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Jan 3, 2012
Welcome to the TSG96 After Action Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

Please use the Civ5 game submission page to submit your final, first play through, .Civ5Save file, saved AFTER the victory ceremony if you were not conquered (using the "Lemme play one more turn" feature.).

- What mid-late game wonders, policies, ideologies did you choose?
- How did these mid-late game decisions affect your outcome?
- Did Ethiopia's unique traits play a role? If so, how?

Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the game. Some players like to replay the game, and although we will not record the results from a replay, you can still post your new experiences (please state if the game is a replay). Please refrain from posting videos until the deadline for submission is over.


Sep 15, 2014
Game: Civ5 GOTM 96
Date submitted: 2014-10-17 14:40:43
Reference number: 31807
Your name: vadalaz
Game status: Science Victory
Game date: 1730AD
Turns played: 256
Base score: 1876
Final score: 3678
Time played: 6:19:00
Submitted save: Haile Selassie_0256 AD-1730.Civ5Save
Renamed file: vadalaz_C509601.Civ5Save

From T112 the first priority was to get all my internal trade routes up asap, so I teched to Education (~t135), Compass and Banking. 7 trade routes at Banking meant 1 cargo ship for each coastal city as well as caravans to Marrakech and my cap. This also meant a late Printing Press (~t167) but my cities were growing very quickly so the science finally started to pick up.

I proposed World's Fair and teched my way to Scientific Theory and then Electricity. Oxforded Radio and bulbed a GS to quickly get Industrialization and Fertilizer (~t195-200). I chose Freedom, popped a writer to quickly get half-unhappiness specialists and entered the neverending Golden Age. Fertilizer&Freedom combo made a huge impact on growth - each city was now taking 3-4 turns to grow and I could work all the specialists for science.

From here I started focusing on gpt pretty hard - built trading posts on my hills, prioritized Banks and Stock Exchanges after I completed WF etc. Meanwhile I started taking Commerce policies, then I engineered Statue of Liberty and hard-built Big Ben in my cap while researching Plastics. Rush-bought 7 Research Labs, bulbed up to Rocketry 8 or 9 turns later. Finished Rationalism for Satellites and started working on Apollo and Hubble. Culture was really tight, and it became clear that I'd need an extra policy, so a few turns later I bulbed to Ecology and sent 3 hammer trade routes to one of my cities and bought a factory in it to quickly build Sydney Opera.

Finished Apollo, Hubble and PT and made the final bulbs. SOH took 2 more turns and then I bought all the SS parts. Should've bulbed to Ecology earlier, that'd have shaved off those 2 turns, but oh well.

I enjoyed this game a lot. I usually play my SVs differently, and I think that's what caused me to have some happiness issues and somewhat poor culture management - but it's also what made this game fun for me. :)

Spoiler :


Aug 21, 2011
London, UK
Your name: Haphaz
Game status:Science Victory
Game date: 1953AD
Turns played:373
Base score: 1670
Final score: 2256
Time played:3:43:00

I'm not a top rank player, but I'm happy with that. I don't normally play raging barbs, so needed to adapt and buy a few more units (and Honour) before being comfortable in the mid-game. I turtled four cities within the natural chock points. I was behind in tech (rarity for me) until education. Rationalism and PT then gave me an unassailable lead.

Ethiopia's Stele meant an early game religion was forced upon me (I usually skip religion to reduce micro management), but I was able to spread mine to 4 civs, then voted it world religion before allowing the other civs to remove it. I kept mine (and the extra 2 votes) with inquisitors, giving me permanent control of the World Congress and a handy income through tithe.


Jan 28, 2014
Turn 258 victory... two turns slower than Vadalaz. Ramped up pretty strongly from T139 Edu and ~T160 Rationalism opener. :)

Did 7-city Order (six self-founded, plus captured Marrakech to get Temple of Artemis). Had a full five Great Engineers at endgame. My plans got a little messed up by the fact that Great Engineers don't actually automatically finish Spaceship parts. The hammers you get are based on the hammer output of the city, and none of my secondary cities had enough hammers to get the parts in a single turn. So I had to wait to rush them in the capital one by one... which also left some wasted overflow.

Extreme weirdness for an Order science victory: I DIDN'T BUILD HUBBLE :eek: I spent a good five turns on it before I realized it was unnecessary, when I could've been getting started early on the one part I needed to hard-build. Very very unusual... perhaps I should've started bulbing earlier to give myself time. Plans were also screwed up by being juuust a bit short of having enough culture to finish Liberty for the sixth Engineer.

I may edit this post with a more detailed update later.


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Oct 26, 2013
Meh. Turn 384...

Slow start. One city NC around t90 then slow to get cities 2 and 3 going. Wanted a 4th but couldn't see a spot I liked with another unique lux. Didn't fancy getting units through the choke points to Morocco so went peaceful all the way.

Monty went warmonger but got toasted by Ashurbanipal.

Barbs were a pain early but not painful enough to get me alliances with CS.

What mid-late game wonders, policies, ideologies did you choose?

Went tradition, commerce opener and then into rationalism and freedom. I was the only one in freedom but didn't go unhappy too often.

I built a few wonders to please CS but Hubble was for me.

How did these mid-late game decisions affect your outcome?

Only bought one part so saved me 10 turns.

Did Ethiopia's unique traits play a role? If so, how?

Didn't do shrines or temples as the stelle got me religion but I didn't push it.

Game:Civ5 GOTM 96
Date submitted:2014-10-18 09:30:55
Reference number:31813
Your name:raidandtrade
Game status:Science Victory
Game date:1964AD
Turns played:384
Base score:1194
Final score:1571
Time played:4:00:00
Submitted save:Haile Selassie_0384 AD-1964.Civ5Save
Renamed file:raidandtrade_C509601.Civ5Save

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Dec 19, 2009
OK, I'm pretty rusty I guess!
Also, the seven-city-Tradition plan wasn't very good. don't know what I was thinking.
interesting game though. I was amazed at how much war was going on, and how I managed to stay out of it, without really trying. both Assyria and the Aztecs got eliminated. Aztecs deserved it though, since they started it all.
Fun game, thanks H.R.!


Apr 30, 2003
North Carolina, USA
Game: Civ5 GOTM 96
Date submitted: 2014-10-29 21:51:01
Reference number: 31851
Your name: Sempronius
Game status: Science Victory
Game date: 2047AD
Turns played: 495
Base score: 1518
Final score: 1533
Time played: 278:53:00
Submitted save: Haile Selassie_0495 AD-2047-July.Civ5Save
Renamed file: Sempronius_C509601.Civ5Save

Slow game for me, but fun ending trying to beat the clock on the last tech, probably the longest game I've played (that I remember). Like Arnold I stayed out of every war and watched the battles. I made a few missteps early on that killed my shot at a sub turn 300 win, but after a while I was just curious to see how far I could take it before winning.


Jun 10, 2006
Game: Civ5 GOTM 96
Date submitted: 2014-10-30 18:47:43
Reference number: 31854
Your name: quizman
Game status: Science Victory
Game date: 1947AD
Turns played: 367
Base score: 1225
Final score: 1678

I am going to call this game "The Mighty Trireme", subtitled "Stupid AI". I spotted a Merchant of Venice seabound, heading towards Kabul. I put my one and only trireme in its path as a temporary blocker and there it stayed for the next 200 turns through to victory. I stayed more or less permanently allied to that CS for the entire period. That trireme certainly earned its keep.
Spoiler :

It wasn't the most devastating victory, but I am happy enough. How some finished in the 250's leaves me speechless. I would love to see a video or blow by blow account of it. I used a variant of a 4 city trad start concentrating on growth for most of the game, adding a 5th later on. Addis Ababa reached 36 by the end. I left most of the wonders to others, but picked up Oracle, Pisa, PT, Oxford, Mausoleum of H, Brandenburg, SofL, Hubble and Big Ben.

There were only five of us left by the end; none of the demised I claim responsibility for. I kept peaceful throughout (excess for AI spies that died in their masses). SP's were full tradition plus left side Liberty before renaissance and then full rationalism. I took Freedom ideology and worked down to level 3 tenet for the ability to purchase spaceship parts. In the end I bought two and built the rest.

By the time I got to satellites, I had 12 GS saved up having settled the first 2. Another two followed shortly afterwards so I breezed through the late techs in quick time.

Now on to TSG97. I hope there is no trireme to block my MoV :)


Aug 23, 2012
Rocky Mountains
Game: Civ5 GOTM 96
Date submitted: 2014-11-03 18:58:49
Reference number: 31869
Your name: Kendon
Game status: Science Victory
Game date: 1979AD
Turns played: 399
Base score: 1980
Final score: 2506

I went for growth this time instead of my usual hammers because other players' quick win times from earlier GoMs all seem to rely on Tradition and population. I took Honor for culture from the raging barbs and Paternalism for the Forbidden Palace later.

Turn 96, three cities so far and a small army that has to grow, assuming that Montezuma intends to use Temple of Zeus for conquest. So far Ethiopia is the tech leader but I'm expecting an attack by turn 130 so I can't go straight for Education. Fighting barbs my units have a promotion experience maximum of 30 so they'll need to fight someone else to move up.

Darius turned out to be the culture runaway but without much army. Even so getting there was a long sea trek so it took from turn 219 to 305 to conquer the cities with all his wonders. Darius beat Haile to Freedom so I took Order for the two extra policies, ultimately using Great Engineers for spaceship parts.

Ethiopia's unique traits seem mainly defensive so I worried less about being attacked and concentrated on the science and happiness wonders.


May 13, 2005
Game: Civ5 GOTM 96
Date submitted: 2014-11-04 12:36:02
Reference number: 31874
Your name: beto_java
Game status: Science Victory
Game date: 1971AD
Turns played: 391
Base score: 2238
Final score: 2869
Time played: 6:46:00
Submitted save: Haile final_0391 AD-1971.Civ5Save
Renamed file: beto_java_C509601.Civ5Save


May 4, 2006
Central Europe
T381 science victory.

The map and terrain were not good surrounding the capital. barbs were pain, but not for the city states, so I could make only little friends out of them. Went GL(T46)+NC(T67) and then education around T120. But I didnt like the place around for other cities so decided to settle them in jungles for the science: Harar was at the narrow land South of Bogota and I wanted the thirs city in the jungle near Monte and Morrocco. But they settled it before, so I decided to take them out, especially Morrocco, who was building tons of wonders.

Started scout-stele-worker-GL-NC, bougth archer.

What slowed me down was the war. As I waited for the cities, I was for long with only 2 cities. The problem was, that I needed to speed up the bottom part of the tech tree as well. So I used some GS on the way as well to bulb me techs for war. I took monte easily with canons. Problem was Marrakech with 80+ defense at canons time (with all the defensive wonders and Great wall). So I used artillery, infantry and bombers to get it. Then it was just a slow process to the end. I could have shaved off a nubmer of turns due to the mistake, taht I only staffed scientists and not other specialists, which also gave science. I managed to pump out the science from 1000 to 1450 by starving the cities a little and staffing all possible specialists.

My religion was Great. I used 2fpt from wonders, which I build a lot. Had stone circles, tithe, religios texts and the production bonus. Defended heavily from Darius, who tried to convert the whole world. I went to war with him couple times to kill his missionaires and prophets.I poped 4 prophets and later bought 4 GS from faith. Got 11 GS build on my own and 4 more from wonders and 2 GEs. I settle first 3 GS (one in the capital's 4th ring :hammer2: )
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