Turn 133 - 90 AD


Dec 20, 2002
the relative oasis of CFC
Turn Report:

We recieved World Map from Apolyton. I sent our World Map to them as well.

Nothing much happened. Our forces are now standing on the very ground of Sodapopolis, but the entire city has been burned to the ground by Lucky himself.

Even though we did not get the city, our forces are advancing on all fronts. Next turn we will start the siege of Santopia, and our cavalry will be right outside Port Blacksand.

At home, some of our military production was switched to more contructive purposes, and we are expecting the first Settler in two turns, pluss one new worker every turn for at least the next three turns.

NB: I have screenshots of every city and all Function-key Screens. If anyone want to see some of them, just ask here and I will post them.
CFC Mainland:


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    map ad 90 - cfc mainland.jpg
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Excellent work Cheetah. :thumbsup: Tell me again why you didn't run for President? :D You would have gotten my vote.

I hope we can hit one of those yellow dogs with an arrow as they flee the scene. ;)
It seems that Poly's advance has somewhat slowed. Perhaps this is from some concern of theirs on GCA's remaining military strength? We should convene a war council with them to determine the next step.

Also, it is far better for them to raze the towns than it is for them to gift them away. Let's not worry about that too much. Instead, let us switch more cities into a settler production so that we can resume expansion of our empire. We will need the productive capacity more than those horsemen.
Well at least things are going well in the GCA war. Hopefully soon we can compleately crush them. So long as they dont get any freebie city.
Cheetah, I hope you bumped up the lux rate. If you didn't, Shen Ling is gonna riot next turn. Remember, with our current luxs and a 10% lux rate, SL can't support more than 6 people and remain content.
Oops... Guess we'll have to wait three turns for that Settler to arrive. :(


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    city ad 90 - shen ling.jpg
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At last the save is here!

Nice, they have no troops in Lucky harbor? I bet they'll burn them before we get them...
Hmm, next time be more careful with our cities. This has happened before, so just remember - look at EVERY city EVERY turn, and optimise them. I mean look at everything. Just think: "will we get this sooner if we do that? Look - only 2 food needed, yet we have 5 surplus, I can do something about that. Oh, only 3 sheilds needed, but we are giving 6. Better make some more food and commerce."

Please, dont just move some units, put new things on the Queues, and send it on. Be more careful, for our sake.
Hmm, must have reciveded it when I was enroute to home. I can certanly pick up the save.
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