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"Trade Route" Ability of Harbor (for interior Capital City)?

Lost Soul 1

Aug 3, 2006
(qualifier: I haven't seen this specific question asked over the past 1+ week in the "General" or "Strategy" subforums...if so, I apologize for not finding it...and please link me to an appropriate response).

Setup for questions: Building a harbor in a coastal city supposedly accomplishes the following two things: (1) forms a naval trade route to the Capital, and (2) gives a 25% production bonus for building naval units (haven't confirmed this last feature yet).

My capital city is land-locked, albeit parked on a river.

Questions: If I build a harbor in another (coastal) city on the same continent/land mass, will a trade route automatically be established to the Capital?

Or must I construct a road/railroad that connects this city to the capital for the trade route to occur?

Does the riverside Capital location play into harbor connectivity?

How can/do I verify a trade route has been established (is it visible via association or text on a specific UI screen)? Does this trade route affirmation also indicate how much gold is received due to this trade route?

(I ask some of the above questions, because I wasn't sure whether a true trade route was established with my land-locked, riverside Capital just by constructing a harbor in another city. I only received "a trade route exists between XXXX and (Capital city)" message WHEN A ROAD WAS BUILT between the two AFTER the harbor construction.

So, my way of thinking--but I haven't found a mouse-over or separate screen to confirm for harbor builds within cities that aren't currently connected to the Capital with a road--is that trade networks may only work with physical roads connecting to a land-locked capital and not via harbor construction.

It would be nice to find out for sure to (1) avoid building harbors in this case to get the trade route connectivity, and (2) realize my overseas cities may not ever benefit from a trade route to an interior Capital.)

Any and all clarifications are welcomed.
As long as you connect a coastal city to the capital (a triangle icon will appear under the city name once a city is connected to the trade network) and build a harbour in that connected city then it will still count.
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