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Jan 9, 2016
This mod has 2 versions: BNW & EUI for vanilla game and Vox Populi. The pictures show VP version.

This little mod should help with late-game Trade Route management, when there are literally hundreds of them available. It adds filters to Trade Routes Available page in Trade Route Overview window:
- Land / Sea,
- Internal Food / Internal Production,
- Foreign Minor / Foreign Major.

Vox Populi only
Also, latest version of VP (12-15) has changed how TRs are working a little. You can only send one TR to a given foreign city. More routes will be blocked. This mod supports this mechanism in two ways:
- There is a little red exclamation mark next to a City name that you already have a route to [see pic 2],
- You can filter them out completely by using checkbox "Blocked (Vox Populi)" [see pic 3]
Shorter routes are less valuable (proximity penalty):
- The new columns with route Length and maximum route Range have been added.

Vox Populi version - download from CivFanatics
Vox Populi version - download from Steam

BNW & EUI version - download from CivFanatics
BNW & EUI version - download from Steam

BNW & EUI note
This mod doesn't requre EUI to work. However, if you are using EUI you can make it start together with EUI - no mod selection will be later required. Copy the 2 files from mod's Lua folder (TradeRouteOverview.lua and .xml) into EUI folder \UI_bc1\Improvements.

Trade Route Overview window with filters

Filtering out blocked routes works like this...
Blocked are included:

Blocked are excluded:
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Great work, will try this immediatly. Should really be part of the standard build
Is it just me, or is the filter to hide trade routes not available because there is already a route to that city not working with VP 7-2-3?

Here I have a trade route from Rusadir to La Venta:
Sid Meier's Civilization V (DX11)_2018_02_11_12_21_11.png

But La Venta still shows as an available destination, either with or without Blocked(Vox Populi) checked.
Sid Meier's Civilization V (DX11)_2018_02_11_12_21_46.png Sid Meier's Civilization V (DX11)_2018_02_11_12_21_40.png
@akamal Hm, weird. Gazebo and illteroi did some tweaks to TRs, but it shouldn't affect that window. Is it the only case, like for a specific city you found, or the filter stopped working at all? Can you post a save file?
OK, I found out what the problem is. There was a change in Lua function made in version 1-2 by Gazebo, that excluded existing TRs from this list. I need to adjust the filter for that.
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@Infixo I love this mod, it has made the managing of trade routes so much easier and fun. Is it possible to create something similar for the "spy menu"? I mean often one has to scroll a lot to find diffrent capitals. Also the function of "forgein minor/major" here too would be nice to hide/show city-states/civilizations, and make the interface some what more managable. But perhaps it's just me but I find the spy menu a bit tedious.
Something like the "exclamation mark" for established trade routes, for franchises [corporations] would be a nice addition to this mod, since it's quite important to know what city has got an established franchise or not.
There's a problem too with "hoovering the mouse pointer" over items in the trade route window: You don't get to see the information behind the traderoute; it just doesn't show up anymore. I would like to have that since I like looking at all the variables deciding the gold outcome from a trade route etc.
@Infixo I broke it on the CP side. I added a new argument to the lua function BuildTradeRouteToolTipString. I looked at this mod, what you need to change is line 583 of TradeRouteOverview.lua.

local strTT = BuildTradeRouteToolTipString(Players[v.FromID], v.FromCity, v.ToCity, v.Domain);

local strTT = BuildTradeRouteToolTipString(Players[v.FromID], v.FromCity, v.ToCity, v.Domain, v.TradeConnectionType);
Red exclamation mark should be before city name instead of after. When you play at low resolution like me on 1366x768 and if city name is long fe "constantinople" then exclamation mark is not visible because column is too narrow.
Be advised: Since VP has updated TradeRouteOverview.lua since the last update of the Filters In Trade Route Overview mod-mod, this mod-mod needs to be updated (merge in the two changes in TradeRouteOverview.lua). This is the file I'm using currently, where I have done that:


  • TradeRouteOverview.rar
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do you have any suggestions for additional information for the mod?
First, like adan_eslavo said, the red exclamation mark should be in front of, not after, the city name because it can currently be hidden with long city names.

Second, it would be nice to have another small column that displays tourism info, like whether I already have a trade route with that civ and therefore already get the tourism modifier.

Third, if possible it would be awesome if I could actually send the trade route from that menu instead of having to use civ's standard clunky menu.

All in all I REALLY like this mod, though. It makes things so much easier already and I'll definitely be using it again!
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