Maybe there can be some sort of superbig map, with the underground to the left and the real world to the right? And some sort of teleportation thing when you go underground?
This was the original idea for Hell. Sadly it didn't pan out. Maybe a large map/scenario would be a good place to start to see if the AI could grasp the concept.
I'd very much like to see this if it's at all possible. Test of Time had separate "levels" for some of it's maps, and it really fits with the fantasy scenario. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best on this idea.
Well... you can hope, but it very unlikely. Kael had hoped that BtS might use this functionality, and I think Dale would have used it in his WWII map if at all possible. Probably never going to happen with the Civ 4 engine.
I know there's a whole lot of other stuff going on at the moment but i'm wondering if theres ever going to be some sort differnet levels such as
underground, i don't know if any of you ever played age of wonders, but if anyone has then you'l get what i mean.

Would be niice, test of time was my favorate expansion.
I'm not quite sure of the status of Test of Time, but I don't think it was an expansion, exactly. I agree, though. I loved it to bits.
would be nice(like in age of wonders), extend the battle to heaven and hell. but i agree, it'd be a challenge to try to seemlesly implement and code the AI. a teleport function seems challenging for the AI as they can't grasp spells yet. so for the AI it'd be better to code as a continuation of the next cell, so it can optimize the shortest route.
Fall From Heaven 2 is the best thing to happen to the Civ 'verse (imo) since Civilization 2:Test of Time.

To me, vanilla civ 3 and 4 did the same thing to the Civ 'verse that Homm 4 and 5 did after 3... luckily Civ has more modders working harder, although I loved what In the Wake of Gods did with Homm 3.
You could make 2 categories of terrain: underground and surface. Units need a promotion (which is inherent in their homeland, eg: svartalfar could have inherent underground promotion) in order to move into these 2 kinds of terrains.
Well, I would think you would actually have to create a whole new Domain to do it that way, and probably several new Terrain/Features to express differing current land types(like the variety of current hell terrain). I'm not sure if Domains are part of the sdk or not... so it may not be possible, but I do think its a reasonable idea on how to do it... in fact, if its possible to create a new Domain, one could probably add another one for Air units.
Either of these would be so much work adding behavior in the code it would be pretty time consuming, but potentially worthwhile to the entire community... if its eve possible.

You could make 2 categories of terrain: underground and surface. Units need a promotion (which is inherent in their homeland, eg: svartalfar could have inherent underground promotion) in order to move into these 2 kinds of terrains.

yes, promotions to move underground is a good idea. there could also be races with half/double movement underground.

you'd still need tunnels or gateways to the underground world. serving as chokepoints between the two worlds.

then split the world into two sections (one can be graphically located next to the other with inpassible barrier between them).

I guess you could then design a terrain feature across 2 blocks in both underground and aboveground, like a stairway. eg over the tiles A(M,N+1) and A(M,N) and then also underground in corresponding place a stairway will automatically appear across U(M,N+1) and U(M,N)

then in the above ground world when moving south from A(M,N+1) it is considered adjacent to underground tile U(M,N). and when in U(M,N) the tile adjacent to the north is considered A(M,N+1).

the main thing is to get it to work seemlessly in the AI path routing algorythms, much in the same way as the AI can go west from tile reference (0,N) to the other side of the world (M_max,N) when the world wraps around.

i wrote this as above ground A(M,N) and underground U(M,N), and it could be represented as side by side, or as two different views. then in the map saved file nothing special has to happen, just reference the underground coordinate system according to the above ground coordinate system so U(M,N) becomes plot(M+map_width/2,N). so in the map file it doesn't need to consider two different worlds, and just store the plot information as normal.
New terrain types
Passageway: Units can walk freely

Crawlway: low ceilings prevent big units from passing, small units can squeeze through by crawling on their stomach.

Water: underground lakes, waterways and streams

Lava: impassable (except for lava walking promoted units) you can also fireball enemies on the other side of the lava even if you can’t walk there.

Bottomless pit: don’t step in unless you want to fall for a long time. fireballs and flying units can fly to the other side.

Dirt: originally impassable, but with work you can build your own tunnels, sneak attack breach into enemy tunnel systems. visibility through dirt becomes 0.

Granite: only possible to tunnel with advanced drilling contraptions. visibility through dirt becomes 0.

Impassible rock: some parts you can’t dig through. visibility through dirt becomes 0.

New terrain features:
Rubble: boulders impede movement, ½ movement speed. common when digging a passage, the rubble needs to be cleared away.

Poisonous gas: some mines are full of poisonous gasses, which can slowly deplete the health of creatures walking through the passage. If your parrot dies then you’d better come up for air.

Weak roof: some areas of the cave have a weak roof, it has a % chance of collapsing each turn, dammaging units under it, leaving rubble, and a small % chance of totally collapsing, severely damaging/killing units under it(if not killed the damaged units are displaced from the collapsed tiel), and turning the tile to dirt.

New terrain improvement:
wooden bridge: a pathway over short distances the bottomless pit. A way to the other side, but be careful while walking across the wooden bridge, if you are ambushed and a fireball wielding mage he could burn the bridge out from under your feet.

Booby trap: invisible to enemies, spikes come out of the ground when a unit steps on the tile, damaging the unit.

New spells:
Collapse roof: a new earth spell that can collapse a tunnel, turning it into dirt terrain. Stop the enemies following you when escaping underground. Patch up breaches when enemies have dug a surprise attack tunnel to your underground area.

Reinforce walls: strengthens the walls of your cave system, making it harder for enemies to breach into your cave system. this also strengthens the roof.

New promotions:
Lava walking: walk on lava

Digging1: Able to dig dirt

Digging2: Able to dig Granite

Underground listening: able to detect if a enemy unit is nearby but not visible due to being behind dirt terrain. detect the enemy digging towards your tunnel system before they get there.

Small: creatures that are small enough to fit through small openings and get through crawlways, also light enough to walk over wooden foot bridges.

Trap spotting: can see enemy boobytraps

New ritual:
Close the earth:
on ritual compleation all underground tiles gain weak roof terrain feature, a % of all passageway and crawlway tiles become dirt.
Might be a different way to reach the same effect. While an underground would be cool, might be too hard to do. would it be any easier to have a customer FFH map script that would create a normal map, and at certain events would raise/expand the map. A lost world expands the map when natures revolt is done. A part of the underworld expands the map when hyborium would instead normally show up.

Sadly I don't know anything about scripting to do this myself.
I dunno, but i found the underlined text a bit amusing...

LOL, it might re-balance the scales, maybe bigger units aren’t always better.
It’s time for the cursed dung beetle swarms! :D

I wonder if you could have submerged crawlways, might be a bit hard to model, but very reflective of the reality of underground cave systems. I don't know how you'd be able to control how long different units can hold their breath.
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