tips for the tech unsavvy on mods


Apr 5, 2002
Hey, you guys are amazing. I have been a serious civ freak since old number one, and never had any idea this kind of stuff was out there.

When applying these things - what's the process? Simply dropping files into the correct folders on the hard drive? Will I alter the game permanently somehow with some of these mods like the WWII ones? They look awesome but I wouldn't want to play them every time...

Sorry if there's already a post on instructions for this - I looked!

I'm interested in knowing this as well. Some of the mods look pretty fun but I would want to install Civ3 again in a different location and apply the mod files to that one so I'd still have a pure Civ 3 install if possible.
Most mods are very simple to install and usually come with install directions.

The install direction is usually something like "backup these files and copy these files in the zip to that folder". There is nothing tricky. :) For example, to install Snoopy's modpack, you should first backup that Art\Terrain folder than just overwrite the files in that Terrain folder with the files from snoopy modpack.

Some modpacks even come with an one-click installer program.
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