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Discussion in 'Civ5 - Game Of The Month' started by Knowtalent, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Knowtalent

    Knowtalent Emperor GOTM Staff

    Dec 13, 2009
    Welcome to the TSG190 After Action Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!
    STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

    Please attach your final, first play through, .Civ5Save file, saved AFTER the victory ceremony if you were not conquered (using the "Lemme play one more turn" feature.) In your post.

    - How useful was your UA?

    - Did you use spying to your advantage?

    - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?

    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?

    - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order? Which Ideology did you choose?

    - What techs did you prioritize ?

    - What did you think of the map and settings?
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  2. fatusblobus

    fatusblobus Chieftain

    Jun 15, 2013
    OK so here's what's happened in my game so far(on turn 93):

    I moved my Warrior to check around the mountain but the coastal tile I was expecting wasn't there so I decided on SIP.

    Got extremely lucky and popped a ruin for 20 culture on Turn 3, opened Honor tree for Barb locations.

    In the Capital my build order was Scout>Warrior>Worker>Shrine>Settler, while in research I went Pottery>Mining>Archery>Writing, timing it nicely to finish mining while my first worker just finished being produced

    Used worker to cut down salt forest to fast finish shrine and get a headstart on settler

    Next opened Liberty Tree. 2nd settler was put to the east of the capital on the coast.

    By this time I had been using my UA to amass a pretty large barbarian brute army - got very lucky again and every single encampment I destroyed also converted a unit - I don't know if that's ever happened to me before while playing as Germany.

    So with a scout who popped a ruin to become an archer, an archer I built, and 6 Warriors, I headed north to conquer America.

    In my capital I was building Statue of Zeus, but it still being 14 turns away and my great general (Honor tree) being 10 turns away, and America already having spammed it's 3rd city I decided "screw it," and attacked.

    I managed to take Washington on turn 60 but sustained heavy losses - 5 warriors and an archer were lost in this first wave of attack. By now though I had completed Zeus and had 2 great generals, and had been building Spearmen in my capital, and reasearchwise was quickly heading for Composite bowmen.

    The biggest issue at this point is getting units from the capital to the front line - this takes 8 turns, and the cost of building the road to reduce that this early in the game is very high, will probably open Commerce and get trade unions to fix this, although I had planned on going Patronage since we're playing for a Diplo VC - culture may become a problem in this game.

    Religion - I went for earth mother Pantheon and quickly got a religion after that - went for Papal Primacy for the CS Bonus, since Diplo VC, and sadly no Pagodas as they were already gone (always my first choice for follower belief) so was left with Cathedrals (will hopefully be useful for culture bonus later on.)

    By turn 68 my 2nd wave of units had arrived in Washington and I was ready to take their other two cities, meanwhile I popped a settler with Collective rule and founded my 3rd native city northwest on the river, utilising the 3rd salt, cows, and iron.

    By turn 75 I had taken New York (on the east coast) and Boston (1 tile off the west coast) and kept all 3 as puppets.

    After taking out America I had crippling happiness (-13) and money (-8) problems, so spent 15 turns grinding those down with Colosseums, connecting the Sugar, and buttering up Singapore

    When I left at turn 93 I had 4 Spearmen, 2 Swordsmen, 4 Composite Bowmen, and a Great General, ready to push North and conquer Polynesia

    My overall plan is to conquer this continent, Egypt and Polynesia have been spamming Wonders so I'll get a lot of benefits from this, then focus on the Diplo game using my religion.

    Don't know what lies beyond the coastal tiles and what's in store next, but I have plans for a coastal city on the west coast in order to build an Eastern and Western navy.

    Wow that was a lot of text for the first 100 turns!

    Edit: I'm not at home right now but I'll add a picture to this when I get back later
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  3. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Emperor

    May 18, 2015
    SE Minnesota
    Diplomatic victory on turn 352 -- the first world leader vote. It was an interesting game. I settled on the coastal tile next to the sugar and played 4-city Tradition. I took the Honor opener right after the Tradition opener, thinking I would take more policies in Honor later (I expected a war with America, but it never came), and I'd get a little of my investment back by taking it while barbs were still around. I killed quite a few barbs and took out 2 encampments but did not get any barbs to join me. So much for the UA. The UB on the other hand was very helpful.

    I took Earth Mother for my pantheon and managed to found the first religion (by one turn). Tithe and Pagodas, of course. Washington went Piety, and we both had strong religions but did not send missionaries and prophets at each other. I don't think I've even had a religious neighbor before who didn't try to convert my cities. Enhancer was Religious Texts, and I think my 2nd follower belief was the food from shrines and temples one.

    I filled Tradition, then Patronage+Consulates, Rationalism(3), Freedom(6), then back to Patronage and Rationalism. I took Globalization for the Rationalism finisher, but I must have been one turn too late sending all my spies out as diplomats because I didn't get any extra votes for it, but I had the Forbidden Palace and that plus all the CS's gave me just enough to win.

    I was never in any wars the whole game, but I did fund a couple of wars.

    I will add my civsave file and probably some more text tomorrow. I'm falling asleep at the keyboard now :)

  4. vadalaz

    vadalaz King

    Sep 15, 2014
    Trying to write a much more detailed report for a change. Opening actions to T72:

    Spoiler :

    Turn 1: Settle W of Sugar, Build: double scout, Tech: pottery, there's a good pantheon available here, so a quick shrine would be nice.

    Turn 2: Culture ruin, so I'll be skipping the Monument I suppose.

    Turn 6: Met Kathmandu for 8 faith, they have Pearls and Wheat, looks like it'd be a nice coastal expand. I think I'll kill this CS later so I'll need to have a unit close to it around T25 to steal a worker

    Turn 8: Scout reveals some odd land to the east... Desert river tiles that aren't flood plains?

    Turn 9: 55 gold ruin

    Turn 10: Spearman upgrade ruin. It'd be nice to demand tribute Kathmandu before declaring war on them but I don't know if I'll have the time or the army for it. Start building the shrine, second scout can wait. Next tech: Mining.

    Turn 11: Pop ruin

    Turn 13: Barb warrior steps on a ruin tile, tundra hill SE of the capital. Will have to take this later, scout flees for now.

    Turn 17: Shrine finished, Mining finished. Resume Scout, start Bronze Working. The idea is to reveal Iron since I'm going for Earth Mother here, and potentially get a spearman at some point for Kathmandu tribute and barb duty.

    Turn 18: Earth Mother. Berlin's getting surrounded by barbs. I have a scout next to a ruin south of the capital, I'll try to delay to turn 20 to have a chance for a faith ruin. There's a barb camp close, but I'll risk it.

    Turn 19: A Polynesian scout appears, so I have to take the ruin now. It's culture again which is lucky, I was expecting a barb camps or a map ruin at this point. Start building a Worker in the capital.

    Turn 22: DoW Polynesia to secure the ruin.


    Turn 23: Archer upgrade ruin. This will be useful.

    Turn 24: Moving the spearman back towards Kathmandu, scouting America's land. Washington has really annoying terrain around it, stealing a worker will be problematic.

    Turn 26: DoW Washington, move to his farmed hill. Plan is to pillage it, move out, then in 6 turns capture a worker on it with a scout and make peace immediately. Let's see if that works... Archer starts working on the barb camp in the south.

    Turn 28: Sell embassy for 35g to Polynesia in a peace deal. Bought a spearman, hopefully I can tribute both Singapore and Kathmandu now.

    Turn 29: I tribute a worker from Kathmandu. There's a barb camp right next to it, so the worker is going to get captured, but I have two spearmen and they should be able to get it back pretty quickly. Tribute 75 gold from Singapore as well. Starting a settler in the capital, but I'll take a break when Archery finishes to get an archer or two, then resume building the settler.

    Turn 31: Finished Archery, starting an Archer, next tech is Animal Husbandry.

    Turn 33: I don't think a worker steal from that pillaged hill is happening, Washington is keeping a warrior there at all times. I'll try to flank and steal from his Calendar resource tiles in the north maybe.

    Turn 35: I get the tributed worker back. No warrior or the extra gold from the camp unfortunately.

    Turn 36: Archer done, I think I'll need another one, the barbs in the south are strong.

    Turn 38: Stole a worker from Kathmandu. Not making peace, will kill the CS later. Found an American caravan to Polynesia, will pillage in a few turns.

    Turn 40: Healing up my army to tribute Singapore again soon, but it seems that won't be enough anyway. Need more units.

    Turn 41: Got 100 gold from the caravan pillage. Finally resume building a settler. Traded Salt <-> Cotton with Ramsesses. I still want a worker from Washington before I make peace, so my scout will stick around.

    Turn 43: Next tech is Masonry, I want to improve the Stone in the capital.

    Turn 48: Sending first settler to the Dyes/Salt spot. Starting the second settler. Thinking about just selling Salt for 240 gold in a peace deal with America to buy another settler, as I'm not getting any luck with worker steals from this guy. I'll be patient for a bit longer though.

    Turn 50: Finally destroyed the southern barb camp and got a hand-axe out of it. Maybe now I'll be able to tribute Singapore again. Peace with Washington, Salt <-> 264 gold. Couldn't get a worker from him, this was taking too long and I'm currently over unit supply limit anyway. I buy a settler.

    Turn 51: Tech: Trapping for the Furs.

    Turn 52: 85 gold tribute from Singapore.

    Turn 53: Settler done in the capital, Archer next. I'll need this one for Kathmandu and potentially Washington after I upgrade to CBs, though it's a really annoying city to attack.

    Turn 54: Settled Hamburg.

    Turn 55: Settled Munich.

    Turn 56: Capital building a worker, all expos building granaries.

    Turn 57: First religion - Tithe, Pagodas. Second worker steal from Kathmandu.

    Turn 58: Tech: Sailing. Trying to bait Kathmandu's CB out of the city with the worker I just stole.

    Turn 59: I said I was trying to bait with the worker but I actually forgot to move it in position. Happens.

    Turn 60: Baited and killed the CB. I can probably take Kathmandu pretty easily now. I want to take it on turn 72, because my Salt <-> Cotton deal ends on turn 71. If I take Kathmandu earlier than that, I bet Ramsesses will hate me and won't renew the deal.

    Turn 62: That's nice, a free worker. I take it immediately in case there's an American unit that I don't see in the fog. Stoneworks in the capital.


    Turn 64: Sailing done, capital switched production to a workboat. Kathmandu's about to fall and I'll need those Pearls.

    Turn 65: I get another hand-axe and a Great General. Granary finished in Munich, starting a worker.

    Turn 68: Writing done, Hamburg starts Library, Berlin continues Stoneworks. Beelining Construction now in case I decide to kill things and/or need Colosseums. Moving the workboat in position close to Kathmandu.

    Turn 71: Capital starts Library. Units are in position to take Kathmandu next turn.

    Turn 72: Renew the deal with Egypt. Take Kathmandu - it has a Granary, a Library, and a Shrine, so that's ver nice. Improve the Pearls. Surely the denouncements will come next turn, so I sell whatever I can now.


    Not sure what I want to do next here. More cities would be nice, but the remaining land isn't good and there are no more luxuries to settle. I suppose my priorities are going to be taking Washington, getting some triremes for exploration and Cargo ship protection, getting NC and Borobudur.
  5. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Emperor

    May 18, 2015
    SE Minnesota
    @vadalaz Thanks for the write-up. :) I'm studying it to up my game. I play too peacefully unless I go all-in for a war. That "odd land to the east" is a good location if you settle on top of the sheep (3 fish tiles in range) -- it would be awesome with Petra. I tried to build Petra (bought a watermill immediately, put the city on production focus and bought a hill tile, and sent it a food trade route) but didn't get it of course at this difficulty. Oh well, the gold from halfway finishing was nice at that stage of the game.
  6. vadalaz

    vadalaz King

    Sep 15, 2014
    I did settle to the east eventually (and one more expo by Grand Mesa), but I chose the spot between the grassland hill and the tundra deer. I figured it'd have better tiles to work immediately, while the sheep spot wouldn't ever grow its borders to the fish tiles, as it was a late settle.

    I won on turn 220:


    Made a lot of poor decisions because I didn't expect the AIs to compete for Renaissance wonders. I don't play on Immortal often, and that almost cost me an extra 20+ turns to the finish time (an additional congress vote basically).

    Writeup from T72 to victory below. I got a bit bored in the period between Education and ~T160 when I'd met all civs and started thinking about the endgame (should've started thinking earlier and then maybe I wouldn't have missed LToP, Globe Theatre and Taj Mahal):

    Spoiler :
    Turn 74: Munich starts a Library.

    Turn 75: Hard to pick what to build in the capital. I want a lot of things... I'll start with a worker, as I'm currently at 7 workers for 5 cities, which is on the low side. I want to start getting those road connections up.

    Turn 77: Construction next turn. I have enough gold for a couple of upgrades. Perhaps after upgrading two archers I'll have enough army to tribute Singapore again and get enough gold for one more upgrade. I bribe Washington to attack Kamehameha for 19 gpt to get his units out of the way.

    Turn 78: Upgraded 2 archers into CBs, bought a Pagoda. Researching Philosophy.

    Turn 79: Golden Age. My entire army is not enough to tribute Singapore. Building a CB in Munich, will chop a forest to get it quickly. Perhaps that'll help with the tribute, and I need a unit at home anyway, in case a barb camp spawns nearby. Capital starts a trireme, that's some military strength as well.

    Turn 80: Hamburg: Trireme to have one on this side of the continent as well.
    Turn 81: Berlin: Trireme. If I DoW Washington, I'll need a trireme to protect my trade routes.
    Turn 82: Hamburg: Colosseum. Got denounced by Polynesia.
    Turn 83: Berlin: Cargo ship. Cologne: Colosseum.
    Turn 84: Munich: Water Mill. This city has good tiles, so I want it to grow quickly. Upgraded one CB.

    Turn 85: Still not enough army to tribute Singapore... I have 4 CBs, 2 Handaxes, 2 Spearmen, a Trireme and an Archer in range. Really? Whatever, I'll move towards Washington now. Tech: Theology beeline.

    Turn 87: Berlin starts NC. Washington asks about my units on his borders, I lie to him. Who cares, everyone will hate me regardless.

    Turn 88: I declare war on America.

    Turn 89: Munich: Colosseum. I find out what's been blocking the southern pole barbs:

    Turn 92: Washington falls. I think I'll citadel the riverside marsh for Bananas and an extra copy of Spices. Hamburg: Shrine.

    Turn 94: Cologne: Stoneworks.
    Turn 95: Hamburg: Temple.
    Turn 96: Planted the citadel. I take Boston in a peace deal and sell it to Kamehameha for 14 gpt and Marble. Trade with Ramesses Dyes, 2 Iron <-> Ivory. I'm suddenly at 8 happiness and 20 gpt. Nice.

    Turn 97: Munich: Shrine.
    Turn 98: Finished Theology, Mathematics next because I want to annex my cities.

    Turn 99: Annexed Kathmandu, started Temple for now, will switch to Courthouse when I get Mathematics. Berlin: Borobudur. A pretty late 10 turn build, but this isn't Deity, so I reckon I might get it.

    Turn 100: Ha, nevermind. Borobudur is built in a far away land. I get a Great Prophet and enhance with shrine happiness and +30% range. Would trying Hagia Sophia be greedy and stupid right now? Let's find out. Berlin: Hagia Sophia, Munich: Temple. Tech: beelining Education.

    Turn 102: Cologne: Water Mill
    Turn 103: Hamburg: Stable

    Turn 107: Sitting at 1 unhappiness. Kathmandu finishes its courthouse in 5 turns, Berlin finishes HS in 2 turns. I really hope I get it, so I can spread my religion without having to buy missionaries. Cologne starts a shrine.

    Turn 109: Got HS. Spreading my religion should help with the happiness issues. Education in 8 turns. Berlin: Stable, Munich: Market.

    Turn 110: Back to 0 happiness. Hamburg: Cargo ship.
    Turn 112: Finished courthouse in Kathmandu, started Writers Guild. Annexed Washington. Berlin: Granary.
    Turn 114: Berlin: Colosseum
    Turn 116: Hamburg: Market, Munich: start Settler
    Turn 117: Finally researched Education. Cities switch from Markets to Universities. Beeline Astronomy.

    Turn 121: Allied Singapore. Oracle built in a faraway land. Another wonder I probably should've built earlier, but I was hoping to get a Renaissance policy out of it.

    Turns 121-129: Resumed Markets, Settlers.
    Turn 130: Founded Frankfurt. Just another city to feed the capital and fill the space. It starts building a Granary and I let it work the improved flood plains farms so that it grows quickly.

    Turn 134: Settled Essen. It'll feed Hamburg and needs a Granary ASAP. I let it work some of Munich's tiles.

    Tech: Guilds -> Metal Casting -> Banking. Need 120 gold to buy a mountain tile in the capital to be able to start Machu Picchu, so I start working most of my gold-generating tiles.

    I upgrade two triremes to caravels at some point and send them to explore the world. I send a couple of land units as well to pick up potential barb quests and ruins.

    Turn 135: I bribe Washington to attack Kamehameha. America has a few too many units on my border. Not particularly scary, but not something I want to have to deal with either.

    Turn 137: Met Bucharest. Allied them by clearing a barb camp on their border.
    Turn 139: Berlin finished Artists Guild, started Machu Picchu. Other cities are building Workshops and then Hanses.

    Turn 140: Really, barbs?

    Turn 143: Met Spain and Songhai. Both only have single copies of unique luxuries... DoW Spain and pillage her trade route for 200 gold. I want Aqueducts in my new cities, someone has to sponsor that. I get Gems from Askia for Pearls, Salt and 5 iron. My new ally Bucharest has Pearls so that's a good deal.

    Turn 144: I finally open Rationalism.
    Turn 146: Got Machu Picchu.
    Turn 147: I meet Montezuma. Only single copies of luxuries again.

    Turn 148: How does an Immortal AI not collect this ruin? It's turn 148, hello?

    Turn 149: Peace deal with Spain, I get 430 gold and 8 gpt.

    Turn 150: Screenshot of the empire at this point:

    The capital build order here was Workshop - Hanse - Forbidden Palace, I believe.

    Turn 155: I've met every civ and Printing Press is 1 turn away from completion. This is where I have to think about my plan for the endgame. Either I research it now and win after the second World Congress vote, or delay it and go for the riskier play to try and win it after the very first vote. I decide to try to delay, and get Architecture and Navigation first.

    Turn 158: Egypt's competing for CSs and steals Singapore from me. I'll have to retake it and ally Cape Town and Vancouver as well, then DoW him and see if I can cripple his economy so that he's no longer a relevant threat. For now I bribe him to attack America to keep them both busy.

    I DoW Egypt once I've reclaimed my city-states, around T165.

    T170: I believe it's time to research Printing Press.

    T172: Peace with Egypt. I get 551 gold, 65 gpt and 2 luxuries. Hopefully that will prevent him from buying my CSs in the future.

    This deal is so good that I'm considering DoWing everyone else right now. With Forbidden Palace I can tank the happiness hit from losing all my lux trades now, and gold is very important now for science buildings. The Maya, Aztecs and Spain are quite rich. I bribe and Pacal and Montezuma to attack as many other AIs as I can, then DoW them myself next turn. Can't do the same for Isabella yet, I have a unit exploring her territory as I suspect the last natural wonder is on her continent.

    T173: Egypt offers friendship..? Fine, let's do it. Must be my World's Fair proposal that he liked so much.
    T174: DoF with Songhai. I accept that as well.

    T175: Bulb Scientific Theory. Now I'm in industrial, I move my level 3 spy to Vilnius and put the newly recruited level 1 in my capital.

    I have to decide where to build and where to buy schools:

    Hamburg and Munich are the next cities to generate GSs, so they're in no hurry to get schools - not buying them there. Washington, Kathmandu and Berlin might get GSs in time before the world congress vote occurs, so they need the boost as soon as possible and I'll be buying schools in those three cities.

    Berlin has to be first, as it cannot get a garden, it's my best science city and it's lagging behind a bit. Berlin does have good production and I could've built a school in 6 turns there, but even a 6 turn delay might be critical here.

    I'll have to buy schools in Frankfurt and Essen as well.

    So I buy a school in Berlin this turn.

    Turn 176: Found the last Natural Wonder on the Spanish continent. Now I can move my unit out and DoW Isabella in a few turns.

    Turn 177: I buy a school in Washington, as its garden will take longer to build than Kathmandu's.

    Turn 179: School in Kathmandu. Some good peace deals: 121 gold, 51 gpt and Cocoa from Monty, 235 gold, 46 gpt and Truffles from Pacal. Making almost 450 gpt now, so I'll be able to buy schools in Essen and Frankfurt fairly quickly as well.

    Turn 180: Successful coup in Vilnius. Bought a school in Essen.

    Turn 181: Rigged election in Vilnius, moving spy to Milan.

    Turn 182: DoW Isabella for another peace deal - not sure it'll work because she has top army and I forgot to bribe her to attack others first. Bought a school in Frankfurt.

    Turn 183: Askia beats me by 1 turn to Taj Mahal unfortunately. I wanted that Golden Age. DoF with Maya.

    Turn 184: Bulbed Radio.

    Turn 185: I accidentally pick monument happiness instead of Skyscrapers in Order. I don't like how this is going. Losing Taj Mahal was annoying, this is also bad and I start wondering if not getting LToP earlier was a mistake as well.

    Schools done:

    I think Berlin's GS still might be too slow, I'll need National Epic here to have a chance to spawn it in time. So I suppose I'm getting some value out of the fast monuments tenet in Essen and Frankfurt...

    Turn 186: Successful coup in Milan. Moving to Ur.

    Turn 187: I burn one writer for Free Thought. Finishing Industrialization next turn, then I'll see if I'll burn one more for factory science. I'm not sure if I can even do that now though without the golden age I wanted and with the next writer being in 14 turns.

    Turn 188: 397 gold and 33gpt from Isabella in a peace deal.

    I can get 3 coal instantly from a CS and improve 7 coal in my territory in ~7 turns I suppose, but I decide not to take the factory tenet in Order. I'm not certain I'll have enough culture for both factory science and Rationalism finisher and the latter is more important. Besides, burning a writer now would make it harder to time Rationalism finisher correctly.

    Another issue is that I can't get two faith GSs in time. I can get a GE and a GS though and in the end I decide to faith-engineer Globe Theatre to have 2 GWs. I want Rationalism finisher for Plastics here, so I need two writers to time it perfectly. This is a really late Globe Theatre and Askia got me paranoid with the Taj Mahal snipe, but I think I have to risk it. I buy the engineer.

    Turn 189: Yep, Globe Theatre goes to Ramesses. At least I didn't use the engineer yet, but I should've thought of this earlier. I'm not used to doing this race on Immortal - on Emperor and below I just assume I can get any wonder whenever, on Deity I assume I can't get any wonder unless I rush it and even then it's a gamble. Immortal is just weird. This isn't going well at all. I think it's likely I'll lose the race to info era vs the congress countdown. I'm very likely not getting LToP either, should've built it much earlier. Would've gotten me a natural GW sooner as well.

    I can still use Oxford for Plastics and save Rationalism finisher for something else. We'll see how things go. I could've engineered LToP for a GW but I want the scientist. This is all really awkward.

    Turn 191: Ur coup success
    Turn 194: Bulb Steam Power, overflow in Flight
    Turn 195: Bulb Replaceable Parts, overflow in Flight again

    Turn 196: Oxford Plastics. Ramesses gets LToP. I purchase 7 labs, jump to 1272 bpt which is pretty good. I might still get to Info in time, there are 8 turns until the vote occurs and it'll get prolonged by two when I hit Atomic era.

    Turn 199: The game reminds me the Congress vote is in 5 turns. Thanks, game.

    Turn 201: Bulb Electronics, Rationalism finisher for Atomic Theory. I enter Atomic Era, this will give me 2 more turns to bulb to Info era. I think I'll get it now, but it'll be close.

    Next Scientist is Berlin's in 6 turns, which is too late. I engineer Porcelain Tower in Berlin which was 3 turns away from completion anyway, just to be safe.

    Turn 202: Okay, Porcelain Tower secured. This pushes Berlin's scientist counter to 9 turns, so it should still spawn in time to help get Globalization. Successful coup in Genoa. I'm pretty lucky with the coups this game, I went for a couple of <80% ones. Bought a faith GS.

    Turn 203: Bulb Penicillin.
    Turn 204: Use my remaining 2 GSs to bulb Ecology and Telecommunications, which will finish next turn with 1 turn left on the congress countdown. That was really, really close. I didn't plan this very well and could've lost the race easily.

    Turn 206: UN is founded. I'll move my spies to be diplomats after the next election rigging in 4 turns.
    Turn 209: I'm allied with all remaining CSs now.
    Turn 211: Bulbed Globalization. Moving my spies now and focusing on gold production. I sell labs and all my units and get loans from my AI friends.

    Turn 218: I make sure I have at least 120 influence with every CS. I don't want to lose any next turn.
    Turn 219 the vote happens, turn 220 I win.

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  7. Nizef

    Nizef Warlord

    Oct 22, 2018
    Here comes an intermediate update on my game. I am currently on t85 and I just incorporated Washington into my growing empire. I still have 5-6 turns on the NC and I am a little undecided on what to do with Kathmandu: conquer or peace? I am low on happiness as you can see from the attached picture. The nearby land, besides the capital, is uninspiring. Btw. what is a DESERT RIVER? I can´t recall having experienced that before? Ruins were: Culture, 50 gold, Tech, Pop, Map, Culture and on t68(!!) Unit upgrade. I got the first religion on t57 and took Tithe/Pagodas. I wanted to take something less mainstream but Pagodas will come in handy to tackle my happiness issue. Workers stolen from Kathmandu (2) and Polynesia (2 + 1 settler).

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  8. Nizef

    Nizef Warlord

    Oct 22, 2018
    Here is a funny screenshot. I got a Culture ruin on t201. On Immortal! I will take a break now. Playing 201 turns in one go, is quite rough.

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  9. Nizef

    Nizef Warlord

    Oct 22, 2018
    DipV on t315

    This was hilarious. I was worried about science and how to reach Globalization by bulbing. But it turned out to be the other way around: I started bulbing much too late, which meant that I filled out more or less the entire tech tree while waiting for the WL vote. :) So while waiting I built SOH, Brandenburg Gate, CN Tower, Kremlin and HST (and the Manhattan Project). I was also worried about how to ally all the hardline CS in time, but also that turned out to be false alarm. The last 30-35 turns I was mostly next-turning with all the CS as allies. I was making 500 gpt and on the last turn before the vote I gave every CS an additional 500 gold just to be safe. No AI made to the Atomic era even if there were almost no wars from the middle ages onwards (it was actually an Order hug festival (Pacal went Freedom and Washington did not make it so far)).

    How useful was your UA/UU/UB?
    I cleared a few camps in the beginning and it gave me an Archer and a Brute. Hanses works wonders for your production in a game like this. The Panzer was of course offside, but I actually built one, just to do it. ;)

    - Did you use spying to your advantage?
    No tech stealing but the spies were useful when allying the CS.

    - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?
    Indifferent I think. However, I must say that I liked the map a lot. I would have liked to have one more unique luxury near the starting location, but otherwise it was very enjoyable.

    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?
    I was sloppy with the bulbing, otherwise I think I played according to the opposition.

    - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order? Which Ideology did you choose?
    Full Tradition, Patronage 3, full Rationalism, Commerce 2 and Order 8.

    - What techs did you prioritize ?
    Upper half of the tree until Globalization, then I continued by filling out the bottom half while waiting (only lacked 6 techs at the end).

    - What did you think of the map and settings?
    I liked the settings a lot. I can´t give enough praise for the fact that the map contained ruins. As always: Thank you for keeping GotM going!

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  10. raider980

    raider980 Warlord

    Sep 27, 2010
    How did you all take Washington? I tried with CB but the city is surrounded by hills. I had 4 CB, a spearman, warrior, two axe things from barbs. Only two CB could hit the city from 2 tiles away, and even then they couldn't move in and shoot because of the terrain; the others would need to be right up next to the city. Washington was strength 21 and he had CB of his own plus some other troops around the city. So I gave up and backed out. Figured I'd wait until artillery because now he has the Great Wall.

    Spoiler Here's my game through T208. :

    • Settled T1 on the grassland coast. After exploring a bit I was dismayed by the land; tundra, desert, ice, whew I'm going Tradition.
    • Then I found Washington was right on my doorstep. I wanted to take America out early, I can't stand that guy. So I tried my aforementioned attempt. We ended up making white peace.
    • 2nd city was Hamburg on the river to the west of Berlin. I debated about the third city but decided to build two more on the coast to the west to prevent America or Polynesia from getting them.
    • I went for the far spot first and founded Munich. Then got NC right before founding Cologne. By this time Petra still wasn't gone and I could have finished it in Berlin in 10 turns - but no tiles would have been utilized. Cologne would have been a nice Petra city but someone got it before I could get Cologne up and running.
    • I founded Frankfurt in the barren wasteland to the south just to prevent America from doing it - they had two settlers heading that way. Plus, there were furs there.
    • Around T200 Washington DoW me out of the blue, we were friendly and he seemingly had forgiven me for my earlier transgression. But that was just a ruse. He came with a bunch of Minutemen, XB and Knights; I thought I was going to lose Munich for sure. Luckily, I had decided to go for Industrialization before Education to get some factories (except no Coal!), so I got Gats the turn after he attacked. I used all my money to rush buy enough troops to hold him off. And that's where we stand now.

    Spoiler Screenshot T208 :
    Germany 208 west.jpg
  11. Nizef

    Nizef Warlord

    Oct 22, 2018
    I took it with 6 CBs and 2 Warriors. Moved 5 CBs into position at the same time (could not fit more), even as that meant next to the city. Had to kill the defending units before moving into range, that took a few turns.
  12. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Emperor

    May 18, 2015
    SE Minnesota
    I didn't and I've been wondering the same thing. I was actually friends with America the whole game; was friendly with almost everyone, although I think Spain was about to attack me once (my submarine saw the Spanish Armada coming and I bribed her to attack Monty. Or maybe I bribed Monty to attack her; don't remember which but it worked.)
  13. Nizef

    Nizef Warlord

    Oct 22, 2018
    My operation was standard procedure from the Noobs guide to domination (available somewhere here on the forum).
  14. so_what

    so_what Chieftain

    Feb 12, 2019
    Part 1
    A summary of t0 - t62. As I take a long time to play, I need to just write it down now in case I forget. I also haven't play Tradition and Immortal for a long time, so my starting is probably not optimized.

    Map setting:
    I feel this map is somewhat restrictive in the game style. Due to the lack of lux & trade partners on hemisphere map, the best choice would be Tradition. Given raging barbs, I would need to build a small army to wipe the camps. After that, the most reasonable move would be to consolidate the army towards either Washington or Kathmandu. So in the end, my game was somewhat similar to the rest.

    Build order in Capital - scout > shrine> settler > archers x2 > worker > library > archer > settler (bought) >granary >settler
    Build order in Hamburg > archer x3 > granary
    Ruins > I only managed to get 1 culture, 1 tech, 1 spearman upgrade, some useless stuffs like barb activities... lost 1 ruin to Polynesia. Damn... Where's my pop ruin?

    Pantheon earth mother

    At turn 62, I found religion with Tithe / Pagoda. Kathmandu is about to fall, but my main concern is getting enough happiness to capture it and settle my 4th city.

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    CHINA-JERRY Chieftain

    Aug 18, 2019
    Win on T202
    In Chinese Civ Forum and civfanatics Group we have discussed about the DipV, below the deity difficulty, a easy way to get DipV is host only one time world conference, once research Printing, we just need to make sure that we can finish research Telecommunications within 34 turns, then 48 turns after Printing we can DipV. The time we finished researching Printing determined the DipV time, in a sense, the DipV becomes a SciV, considering the actual situation, For example, in Tsg190, i planned to DipV on t 202, so i controlled to finish researching Printing on t 154 and finish researching Telecommunications before 188.

    If we should finish researching Printing as soon as possible?
    No, because we need to finish researching Telecommunications within 34 turns after Printing to make sure we can start the world leader vote, so considering the actual situation, accelerate research Printing to some extent is a good choose.

    How to ally city states?
    Make full use of 'production to money', from the below attached pic we can see in one turn we can get 1000G, with such plenty of money, why need to worry about allying.

    I may lost the final saved file, i will try to find.

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  16. so_what

    so_what Chieftain

    Feb 12, 2019
    Part 2

    Summary of 63t-155t

    At 73t. I took down Kathmandu after cotton from Egypt was ready. Unfortunately, it only had one building - a granary. Pretty amazed when others managed to get a shrine, granary and library in the city. I guess my luck is just bad.

    Researched construction, upgraded archers to composite. Then I took out Washington at 90 turn-ish. It has just a granary and a Terracotta Army. Soon after, I made a peace deal with America and accepted New York into my empire. I beelined to Philosophy for Oracle, but Oracle was long gone before I finished researching Philosophy. Then, I researched Theology and built Haga Sophia to spread my religion.

    At 121t, I had Education and started to build universities.

    Then, there was a period of finding new Ais with my trireme, trading lux, managing happiness, building court houses.

    At 141t, I researched Banking, 3 turns later I opened Rationalism.

    Beelined machinery, and upgraded my cbows to xbows. I cleared Polynesia's units in a few turns, then waited for Forbidden Palace before I took down Honolulu. Honolulu had only 2 buildings left.. yes the granary and caravansary.

    Which brings us to turn 155, where I'm one turn away from PP... Taking a pause to think about whether I should risk delaying PP.

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  17. so_what

    so_what Chieftain

    Feb 12, 2019
    231T DipV. Completed this game over the weekend.

    I didn't want to stress myself, so I chose for the less risky route of taking the printing press at 156T. This meant that I needed to reach Radio at 186T (157+29) and Telecommunications at 216T (190+24+2)

    A quick summary
    Did a reload, settled my 8th city at Grand Mesa instead of taking Honolulu.
    156T - Researched printing press. Next, I built LToP in Berlin, Global Theatre at Hamburg, and later Sistine at Munich.
    173T - bulbed Scientific Theory
    186T - bulbed Radio, this postponed World Congress by 2 turns
    187T - opened Order. Took double happiness tenet, then quickly warred and grabbed a few peace deals.
    200T - World Fair completed - a really slow world fair as Immortal AIs didnt have the production of Deity AIs. I had to expend 1700 hammers.
    208T - Bulbed Replaceable Parts with a GS. Bulbed 3 GWs, used Rationalism finisher for Plastic. Bought 8 labs, bpt of 1650.
    214T - Atomic theory
    216T - Bulbed to Telecommunications with 2 GS to spare, used 1 to bulb Globalisation.

    After Telecommunications, there were 14 turns to voting session. I assigned citizens to trading posts and easily bought every CS out there.

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  18. JeffreyLXV

    JeffreyLXV Chieftain

    Jan 6, 2013
    FloriDUH, U.S. of A.
    Thanks for the fun game. I attempt the GOTM far more often than posting the outcome.

    In review, I clearly should have used Rationalism to shorten the game. I usually avoid outpacing the A.I. on science, but this did drag on a bit … I actually forgot the UN required the Information Era, which doesn't really seem right, but whatever.

    Avoided war, caused a couple, and started a late attempt to resurrect America from Egypt, just for fun.

    Diplo victory:
    Turn 367
    Year 1948
    Rank: Charlemagne - 1961 points.​

    - How useful was your UA?
    Garnered three axe men and a late warrior; succeeded in each attempt. Very useful in the early game.​

    - Did you use spying to your advantage?
    Stole two techs, then used spies as diplomats and one counter spy.​

    - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?
    I felt isolated and safe.​

    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?
    Stole two workers; streamlined, avoided mistakes or chasing wonders.​

    - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order? Which Ideology did you choose?
    Tradition – Patronage – Commerce, then Freedom​

    - What techs did you prioritize?

    - What did you think of the map and settings?
    I always feel raging barbarians is rough on the A.I., but it is fun. I have mixed feelings about goodie huts.

    The salt and iron resources combined with the Earth Mother pantheon led to a dominate religion with a robust tithe.​

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  19. beetle

    beetle Deity

    Mar 19, 2004
    Frederick, MD
    Almost forgot to submit, as I played the map a second time. Here are the stats from my first game:
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 190
    Date submitted: 2020-02-15 16:23:44
    Reference number: 36736
    Your name: beetle
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1910AD
    Turns played: 330
    Base score: 1719
    Final score: 2604
    Time played: 16:16:00
    Submitted save: Bismarck_0331 AD-1911 DiploVC.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: beetle_C519001.Civ5Save

    I won on the first WL vote, but I have no idea how to have that come up sooner.
  20. socralynnek

    socralynnek Civ & Hattrick addict

    Sep 1, 2003
    Northern Germany
    Started mediocre, figured out, I wouldn't have time to finish, so then I read here to retry the start.

    Why did some of you capture Kathmandu quite early?
    I'd say, it is not so useful.
    But I succeeded.
    When I then went for Washington, he founded a fourth city to the west, s.t. it had three forests towards my units. And it would be close enough to Washington to be able to shoot against my units. So I failed to take one of his cities...

    I don't know what would happen if I played on, I made a big mistake to let my 2nd city grow before getting a religion, this hindered spreading a lot...

    This one looks interesting, probably I'll give it another try soon.

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