Toltec Civ Modular


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Dec 21, 2003
New England, USA
This is my first and last Civilization for Civ4. Big thanks to Niknaks for organizion and getting rid of almost all the bugs for this and fixing the leaderhead and the leaderhead button! Only works with BTS.


This works well with Geomodder's mod or the Extra! mod btw.

Heres the files:
there is some kind of xml problem with this

flag doesn't show, pedia information not working. been trying to work on it and can't seem to find the problem
Your foldier structure has to be the same as the module: Module/Custom Civilizations/Toltecs

Theres no reason the flag shouldn't work I tested it in game.

I'm sorry to say but I too have had the same problem. I have not looked into the xml though.
Gametext in modular form can not have an underscore after the Gametext part

change the Gametext name to read this


You need also to create gametext for the following....

Unique Unit Description
Unique Unit Pedia
Unique Unit Stategy

Unique Building (not created yet)
Unique Building Description
Unique Building Pedia
Unique Building Strategy

Civilization Description
Civ Adjective
Civ Description Short
Civ Pedia
Have a look at some of the Modules already created they should give you a hand up.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you finish this off.
PM me with errors you might be having. I'd love to see this finished,
I'll d/l it and take a quick look, i have a civ just for testing now.

Got it going ok, but the flag needs a fine tuning. Its all blurry.
Plus with all the eagle warriors out there you could have put more in the MOD, just my opinion.
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