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Unique Powers mod in progress...need ideas

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Creation & Customization' started by musicfreak, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. musicfreak

    musicfreak Warlord

    Nov 30, 2007
    I'm currently working on a mod that replaces civilization traits with unique powers, much like Rhye's and Fall of Civilization already does. The problem seems to be coming up with ideas... I'm no historian, so I don't really know what powers to give to a lot of civilizations. Here's what I have so far. The ones in italics are already decided, but you can still comment on them if you feel they are imbalanced or ahistorical. Please note that I want to try to keep my ideas original and not steal from RFC wherever possible.

    All cities +2 happiness
    American culture in enemy cities has a much greater effect (in terms of unhappiness and revolt chance)

    State religion spreads faster

    Can always hurry production with population
    +2 food, production and commerce in every city for every vassal

    -50% civic upkeep

    Some kind of bonus for attacking a city that was once yours
    Something to do with culture

    All military units start with +2 experience
    +25% military unit production

    +0.5 happiness for all forests and jungles near a city (maybe +1 production instead?)

    -25% food required for city growth

    +50% wonder production

    +50% naval unit production
    Lower maintenance cost for colonial cities
    Something else?

    More city defense from culture

    +25% culture in all cities

    Upgrades cost half price

    +100% Great People birth rate
    All cities +2 Great People points

    Holy Roman Empire

    All units can move through mountains

    No anarchy in revolutions
    +1 happiness for each non-state religion in a city

    Enemy culture spreads more slowly in Japanese territory
    Technologies already researched by other civilizations cost less

    All units start with Woodsman I and Woodsman II

    All units start with City Defense I and City Defense II

    +1 trade route in every city


    Lower maintenance cost for military units

    Native America
    +1 food from plains

    +100% trade route yield for coastal cities

    -75% vassal maintenance

    No resistance in conquered cities

    All naval units receive an extra movement point

    +25% building build speed
    Workers build improvements 50% faster

    All tiles produce at least 1 food
    Double production speed of workers and settlers

    Cities with state religion receive +25% production
    All units +50% strength versus obsolete units (unfair?)

    Farms produce +1 food

    +100% gold earned from pillaging and city capture

    Enemy culture does not spread into Zulu cities (unfair?)
    Majority of foreign culture removed on city capture

    As you can see, this list is nowhere near complete, so any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    PS: The numbers can be tweaked later, after I have a power for each civilization. For now, I just need to get some ideas rolling.
  2. Firestorm94

    Firestorm94 zuh?

    Feb 26, 2008
    In a state of confusion
    1.)Aztecs need a different power or you have to change their UB, it reduces whip:mad:
    2.) persia could have no city revolts after conquest
    3.) Mongols: Barbarians less likely to attack them?
    4.)Greece: universal suffrage civic is open with some classical tech
    5.)Rome: Representation is open with some classical tech
    6.)Vikings: more pillage, razing, and city capture gold
    7.)Inca: mountains are passable and are just like hills. but with 1 more movement cost
    8.)Zulu:Jungles can be chopped for production?
    9.)Arabia: religion more likely to spread
    10.)Mali:+1 trade route sounds good

    I might be able to help somehow, I really liked the powers idea in RFC, I only know XML, can't help with other types, but I'd hate to see this project die
  3. musicfreak

    musicfreak Warlord

    Nov 30, 2007
    Thanks for the reply. I was about to give up on this.

    Most of the changes I'm implementing have to do with the SDK, and they're fairly easy, so I don't really need help with that. I just need help thinking of ideas because, like I said, my history is really rusty. But thanks for the offer. :)

    1) Ah, forgot about that, thanks.
    2) That's what I was thinking, but I didn't know how historically accurate that woud be. Done.
    3) I like the idea, but that wouldn't have much of an effect on easier difficulty levels. And later in the game it would be completely useless.
    4) Okay, I'll think about that.
    5) Same.
    6) I was thinking just city capture, but that's even better. Done.
    7) Ooo, that's a really good idea, thanks!
    8) Hmm, sounds good, I'll use that unless I can think of something better.
    9) That's what I was thinking, but there are a couple problems. First of all, it would be really easy to abuse that if you have multiple religions in your cities, and second of all, how good would that be? It seems to me like it would be pretty weak, but maybe I'm wrong. Missionaries are pretty cheap, so I'm not sure if it would really give them that much of an advantage. I'll consider it though.
    10) Done.

    I've also updated a couple other ones, take a look.

    Thanks again for the reply! Keep the ideas coming! :)
  4. Temrek

    Temrek Chieftain

    Jun 19, 2008
    Russia - The power of Scorched Earth, enemies take a slight amount of damage each turn while in russian terratory.
  5. EviltheMonkey

    EviltheMonkey One Primate Think Tank

    Dec 7, 2006
    My humble suggestions:

    Rome- Power of Military Engineering: all Infantry can build roads and forts

    America- Power of Manifest Destiny: all cities start with 1 extra population

    Spain- Power of The Inquisition: increased enemy espionage costs

    Celts- Power of the Forest: one extra food from and 1 movement cost for all units through forest tiles

    Native America- Power of the Plains: one extra food and one extra production from plains tiles

    Netherlands- Power of Trade: coastal cities have one extra trade route

    Aztecs- Power of Tribute: Vassal states available earlier (code of laws?)

    Greece- Power of Hellenic Culture: beakers per culture rate (2 per 10%?)

    Mongolia- Power of the Golden Horde: All cavalry start with mobility (+1 movement)

    Sumer- Power of Agriculture: Farms spread fresh water from start of game
  6. sepamu92

    sepamu92 Prince

    May 5, 2005
    Minnesota, USA
    I love the idea. The power you have for Zulu doesn't make any sense, though - the Zulus lived nowhere near jungle. I like the power though, and it might make sense for someone else, like Maya.

    Other suggestions:

    Maya or Khmer - extra food, commerce, and/or hammers from jungle

    Arabia - I think Rhye's power is very appropriate; maybe toned down, so state religion spreads to all captured cities

    India - definitely something dealing with many religions per city

    Mongolia - Bonus to pillaging, or capturing or razing cities. Maybe all mounted units get +X% to city attack? Or free units given when a city it razed?

    Turks - Some bonus to vassals: other civs more likely to vassalize?

    Portugal - some bonus to exploration

    Byzantium - I think a bonus to the state religion, or one to defense would fit. Maybe both?: all cities with state religion get +X% defense.

    Sumeria - Wild idea: maybe they start with X random free techs at the start of the game

    Zulu - A bonus to units' mobility, like maybe free Guerrilla II or Mobility to all units
  7. musicfreak

    musicfreak Warlord

    Nov 30, 2007
    Wow, thanks for the replies guys!

    It's a great idea, I agree, but there are two things I don't like about it. First of all, Rhye uses this exact power, and I'm trying to keep the ideas in this mod fresh; and second of all, it would be a lot harder to calculate on a random map. If you use cultural borders as the "territory", then it would be really unbalanced if Russia had a lot of culture and/or land area. What does everyone else think about this?

    Wouldn't that be a little cheap? How about "The Power of Infrastructure: Workers build improvements 50% faster"?

    It's a good idea, but the problem is it only works when you settle a city. After that it's useless. Maybe -25% food needed for population increase?

    Great idea, I added it to the first post.

    That would be a little cheap though. I don't know...this is a hard one. I was thinking all units start with Woodsman I, but they already start with Guerilla I after you build a Dun, so it would be really unbalanced if they had both (IMO).

    Good idea, done.

    That seems kind of weak when Mali gets +1 trade route in every city.

    I don't know how good that would be...Vassal states would be useless that early in the game.

    Again, doesn't seem very good, but I'll consider something like this.

    Added to the list of possibilities.

    Hmm, interesting idea, but it's really situational. If you don't start near water at all (or if you have rivers everywhere) then it's useless. But it's a good idea, I'll consider it until something better comes up.

    This is why I started this thread. :D Thanks for pointing that out.

    Added something like that for Khmer, although I'd like to do something relating to science for Maya (since they were scientifically advanced compared to the rest of the civilizations in the area).

    I'll just use the "religion spreads faster" idea. That way you don't have to conquer anything for it to work.

    Okay, I'll try to think of something that isn't too situational.

    I added the city attack idea to the list.

    I don't want to do anything relating to AI because then the power would have no effect in multiplayer. Same with France's "other civs have a friendlier attitude" power in RFC. But a vassal-related bonus would be fine.

    Maybe all ships start with Navigation I? (+1 movement)

    Okay, that sounds like a good idea, I'll definitely consider it. If not, then I can make all units start with the city defense promotion (whatever it's called).

    Hah, that is a wild idea. But then that would only help them in the very beginning of the game, something I want to try to avoid. But it's definitely a creative idea, I'll try to figure out how to make it balanced. Were they technologically advanced historically?

    Their UU already starts with mobility. But otherwise it's a good idea.

    Thanks again for all the replies guys! :)
  8. Temrek

    Temrek Chieftain

    Jun 19, 2008
    Russia has? Long time since I played Rhyes mod. Anyway, I dont think it will be unbalanced.

    Lets see:

    Rome - The Power of Slavery: Whenever they raze an enemy city, its population is spread out to the civilizations cities.

    Greece - The Power of Classical Thought: Cities with state religion gets +10 Research and Culture.
  9. Firestorm94

    Firestorm94 zuh?

    Feb 26, 2008
    In a state of confusion
    this is going to be a great mod, i'll be first to download it :)

    Ottomans:+2:) per vassals and maintenance costs from having vassals decreases

    Egypt: extra food/production/commerce from desert

    Aztecs:can whip without slavery

    EDIT: how far are you in the making of these powers? i'd like to see how it is going so far. crossing fingers for a playtest
  10. Firestorm94

    Firestorm94 zuh?

    Feb 26, 2008
    In a state of confusion
    Time for some thread reviving


    India could have faster research rate for religiously weighted techs
  11. musicfreak

    musicfreak Warlord

    Nov 30, 2007
    Hey guys, sorry it's been so long, but this mod is not dead, I've just had a lot of schoolwork and it's gotten in the way.

    However, recently I've had some time to tinker with it and I will have something playable sometime soon (in a week or two). Basically what I'm doing is replacing the trait system and instead having one trait for every civ that represents the power. Because of this, you'll be able to play with the numbers in the XML as you see fit.

    Note that I still have some civs without powers. I'm going to update the original post with what I'm currently using, but please keep the ideas coming. :)
  12. jlc102127

    jlc102127 Chieftain

    Jul 8, 2008
    you could have India with the ability to have more than 1 state religion.
    We just finished Sumer in history, and they could have +1 food for flood plains (since floods were such a big part, similar to the egyptians and the nile)
    speaking of the egyptians, maybe +50% wonder production, not +100% (100 may make things a bit unfair).
    the greeks could have a defense bonus for all units (similar to the 300 movie)
    although i think the bonus should be something scholarly.
    english- the power of the battle of britain- all fighters and jets start with interception 1. or something similar for the royal navy.
    spain- the power of conquistadors- 100% more pillaging yield and 100% more money for city razing.
  13. musicfreak

    musicfreak Warlord

    Nov 30, 2007
    I actually really like this idea, but it would require a LOT of work, as the Civ4 religion engine is based around each civ only having one engine. But I will consider it if I have time.
    Right, they were really big on agriculture, which is why the current power is as it is. I was also thinking of having farms produce +1 food.
    How about +75%? The current industrial trait gives +50%, so I wanted something higher than that. I guess only playtesting can determine the right amount for that.
    Mmm, I don't know about "scholarly", but it's an interesting idea. Added to the list.
    Since when did they have such a good air force? But yeah, I'd like to add something to do with their navy.
    That's what I have for the Vikings right now.

    Thanks for the ideas! Keep 'em coming! :)
  14. mujambee

    mujambee Chieftain

    Jan 13, 2009
    Madrid, Spain
    The Aztec "empire" (actually a military influence) was based on vassal states paying tributes, so maybe you could get a % of every vassall state's turn income.

    Carthag was, in fact, a naval power. Their galleys/galleons/transports could have strong combat.

    Don't like the spanish espionage bonus, has nothing to do with historic facts. What about cities with official religion get +25% production (food, money, beakers, hammers...)?

    Mongol hordes were capable of moving so long distances because of their ability to sustain themselves while on the move, so maybe a reduced cost on unit manteinance could be historically accurate.

    Portugal: +1 naval movement allowance (like when circumnavigating the world) and +1 sight radius at sea.

    Rome: Workers build roads in 2 turns; can use enemy roads/railroads.

    America: Inmune tu foreign culture :lol:
  15. Infantry#14

    Infantry#14 Emperor

    Dec 26, 2006
    China: how about tiles that already produce 4 food gets an extra food?
    (may be too overpower after biology)
  16. musicfreak

    musicfreak Warlord

    Nov 30, 2007
    Hmm alright, I'll ponder that.
    I'd rather give a naval bonus to England, but I'll consider it.
    Alright, changed.
    Good idea, added. I'll probably end up using this one because it's the easiest to balance while still being historically accurate.
    Added. I had that originally but I didn't want to copy Rhye's power. But I guess it makes the most sense for Portugal, so I added it back in.
    Would the latter part be unfair? (All units start with Commando.) I don't know, it seems a little cheap to me. Original idea though.
    If immigration existed in Civ4, I would gladly add this as a feature. :p
    Hmm, so then is my current power for Sumer too powerful? Should I change it to something like Farm +1 food?

    As always, thanks for the suggestions. :)
  17. Tholish

    Tholish Emperor

    Jul 5, 2002
    Ethiopia: slowed effects of starvation.
    Netherlands: can found cities in coast. (works on advanced start only since no sea unit has found)
    Byzantium: can respawn indefinitely
    Celts:can draft regardles of civic
    HRE: can release vassals at will (ie, gets this choice when the vassal gets into a war)
    Maya:gets extra food from jungle
    Zulu: can upgrade workers to impi
  18. Shiggs713

    Shiggs713 Immortal

    Mar 11, 2007
    I was thinking more something to do with religion for Ethiopia. You know they claim to own the Ark of the Covenant?

    Netherlands maybe something for trading or expanding. Or perhaps both, like +1 trade routes for coastal cities or something along those lines.

    America +2 culture? That just sounds odd. They should get an industrial, or economical bonus over culture. Or perhaps something about elite marines or that certain units don't get amphibious penalty or perhaps even bonuses for air units. Any of those sound more like America then a culture bonus.
  19. musicfreak

    musicfreak Warlord

    Nov 30, 2007
    Oops, that was definitely a typo, it was supposed to say "+2 happiness" (for the American Dream).
  20. Tholish

    Tholish Emperor

    Jul 5, 2002
    For civ 3 I made an America mod that gave America all the unique units and unique buildings belonging to anybody, due to its being a land of diversity, and America started with Republic and to compensate for all this you could only play on Deity level. Something like this would be out of the question I guess.

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