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Tired of AI getting free techs durring my turn!!!


Nov 17, 2001
I try to play the tech trader as much as possible on Diety level. It is really annoying how the one or more AI Civs can clearly not have a tech that I just traded another CIV for at a high price. Then when I go back to sell it to them they magically have already. I even offer nice gifts as a way of checking to see what techs they have before looking for a possible trade with other civs. This would not be a big deal if it happened once in a while but multiple Civs are getting away with this almost every time I try to trade. What can be done? I read some where before that this was caused by loading an autosaved game....which I never do so I don't think that is it. Anyway....I know it is possible to make huge sums of $$$ by trading and I am already making about $800/turn right now...but The AI already gets HUGE advantages on Diety level. This to me does not seem fair. Plus..I am basically giving them free techs just by trading with another Civ. Oh well it is starting to sound like a rant and that is not my intention. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE PATCH!!!
I have always assummed that they were just modeling the fact that once you have traded a Tech to one Civ that there is a chance that it may trade it to another before you have the chance to. I have noticed that I can generally trade a tech to several other Civs, but after that most will have it. The only ones that do not are teh ones that had nothing to trade it to me for anyway. PLUS the amount that you can get for a Tech does seem to be influenced by how many other Civs have it. I did a few tests at one point in time and I could get a higher price from either the Egyptians or the English before trading it to the other than I could after. I think this is actually a very good feature. It makes it more realistic. Once you let the Tech Cat out of the bag you cannot control where it goes,
I don't remember any mention of a fix on that in the patch. Check out the read me thread at the top of the forum.

Prob the reason why is because it's not a bug. It happens less on lower levels. If you want to avoid this understandably frustrating event, play on monarch where it doesn't happen so often.
I don't really think it is a but either and my post sounded like I thought it would be fixed in the patch. I was just airing my excitement for the realease. As for this "Feature"...I wouldn't bother me if it was the next turn or after I closed the window but two seconds after I see that they don't have let's say The Corporation... Then I buy it off of someone else....then I go back to the other Civ and magic...they no longer need the Corporation. I am paying way higher prices than the other Civs are willing to pay me in the first place. Oh well....just a minor rant. I am still making large profits and getting all of my techs for free....isn't there a song about that?
It happens to me at Regency. Buy one at a high price. Sell to 2 or 3 for maybe a 10th, and the rest have it.
Also, develop a tech, sell it to 2 or 3 in one diplo round, and the rest already have it. One, it doesnt show as a need.... but also if it allows a wonder, they all start building the wonder next turn... Needless to say, now that I am far ahead on tech, I don't sell those techs until my wonder is nearly complete, and then laugh to see them waste a few turns of shields on a wonder I know they won't get. Unless they have a leader for it... :(
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