UI Mod - Is this possible?


Kitten Arsonist
May 19, 2014
Venice, Serene Republic of Venice
Would it be possible to create a mod which changes the way the UI appears on the map in game? I'll elaborate:
Look at this picture as reference:
Spoiler :

Would it be possible to give all Civilizations a third colour, which would be visible as an outline to their UI - the outline on the unit markers on the map would have this third colour, and an outline would be added to the city labels with the tertiary colour, and the outlines would become like the Crusader Kings 2 outlines, like this:
Spoiler :

Using the dashed outlines which change between secondary and tertiary colour, and either have the land filled in with the colour, or have the normal fade effect for the primary colour - either is fine.

Can this be done?
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