Ultimate City-State Wishlist


Rajah of Minyue and Langkasuka
Mar 30, 2011
New York City
Just another one of my wishlists. This time for City-States. You can suggest City-States you would like to see in the game, along with their abilities, type, and if they would replace a CS that becomes a Civ.

Here's a list of current City-States in Civ6:
Akkad (added in GS)
Militaristic Melee and anti-cavalry units' attacks do full damage to the city's walls.
Anshan (replaced Babylon in New Frontier) Scientific +2 Science from each Great Work of Writing. +1 Science from each Relic and Artifact.
Antananarivo (DLC) Cultural Extra 2% Culture with every Great Person ever earned.
Armagh (DLC) Religious Builders can construct the Monastery improvement, which provides Faith and heals religious units.
Auckland (DLC) Industrial Shallow water tiles worked by Citizens provide +1 Production. Additional +1 Production when you reach the Industrial Era.
Ayutthaya (New Frontier DLC) Cultural Gain Culture equal to 10% of the construction cost when finishing buildings.
Bandar Brunei (replaced Jakarta in DLC) Trade Your trading posts at international destinations grant +1 additional Gold to all trade routes that pass through them.
Bologna (replaced Stockholm in GS) Scientific Your districts provide +1 Great Person point of their type (ex. Great Writer, Great Artist, and Great Musician for Theater Square districts).
Brussels Industrial Your cities receive +15% bonus Production towards Wonders.
Buenos Aires Industrial Your bonus resources behave like luxury resources, providing +1 Amenity per resource.
Caguana (added in Maya/Gran Colombia DLC) Cultural Builders can construct Bateys, which provides Culture and Tourism.
Cahokia (added in GS) Trade Your Builders can now make Cahokia Mounds improvements, which provide Gold and Housing.
Cardiff (added in GS) Industrial Cities receive +2 Power for every Harbor building.
Chinguetti (New Frontier DLC) Religious International and domestic Trade Routes receive +1 Faith for every follower in this city, of your founded or majority religion.
Fez (added in GS) Scientific Each time you convert a city for the first time earn 20 Science per Population of that city.
Geneva Scientific Your cities earn +15% bonus Science output when you are not at war with any civilization.
Granada (DLC) Militaristic Builders can construct the Alcazar improvement, which protects military units and provides Culture.
Hattusa Scientific Provides you with 2 of each Strategic resource per turn you have revealed but do not own.
Hong Kong Industrial Your Cities get +20% bonus Production towards city projects
Hunza (added in Maya/Gran Colombia DLC) Trade You receive +1 Gold for every 5 tiles a Trade Route travels.
Jerusalem Religious Your cities with Holy Sites exert pressure as if they were Holy Cities (4x religious pressure in all cities within 10 tiles).
Johannesburg (New Frontier DLC) Industrial Cities receive +1 Production for every improved resource type. After researching Industrialization it becomes +2 Production.
Kabul Militaristic Your units receive double experience from battles they initiate.
Kandy Religious Receive a Relic every time you discover a new Natural Wonder, and earn +50% bonus Faith from all Relics.
Kumasi Cultural Your trade routes to any city-state provide +2 Culture and +1 Gold for every specialty district in the origin city.
La Venta Religious Your Builders can now make Colossal Heads improvements. (A tile improvement that produces +2 Faith)
Lahore (added in Maya/Gran Colombia DLC) Militaristic You can now purchase the Nihang unique unit with Faith.
Mexico City (replaced Toronto in GS) Industrial Regional effects from your Industrial Zone and Entertainment districts reach 3 tiles farther.
Mitla (replaced Palenque in Maya/Gran Colombia DLC) Scientific Improved City growth for cities with a Campus.
Mogadishu (replaced Lisbon in New Frontier) Trade Your Trader units are immune to being plundered on water tiles.
Mohenjo Daro Cultural Your cities all have full Housing from water, as if they were next to a river.
Muscat (DLC) Trade Bonus Amenities in cities with a Commercial Hub.
Nalanda (New Frontier DLC) Scientific Your Builders can build Mahavihara improvements.
Nan Madol Cultural Your districts on or next to Coast tiles provide +2 Culture.
Nazca (added in GS) Religious Builders can construct the Nazca Line improvement on flat Desert tiles, which provide Faith, Food and Production.
Ngazargamu (replaced Carthage in GS) Militaristic Land Combat or Support units are 20% cheaper to purchase with Gold for each Encampment district building in that city.
Preslav Militaristic You receive +2 Loyalty per turn in cities for each Encampment district building.
Rapa Nui (added in GS) Cultural Your builders can now make Moai improvements, which provide Culture and Tourism.
Samarkand (New Frontier DLC) Trade Your Builders can build Trading Dome improvements.
Singapore (added in Maya/Gran Colombia DLC) Industrial You receive +2 Production to every city for each foreign civilization that you have sent a Trade Route.
Taruga (added in Maya/Gran Colombia DLC) Scientific Your cities receive +5% Science for each different Strategic Resource they have.
Valletta Militaristic City Center buildings and Encampment district buildings can be bought with Faith. Cost of purchasing Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Walls is reduced, but they can only be bought with Faith.
Vatican City (added in Maya/Gran Colombia DLC) Religious When you activate a Great Person, they spread 400 Religious pressure of your's founded (or majority) religion to cities within 10 tiles.
Venice (replaced Antioch after it became a Byzantine city, which itself replaced Amsterdam in R&F) Trade Your Trade Routes to foreign cities earn +1 Gold for each luxury resource.
Vilnius Cultural For the highest active Alliance Level all your Theater Square districts receive +50% adjacency bonus.
Wolin (New Frontier DLC) Militaristic Receive Great General points when a land unit defeats a major or minor civilization's unit and receive Great Admiral points when a naval unit defeats a major or minor civilization's unit equal to 25% of the opposing unit's strength (Standard Speed).
Yerevan Religious Your Apostle units can choose from any of their possible promotions instead of receiving a random promotion.
Zanzibar Trade Receive the Cinnamon and Cloves luxury resources. They cannot be earned any other way in the game, and provide 6 Amenities each.
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North America
Anchorage (it might make American players scratch their heads) Militaristic (Increases Aircraft holding capacity in Aerodromes to 6)
Azucsagna Commercial (Marshes provide +2 Gold and Production)
Batoche Militaristic (I think a Canadian with more knowledge about this place could create a better ability than me)
Belize City Industrial (gives two copies of a luxury resource, Mahogany)
Caddo Trade (gives two copies of a bonus resource, Maize, which provides +1 Amenity)
Calusa Industrial (Maritime would really suit them, but we don't know if that will be added to Civ6 yet) (+1 Production from Fishing Boats)
Campeche Militaristic (Cities built on the Coast have increased defense)
Cempoala Religious/or Scientific (Allows Suzerain to build Stone Ring improvement, which provides some Science) (needs to be removed from Aztec City-List)
Chaco Canyon Religious (Allows Suzerain to build Kiva improvement, which provides Culture and Faith)
Chillicothe Trade/or Militaristic (Suzerain's units gain strength when fighting in their homeland)
Cofitachequi Militaristic @Zaarin, maybe you can come up with a bonus for them?
Cuyamaca Scientific (Holy Site buildings also provide Science)
Deseret Religious (Desert tiles provide a +1 adjacency bonus to Holy Sites)
El Tajin Trade (Provides two copies of the Cocoa luxury resource)
Etowah Trade (Provides two copies of the Mica luxury resource)
Guachimontones Religious (Allows Suzerain to build the Volador Pyramid improvement, providing faith and culture)
Guadalajara Cultural (Provides a Great Work of Music, Mariachi)
Guatemala City Scientific (can take Palenque's ability, once Maya are added as a Civ)
Guayabo de Turrialba Cultural (allows Suzerain to build Diquis sphere improvement)
Havana Cultural (Encampments provide tourism) or (Buildings with Regional effects (Factory, Stadium, etc.) provide +2 culture in their Area of Effect)
Hochelaga Militaristic (Suzerain's Cities gain extra Defense points when founded)
Kingston Cultural (Seaside resorts produce +1 culture and are unlocked at Flight)
Las Flores Trade/or Religious (Allows Suzerain to build Huastec Statue improvement)
Managua Scientific (Universities provide +5 Science instead of +4) /or Trade (+1 Amenity from Markets)
Masset Militaristic (Naval units gain increased strength on Coastal tiles)
Monte Alban Industrial (Allows the Suzerain to build Danzante Stone improvements, providing faith, and production)
Monterrey Trade (Mines over iron, coal, and copper produce +1 gold. An additional +1 gold after electronics is discovered.)
Moson Kahni Industrial (provides two copies of a Strategic resource, Diorite)
Moundville Religious (allows Suzerain to build Platform Mound improvement, providing faith and culture) /or Industrial (+1 Production to farms on Bonus resources)
Nassau Militaristic (double the Gold from plundering enemy trade routes) /or Trade (Seaside Resorts provide 5 Gold)
Natchez Religious (Temples provide Culture)
Ninstints Cultural (Allows Suzerain to build the Totem Pole improvement, providing culture)
Nuuk Trade (Fish provide +2 Gold)
Ocmulgee Industrial (Allows Suzerain to build Earth Lodge improvement)
Ometepe Industrial (Relics provide production)
Onondaga Militaristic (Becoming suzerain of a City-State grants a free Unit)
Paquime Industrial (Aqueducts provide production)
Patuxet Industrial (Farms on Bonus resources provide +2 Production)
Port-au-Prince Cultural (using Missionaries provides Culture)
Port Royal Militaristic (Plundering enemy trade routes provide double the Gold)
Poverty Point Industrial (Boost in production of Ancient era Wonders)
Puebla Industrial (Provides two copies of the Car resource during the Modern era, which provide an amenity)
Quelepa Industrial (Provides a Strategic Resource, Obsidian)
Queretaro Trade (Commercial Hubs provide twice the usual Gold)
Sacramento Industrial (Mines provide +1 Science)
San Antonio Militaristic (Defensive bonus from Forts doubled)
San Jose Scientific (Rainforest tiles provide Science)
San Salvador Trade (Commercial Hubs gain adjacency bonus from Mountains)
Santo Domingo Cultural (Cities on coasts provide Culture & Tourism) /or Industrial (Harbor districts provide production)
Shamokin Trade (foreign trade routes to your cities provide double the usual amount of Gold)/or Militaristic (Units on Woods tiles are granted more defense than usual)
Sitio Conte Religious (Retiring Great People provide a certain amount of faith)
Soxtonoxmu Cultural (Provides two unique Great Works of Art, Rock Painting) /or Trade (Sea Resources give twice the Gold)
Spiro Religious (Allows Suzerain to build Mortuary Mound improvement, providing faith)/or Industrial (Provides Stone Pipes, which gives amenity and production)
Taos Trade (Commercial Hubs gain adjacency bonus from Desert tiles)
Tegucigalpa Industrial (Industrial Zones production cost is decreased)
Teotihuacan Militaristic (Remove it from Aztec City-List) (Combat strength against City-States is increased)
Tilantongo Militaristic (Provides Great General points)
Tres Zapotes Industrial (Production Cost of Monuments in New Cities is decreased)
Tuktoyaktuk Trade (allow access to caribou and beluga whale resources)/or Cultural (allows the building of igloos on tundra tiles for extra culture and food)
Tuskegee Scientific (Gives boost in Science after Printing Press is researched)
Tzintzuntzan Religious (Allows Suzerain to build Yácata improvement, which provides faith)
Werowocomoco Militaristic (You become suzerain of city states, except Werowocomoco, with one less envoy)
Yarumela Trade (Your trade routes to foreign cities provide Gold for each Luxury resource)
Zapatera Cultural (Great Works of Art-Sculpture provide Gold and additional culture)
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South America
Arequipa Industrial (Industrial Zones provide amenity, Camelid Wool)
Asuncion Militaristic (something related to the Paraguayan War or perhaps that's too offensive) /or Cultural (+1 Culture to Theater Squares from each adjacent District tiles)
Buritaca/Teyuna Industrial (Jungle tiles provide production and Gold)
Caral Religious (allow Suzerain to build Temple-Pyramid improvement)
Caranqui Religious (Lake tiles provide faith/or allows Suzerain to build Tola improvement)
Cayenne Trade (provides two copies of Pineapple luxury resource)
Georgetown Trade (Markets provide culture)
Guapondelig Industrial (provides Stone to your capital, increasing production)
Huari Militaristic (domestic trade routes boost production of units in cities)
Iquitos Industrial (Provides a new Luxury resource, Rubber)
Kuelap Militaristic (Jungle tiles provide defense)/or Industrial (Jungle Hill tiles provide production)
Kuhikugu Industrial (provides production to Fish farms)
La Paz Cultural (Markets provide a Relic slot or provide culture/tourism)
Lima Scientific (Halves production of Universities in Campuses on a different continent from your capital)
Manta Trade (Provides a new Luxury resource, Spondylus)
Marajo Cultural (Relics and artifacts provide +4 culture each)
Moche Industrial (gives an amenity, Ceramics) / or Cultural (allow Suzerain to build Huaca improvement:p)
Montevideo Trade (Foreign trade routes from Cities with a Harbor district give double the gold)
Moxos Industrial (Jungle tiles along rivers provide Production)
Otavalo Cultural (Provides two copies of Textiles, which provides Culture and Tourism)
Palmares Militaristic (Encampments on Jungle tiles have increased production when building units)
Paramaribo Trade (Domestic trade routes yield Gold based on strategic resources)
Potosi Industrial (gives the Suzerain two copies of the Silver luxury resource)
Santiago Industrial (Tiles next to rivers receive production)
Sipan Religious/or Industrial (City center buildings are built 10% cheaper)
Sucre Religious (Increases religious pressure from your cities with Holy Sites)
Temuco Militaristic (Units receive defense while fighting in their home territory)
Tiwanaku Religious (Can build Gate of the Sun improvement. +1 faith +1 Production. Can only be built on hills. +1 faith if next to a mountain or holy site.)
Tulor Industrial (Building Ancient Walls in your cities increases production of buildings)
Valparaiso Trade (Trade routes to foreign cities with Theater Squares gives back Culture)/or Scientific (Production for Libraries in newly founded cities is increased)
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Andorra la Vella Trade
Antwerp Trade (Gain +3 gold on tiles with Luxuries and +1 gold from each trading post)
Apuole Militaristic
Aquileia Religious (must be removed from Roman City-List)
Arles Cultural/Religious/or Industrial
Basel Cultural/or Industrial
Bastogne Militaristic (Melee and recon class units gain +5 strength in woods and hills (+10 in wooded hills)
Belgrade Militaristic
Bern Cultural (provides Suzerain with a Bear, which gives an amenity)
Bratislava Militaristic
Brno :p Cultural
Bruges Trade (Markets provide +1 production and gold from every Luxury the city has access to)
Bucharest Militaristic/or Industrial
Budweis Cultural (Provides 2 copies of the unique Beer luxury. +2 culture for each unique luxury in your empire.)
Charleroi Industrial (Instantly gain +2 Coal, Niter and Iron)
Cividale del Friuli Religious
Copenhagen Cultural
Darmstadt Militaristic
Delphi Religious (must be removed from Greek city-list)
Deva Militaristic/or Trade
Dublin Militaristic
Dumbarton Militaristic/or Industrial
Enkomi Industrial
Florence Cultural/or Trade
Genoa Trade/or Industrial
Ghent Cultural (Holy Sites, Entertainment Complexes/Water Parks and Theater Squares increase Domestic Tourism by 20% each)
Helsinki Militaristic? (+1 Housing & Amenity for every worked Lake & Marsh tile. Or +5 Combat Strength if being target of war)
Iasi Scientific/or Cultural (All your universities generate 2 culture)
Joachimsthal Trade
Kiev Scientific/ or Trade (Trade Routes between cities sharing a religion provide culture equal to half the total number of followers.)
Knossos Trade (+3 Gold from external Trade Routes when not at war, or provide +2 Trade Route capacity) /or Cultural (time to remove it from the Greek City-list)
La Chaux-de-Fonds Trade (provides a unique luxury resource, watch)
Le Locle Trade (provides a unique luxury resource, watch)
Leuven Scientific (University costs halved. (including faith and gold)
Liege Religious (May build religious units with production)
Ljubljana Cultural
Lourdes Religious
Luxembourg City Cultural
Mariehamn Militaristic
Milan Trade/or Cultural
Minsk Religious/or Industrial
Monaco Trade/or Cultural
Munich Cultural/or Industrial
Ohrid Religious
Ostrava Industrial (increases production from Coal/or all mines by +1 or +2. Doubles the amount of Coal and Iron resources)
Palermo Cultural/or Industrial
Parma Trade (provides a unique luxury resource, ham)
Pisa Trade
Plzen Trade/or Industrial (provides a unique luxury resource, beer, or allows Suzerain to build a Brewery UI, which could provide gold and production and an amenity.)
Prague Cultural :p
Ragusa/Dubrovnik Trade
Reykjavik Cultural ( +10 bonus Culture generated by cities founded on Tundra or Snow or founded next to Mountains) Note: Has to be removed from Norwegian City-List.
Riga Religious
Salzburg Cultural (Palace produces +4 Great Musician points and gains a slot for a great work of music)
San Marino Religious (provides Suzerain a faith boost when not at war)
Sarai Religious
Sarajevo Religious (for every type of Worship building the Suzerain has, they receive a faith boost)
Sarmizegetusa Militaristic
Scherpenheuvel Religious (Gain a free relic when completing a temple)
Seuthopolis Militaristic
Siena Cultural
Skopje Militaristic
Sofia Religious
Spa Cultural (Cities with an Entertainment Complex or Water Park have their food output increased by 30%)
Stobi Cultural/or Religious
Tallinn Trade
Tamworth Trade
Targoviste Militaristic/or Religious
Thetford Militaristic
Tirana Industrial
Tmutarakan Trade
Tournai Cultural (All religious buildings provide +3 Culture and all Cultural buildings provide +3 faith)
Trento Religious
Turin Scientific
Udine Religious
Urbino Cultural
Vaduz Trade (+1 Gold for every tile next to a Mountain)
Vaslui Militaristic (Give Sovereign access to the Axeman, a Medieval unit)
Veliko Tarnovo Cultural
Vienna Cultural
Winchester Religious
Wittenberg Religious
Zagreb Industrial (Units move twice as fast on Roads)
Zurich Trade/or Cultural/or Religious
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Abidjan Industrial
Abomey Cultural
Accra Trade
Adulis Trade (Suzerain's units get twice the amount of gold from coastal raids)
Algiers Militaristic
Asilah Cultural/or Militaristic
Asmara Cultural (each tile next to a Mountain gains Breathtaking appeal)
Bunkeya Trade
Cape Town Trade
Cyrene Cultural
Dakar Trade/or Industrial (Upon completing an Industrial Zone or Industrial Zone building, gain a free builder)
Danangombe Industrial
Dar es Salaam Trade
Douala Industrial
Djibouti City
Edo/Benin City Industrial
Foumban Trade
Gaborone Trade/or Cultural
Harare Militaristic
Heracleopolis Magna Religious
Ife Industrial/or Cultural
Kairouan Scientific
Kampala Cultural (allows Suzerain to build Kasubi Tomb improvement, providing culture or maybe +1 Culture to Hill tiles).
Kimberley Industrial (Each improved luxury in your empire provides +2% production globally.)
Lagos Trade
Luanda Trade
Lusaka Trade (Suzerain's Arenas provide +1 Gold)
Malao Trade
Mapungubwe Industrial
Maputo Trade
Marrakesh Trade/or Scientific
Mombasa Trade
Mosylon Trade
Nairobi Trade/or Cultural
Opone Trade (can be a replacement for Zanzibar if the Swahili are added as a Civ)
Ouagadougou Trade/or Militaristic
Rhapta Trade (provide a luxury resource, Tortoise shell)
Segou Religious/or Militaristic
Sokoto Religious
Tripoli Militaristic (can lower the cost of fleets and armadas or can produce twice as many ships)
Zaria Trade/or Militaristic
Zeila Trade
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Abu Dhabi Trade (provides Suzerain two copies of the Pearl luxury resource)
Almaty Trade/or Militaristic
Amaseia Scientific?
Amman Cultural?
Ashur/Assur Militaristic (Automatically builds Monuments in conquered cities)
Bagan Religious
Bago/Hanthawaddy Trade
Baku Industrial
Banda Aceh Religious/ or Trade
Bangkok Trade
Bukhara Trade/or Cultural
Catalhoyuk Cultural (Walls provide their Tourism yield before conservation. After conservation, Tourism yield is doubled.)
Chiang Mai Religious (doubles the Faith from Temples)
Chiang Rai Religious (gives Suzerain unique relic, the Emerald Buddha)
Colombo Trade
Ctesiphon Militaristic (when the Suzerain conquers a city, their capital gains +1 Pop)
Dali Trade
Derinkuyu Industrial (Mines and Quarries provide +1 Housing.)
Dhaka Trade (Provides a unique luxury resource, Muslin)
Dubai Trade (Provides Suzerain with an Oil resource if they don't have any)
Gaochang Trade
George Town Trade (Harbors in Cities with Commercial Hubs provide double the gold)/or Cultural (Commercial Hubs provide Culture and Tourism)
Gobekli Tepe Religious
Gundeshapur Scientific
Ha Tien
Jericho Cultural (Newly built cities start with Ancient Walls)
Jinghong/Chiang Hung/Chiang Rung Cultural
Johor Bahru Cultural (Palace provides tourism)
Kanesh Trade
Karachi Trade/Industrial
Kashgar Militaristic
Kathmandu Religious/or Cultural
Kengtung Cultural
Khotan Religious
Klang Trade (Strategic Resources worked by the City boost the gold output of its Commercial Hub)
Kuala Lumpur Industrial (provides a special Strategic resource, Tin)
Kucha Cultural/or Religious
Kuwait City Trade (Specialists in Commercial Hub provide +6 gold instead of +4 gold.)
Kyzyl Cultural
Lamphun Trade/or Religious
Lavo Cultural?
Lhasa Religious
Luang Prabang Religious
Macau Trade
Malabang Militaristic
Malacca Trade (Commercial Hubs provide Tourism)
Male Cultural
Manila Trade (Firaxis should remove it from Spain's City-List :rolleyes:)
Ma'rib Trade (Provide Myrrh and Frankincense luxury resources)
Miletus Scientific (already in Greek city-list but can be removed)
Mong Mao
Mrauk U Trade (+2 Gold from Temples)
Mukden Militaristic
Nakhchivan Religious
Nakhon Si Thammarat
Ormus Trade
Palmyra Trade/or Militaristic
Panaji Religious
Pattani Trade
Phuket Cultural (Seaside resorts produce +1 culture and are unlocked at Flight)
Riyadh Trade/or Religious
Samosata Cultural
Sana'a Trade (Provide Myrrh and Frankincense luxury resources) (remove from Arabian City-List)
Sardis (Sparda, in Persian City-List is the same, but who cares) Trade
Shangjing Cultural
Sharuhen Militaristic
Shuri Trade/or Militaristic
Srivijaya Trade
Sukhothai Religious/or Cultural
Taipei (it might piss Chinese government off, but Hong Kong is already in the game as City-state) Trade
Taungoo Industrial (provides a unique luxury resource Teak)
Thanjavur (would have to be removed from India's City-list) Trade (Could inherit Lisbon's ability once Portugal is added)
Thimphu Religious (all tiles next to mountains provide +2 Faith)
Timna Trade (Provide Myrrh and Frankincense luxury resources)
Trebizond Trade ()
Troy Militaristic
Turpan Trade
Ujjain Religious
Vientiane Cultural (Temples and Worship buildings provide Tourism)
Vijaya Trade
Washukanni Militaristic
Xanthos Cultural (allows Suzerain to build Stone Sarcophagus Improvement)
Xingqing Cultural
Yangon Trade/or Industrial
Yogyakarta Cultural
Zafar Trade (Provide Myrrh and Frankincense luxury resources)
Zhongdu Militaristic/or Religious
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Apia Trade
Christchurch Industrial
Dunedin Industrial/or Scientific
Funafuti Industrial
Hagatna Religious
Honiara Militaristic
Honolulu Cultural/or Militaristic
Majuro Industrial
Mata Utu Militaristic
Mu'a Religious (allows Suzerain to build Langi improvement)
Ngerulmud Trade
Noumea Cultural/or Trade
Nuku'alofa Religious
Pago Pago Trade
Palikir Industrial
Papeete Cultural
Port Moresby Trade
Port Vila Trade
Saipan Trade
Suva Militaristic/or Religious
Tarawa Militaristic
Wellington Cultural
Yaren Industrial
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South America:
Sipan - Religious or Industrial
Moche - Industrial
Chimu - Cultural
Tiwanaku - Religious (This was not a Incan city, it was long abandoned when the Spanish found it)
South America:
Sipan - Religious or Industrial
Moche - Industrial
Chimu - Cultural
Tiwanaku - Religious (This was not a Incan city, it was long abandoned when the Spanish found it)

The Chimu capital is called Chan Chan, so I will put that instead.
Moche - Cultural - allows the suzerain build Huancas :p:lol:

It's Huacas. Not Huancas. :p
North America:
Monterrey: Trade
Mexico City: Cultural
Kingston: Cultural

Would Mexico City being in the game be weird with Tenochtitlan as the Aztec capital? I guess it's no different from Constantinople and Istanbul being in the game....
More some suggestions:

Cahuachi or Ventilla (Scientific) - allows to build Nazca lines
Vatican City (Religious) - +1 faith for every envoy in city-states
Caral (Religous) - maybe to build Caral Pyramids?
Santiago de Chile (Industrial) - I can't to think a bonus now
Havana (Cultura) - I can't to think a bonus now

It's Huacas. Not Huancas. :p

It may be, but Huaca would still be improvement rather than wonder :p
North America:
Nassau: Militaristic or Trade
Johannesburg: Trade or Industrial
Kathmandu: Cultural or Religious
Luxembourg City: Cultural
South America:
Montevideo: Not sure about bonuses
Kanesh - Trade
Palmyra - Trade
Cartagena - Trade
Samarkand - Trade or Cultural
Bukhara - Trade or Cultural
Munich - Culture or Industrial
Bologna - Science
Fez - Sciene
Timbuktu - Sciene or Trade

Scientific CS that don‘t belong to a major civ seem to be the hardest to come up with.
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