture and espionage lets you avoid stability checks so grow those foreign cities.

    Manorialism is seems worth a T1 anarchy and I believe Despotism should be taken too. Redistribution does very little and the trade gold will be helpful. Not sure about Citizenship as you'll lose a hammer from farm. You'll eventually build some Forges but you might not have the time before finishing UHV2 and Gumbas don't require Libraries. Switching to Republic might be necessary to finish UVH3 in time.

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