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Uncontrolled Burning of Cities


Nov 28, 2003
Another problem I have. Lately, using Persia, I find that the immortals will often burn a city to the ground without asking if I would like to install a govenor. I can't find ANYTHING ANYWHERE to show me why this happens...Am I missing something? Are there other units where this happens? I would like to have some of those cities even if they are 1's.
Capturing a city causes it to lose a population point. If you capture a city with a pop of 1, it no longer has any population and disappears. If you are recapturing your own city, this loss is avoided.
Thank you for that answer. But I have never encountered this before. I thought you were able to capture 1's. Especially those that had been 3's before, and coughed out a settler.
In Vanilla Civ 3, you are still able to capture a 1 if it has gone through its first border expansion (if it has produced at least 10 culture points).

In PTW, from what I have read, you are still able to capture a 1 if it has produced even a SINGLE POINT of culture. This is important when an enemy's capital relocates to a size 1 after capture (e.g. during an "archer rush") -- you will immediately be able to capture the new capital.

I assume C3C works like PTW.

That is what I thought USC...it was a shock when cities started burning without my consent..makes a dictator unhappy.
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