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TSG82 Opening Actions

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Game Of The Month' started by Hammer Rabbi, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Kendon

    Kendon Warlord

    Aug 23, 2012
    Rocky Mountains
    Raging Barbarians slowed down my scouts so I'm sure I missed a few ruins. I wish I'd taken Honour before Collective Rule. To keep money for city development my army is tiny -- Pikeman, Composite Bowman and a Horseman. I'm ahead on technology. I count on the mountains in the north to block an attack.

    At turn 100 I've got a scout headed to what looks like an island east of Bratislava. We'll see if I can get a luxury other than wine.
  2. Ribannah

    Ribannah Fighter Druid

    Aug 6, 2001
    Castle Gobs
    Petra got completed in faraway Chicago this turn, all the way in the northern desert at Mt. Sinai, beyond Morocco and Arabia, with 3 oasis tiles. Just because we could. :)

    Since we chose Goddess of Festivals as our pantheon and opted to build Pyramids before Great Library, the free Settler arrived well before the National College so we sent him on a trek. Went to the desert coast with Pearls and Silk, where we founded Boston to connect the luxes and bought a fresh Settler as soon as it turned size 2. Chicago was up on turn 83 and will now grow to be phenomenal. :)

    Didn't intend to play more than the opening of this game but I might continue now just to see this city grow. Provided I find the time.

    Education is due on turn 115 (naturally a bit late, but we're racing now and will catch up), religion is about to get enhanced, and we have entered a nice 30-turn Golden Age.

    0 Washington=16 (Marble, Wine, 2x Horses, Iron)
    33 New York=7 (Dyes, Wine, 2x Horses) catching the two extra horse resources rather than the mountain, for production and land rather than another observatory, built the additional 3 Settlers
    73 Boston=4 (2x Pearls, Silk)
    76 Philadelphia=5 (3x Wine, 2x Iron) also not on a mountain (large barbarian horde camped there) but fresh water from an oasis
    82 Atlanta=5 (Gems, Dyes, Iron) ditto, Hippo Regius was in the way, but on the river and great potential for production and growth
    83 Chicago=5 (Incense, Iron, Mt. Sinai) might expand to capture Cotton later; the ultimate desert city
    89 Seattle=3 (Wine) coast northeast of capital, on mountain, will connect Boston and Chicago over sea

    33 Masonry
    41 Goddess of Festivals
    47 Pyramids (Washington)
    54 Collective Rule
    56 Great Library (Washington) - Philosophy
    72 National College (Washington)
    84 Hanging Gardens (Washington)
    92 Oracle (Washington) - Philanthropy
    93 Islam (Washington) - Tithe, Swords into Plowshares
    94 Civil Service
    96 WLTKD (Ivory from China) in Washington
    100 Engineering
    105 Chichen Itza (Washington)
    107 Golden Age
    108 Representation
    109 Stonehenge (Washington)
    109 Petra (Chicago)

    Trade routes
    We have food caravans from New York and Philadelphia to Washington, as well as from Atlanta next turn, and one from Boston to Chicago.

    The usual tradition opener followed by partial liberty and patronage trees, with Aristocracy mixed in since this is Prince level.

    77 Vancouver
    91 Kyzyl
    95 Riga, Hong Kong
  3. Tesuji

    Tesuji Warlord

    Oct 6, 2004
    I didn't play Civ for a while and decided to try this one for practice and then check in after 100 turns to see what I should have done to get to Education faster.

    But no posts yet from anyone faster, I'm kind of shocked.

    I settled in place, going straight for the Great Library and NC. As soon as those were done I bought a settler and built a 3rd one. New York I settled West next to the river (as everyone else it seems) and Boston I put South on the coast. I figured the fish would give me good population over time.

    I went full tradition and patronage after, now have Scholasticism. I thought there would be players with Education in the high 80s or low 90s.

    After NC my capital built a unit and a caravan (which was sent to grow Boston with food) and then went to build wonders. Oracle, Hanging Gardens and Chichen Itza.
  4. wazzap

    wazzap Chieftain

    Mar 27, 2014
    I was kind of late to take screenshots, so I took from turn 152.

    Tech tree
    Spoiler :

    Policy Tree and Washington overview and all the wonders i have built in capital. I dont have any wonder in any other city.
    Spoiler :
    I couldnt manage to keep the time to use first policy and on rationalism so i had to give to patronage(Full tradition+commerce(1)+patronage(1)+rationalism). I did commerce just bcoz of bigben.

    all cities and CSs
    Spoiler :

    I have built Boston on coast bcoz of trade troutes.

    Raging barbarian never occured a problem for me.
  5. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Pô Chi Min

    Sep 17, 2010
    Some of us prefer to delay Education a bit and have a huger empire for the turns coming. If you don't run 4-5 universities by the turn 120 you will have hard times to compete. It's certainly better than having only 2 universities on turn 100 and next ones until much later.

    To get low 90s you need to do a super fast NC with a GL and stay very small to not get successive 5% science penalties from newest cities. But this not helping you very much if your goal is to cross 4 more eras before launchip a spaceship.
  6. Ribannah

    Ribannah Fighter Druid

    Aug 6, 2001
    Castle Gobs
    The additional cities will each produce 1 Great Scientist at the most. If you rush to universities, they will be sitting around for a while instead of arriving at just the right moment. :)

    You might even end up with LESS Great Scientists in some cases because the capital needs more points to produce theirs.
  7. pvtjava

    pvtjava The Grey Cat

    May 26, 2010
    Virginia, USA
    T125ish. Settled in place. 2-city NC t70 after GL and Stonehenge. HG, Parthenon, Oracle, Chichen Itza. 4 cities tightly packed around the mountain range. 3 with river, 1 on coast, all 4 next to mountain. Full Tradition, Patronage and Consulates plus Commerce. Capital University built and staffed T119. GS 120, held for three turns (thought about using to bulb Astronomy, but it wouldn't have been enough) then planted. I am worker poor at the moment, but I plan to alleviate that shortly. Friends with Brazil, Carthage, Morocco, and a few CS. Allied to Bratislava and Hong Kong and maybe more. I know I stole Kyzyl from Rome at one point.
  8. Acken

    Acken Deity

    Sep 13, 2013
    QC, Canada
    I managed a T100 Education
    Spoiler :

    I had a hard time justifying where to put a 4th city, the area is so damn crowded. Maybe south of bratislva. That would be a easier choice if at least one of my city was coastal.
    So I'm probably gonna attempt to go 3 city tradition et see where it leads me. In retrospective I probably should have just delayed libraries and put a 4th or 5th cities before the AI grabs land. Bah live and learn.

    Washington mainly produces wonders and Boston got Petra.

    I decided to not abuse of tributes. In my playtest I haven't found them to be so worth it. I got a few with my initial warrior that became a spearmen but I decided not to make additional warriors. I only made one scout, since Celts was so close and I was closed by mountains there wasnt a lot of directions to go I prefered to make a quick worker.
  9. magritte

    magritte Warlord

    Aug 29, 2004
    Late to the party, but...I decided to play Civ5 for the first time since getting the expansions. And honestly, I wasn't all that great at Civ 5--not sure I ever actually completed a full game at Prince level. So if I seem inept--well, I am.

    It's turn 103. I should have had great library but I got spooked by the Ottomans getting writing so early, so I went for Stonehenge and Oracle instead. And GL wasn't built by anybody till past turn 90! Built a shrine early and took goddess of festivals because of the wine nearby. When my great prophet arrived I founded protestantism and took interfaith dialogue for science and monasteries (wine!)l.

    I built libraries in both my cities and the national college in Washington but I seem to be behind the rest of you. I have the classical techs philosophy, horseback riding, mathematics, currency, iron working and am working on construction. I guess I should have been making a bee-line for education instead.

    Finished tradition when I built the Oracle and have just started into liberty. I built my second city to the north on the opposite side of the river from the wine. I planned to build my third city west of there near the dyes but I accidentally let my settler get ahead of my spearman and it got captured by a barbarian who then took off through Dido's territory so I lost it. On this very crowded map, there's no room left so I'm probably going to end up with my third (and last city, barring warfare) on the coast south of Bratislava. Boadicea is really crowding me.

    For what it's worth, I'm on top in score, 1st in GNP, 1st in manufacturing, 2nd in approval and literacy, but average to mediocre in my demographics elsewhere.
  10. Hammer Rabbi

    Hammer Rabbi Deity GOTM Staff

    Jan 3, 2012
    Welcome back and thanks for giving GotM a shot! Good luck and I hope you have fun.

  11. DrakenKin

    DrakenKin Prince

    Jan 8, 2010
    I decided early that i wanted to try something different, instead of settling early scientists i will bulb them all, and see how that compares to my usual tactic. I know it will be worse, i just want to know how bad. Getting the early techs quick through bulbing to capitalize on big population vs settling the scientists to get solid science early.

    Settled in place. Beelined writing. Monument first followed by scout then granary then shrine then worker. Money bought an archer to protect worker from barbs who came to say hello.

    Made great library turn 46. Used free tech for philosophy next, of course. National college incoming, still on one city. I'll reveal horses and iron then enter medieval through civil service, grabbing hanging gardens on the way, then beelining education. Then entering renaissance through astronomy. I won't bother with the bottom of the tree past masonry and bronze working until much later on.

    Pantheon gotten earlier, took 10% growth. Even if faith from wine was very tempting, science is the focus here, which means high population in capital next to mountain. And on prince i am not worried about rushing faith for religion, there is no hurry.

    For policies went middle tradition then max it on turn 83 for aqueducts. At this point i had 2 cities. The chinese settled on the spot for my 3rd city, its the one west with the 3 ivory on a river + mountain, might war her to get the city if i don't find a better spot. Surprisingly, the AI are expanding faster than i anticipated, carthage and rome already have 3 cities, carthage would have 4 cities if her settler was not grabbed by barbs. +1 worker for me.

    Turn 100, i have all the early wonders except tacota army made by brazil.

    My religion has : 10% growth, interfaith dialogue (science from converting cities), and divine inspiration (+2 faith from wonders). Hagia sophia will finish in 8 turns and give me a prophet to enhance my religion, will pick swords into plowshares (15% growth) and holy order (30% cheaper missionaries). Will be fun dropping the science bombs with this combo. :)

    Allied 2 culture states and friended 2 others. Getting a policy every 10 turns and will try to keep this pace. Maxed tradition, and have 2 points into patronage already, will get research from city states (scholasticism) then jump to rationalism.

    Currently 47 science per turn, and education will be done turn 108. Still on 2 cities. Making less wonders and getting 4 cities asap would have been more optimal, but i am taking it easy since this is prince. Having some fun making all the wonders i never get on the higher difficulties ;) Here's a screenshot, i will put my 3rd and maybe last city on the river where the archer is standing on the left :


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