Tips for preparing for war


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Jan 7, 2002
Here's a list of tips for preparing for war

1.Make sure you have enough units!! Just because you have stronger units does not mean the enemy can overwhelm you in mass. Come prepared for the worst!

2.Don't attack to early in the game and don't attack to late. If you attack to early it will weaken you and your be low on the ranking for awhile. Also if you attack to late their get MPP with each other and just by declaring war on one country could mean your at war with 4-5!!

3. Always try to get a allie to back you up. Although you should always come prepared for the worst if you offensive units still get destroyed you want a AI to beable to keep them from taking your cities while you build up your attack force.

If anyone has any improvements to add to this PLEASE say so.

GOODNIGHT!! Hopefully some of you will post some improvements on here. Can't make it perfect if I don't have comments!!!((anyway three tips aren't enough))
If the intended victim has any technologies that you want, buy them with gold per turn.
Offer what ever it takes.
When you attack, you keep the tech. but the gold payments stop.
strider is right, u have to make a lot of units before declaring war, but sometimes having high tech units does works, for example in my roman game (the save game i posted) the zulus had the biggest army (made of a lot of zulus unique units, cavalry and infantry, but they didnt had tanks) and my army consisted in tons of artillery and tanks, the zulus army was like 3 times bigger than mine, the size of their empire was 3 time sbigger than mine and i still managed to beat them all, also they had the persians as their allies and the persian were in the north of my empire but they were weak, so they were no problem.
strider is right in the point that 100 cavalry can take down 30 tanks, but sometimes if u use a good strategy u can win.
Keeping a stack of infantry and artillery around is a great defense thing, especially after rails (pre-rails, cannon/cats and whatever good defenders you have). Anyone who invades can only get so far, then you pull your stack of arty up, bombard them down to 1 hp if you can (I try to make the arty stack big enough) and then use whatever offensive units you have around, even infantry themselves, to kill off the weakened invasion force. *poof* No more invasion. Artillery can be useful on offense when it's Cav vs. fortified infantry or Tanks vs fortified Mechs. Modern Armor you don't need the arty as long as you're willing to take some losses vs Mechs and dug-in infantry in Metro areas, but some Arty will take the edge off of the losses.

Using a lot of Arty, with the English, a non-militaristic society, I got 11 leaders in a game going to 2050, with a fair amount of war. I did build the army wonders (Heroic Epic, Mil Acad, and Pentagon). I used my vet units to attack first, getting a lot of promotions, and used my elite units to kill the 1 and 2-hp defenders if at all possible, and I lost very few elites. I also used Modern Armor armies late to take out the first two vet-mech defenders in 20+-pop cities, then usually they were regular infantry or conscript mechs.

I also figured out cruise can move them around and put them anywhere, just like artillery, so use them like arty, to finish things off. I used them a lot for coast defense. Got an enemy destroyer/transport combination two squares off your coast, and going to land next turn, and your ships are too far away to stop it? Get your arty, and knock them down to one hp, then move the cruise missiles where the arty is, and sink both ships before they get to shore. I made traps for the enemy navies this way. Pull them in to the coast to chase my ships, and if they're within two squares, they're toast!

You can also load cruise missiles in transports, from a coast square, not in a city.

Oh, and I think the AI has a setting: 'if human is #1 with 15 years to go until retirement, the AI that is #2 will declare war. Period. Happened to me three times now in long games.

Need a foothold on a hostile shore, assuming you do have a place to land? Take a couple transports of arty with you. They'll greatly help getting rid of the enemy's first onslaught of attackers once you're ashore, and help you get a city or two. Take a city or two, fortify on the mountains or in the cities, and let them come. Anything that doesn't die trying to get into the cities/kill off your units you can shell and pick off easily and not take many losses.

Of course, if you *don't* have a place to land, that's what Marines are for, don't you know?

More to come in edits if anything else strikes me...
Also locate the enemy's resources (first strategic and then luxury) and aim to cut them off as soon as possible once war begins, there is nothing like preventing the enemy from building anything that can threaten you and throwing all its cities into disorder.

And also have a nice stack of workers ready to accompany behind your forces (though with a defender or two to protect them from being picked off). Use them to rebuild the road/railroad network behind your troops. This is especially important if you have rails and your opponent doesn't.
Thanks for posting guys. And anyone who see's this post and say how I'm doing.

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