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Unit Idea- Biological Warhead


Feb 25, 2002
This would be an interesing unit. It would be like a nuke or ICBM except it causes dieses. Like when you have a city near a jungle...

Well i thought it was neat...your input?
I think it'd be pretty cool :goodjob: . It'd be nice to have some biological warhead with me for those d-a-m-n Zulu!!!
U know how the ICBM's and Nukes like get everyone pissed at you? Well this unit would probably do that too.

Sickness will last for x number of turns

I think ~5 is good

Bio Warhead
5% chance of wiping out the pop (pop will be 1)
50% chance of poisining the pop
45% chance of just stopping construction for x turns

What do u think??
I don't think you can implement these suggestions without redesigning part of the hardcode in the game. At this point I believe that is impossible.
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