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Jul 25, 2002
I decided to make an Atlas missile so that America will have something to respond with when the R7 makes it into your game ;)

Here is the model I started today, this will most likely be the way it makes it into the game.
I plan to make a new launch animation in which the strap-on boosters detach (they should also detach in the R7 anim, but whatever).

Listening for your feedback...

So, here is the preview:


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I'll get to work on the animations for this as soon as I fix my window, because it's freezing cold in the room with the computer right now (!@#$ the window won't close :mad: :rant: ) The unit will most likely be done in the next 3-7 days.
Originally posted by Madeira
Yea, very cool!
Question, the firaxis ICBM, which model does it resemble if any?

It resembles the Titan (America). However, it is not a good enough resemblance to use it as a Titan flavor unit IMO.
Actually, I was thinking of skipping that missile generation (since we do have a Titan, nevertheless) and making a Minuteman and a Satan (for Russia) instead, if I make a 2nd pair of Russia/America missiles.

EDIT: The problem is, as you get closer to current technology, the missiles start looking more and more generic. I'd rather make some unique-looking missiles, like the R-7, Atlas, and I'm not going to continue that list at this point :p



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Any missile's a good missile, but the satan sounds very cool :satan:. Generic looking missiles, like the ones in the game would look kinda boring, IMHO. So I would, if I were you, continue with your plan to make some of the older missiles. BTW: Looks good :goodjob:.
Gogf's efforts to create a missile silo inspired me to make my own. The Atlas-F (the last deployment model) was silo-based, so I have modeled this after an Atlas-F silo.

This is only the basic silo, obviously I will need to add such important details as doors, and a couple other features.

Please post feedback on whether you'd be interested in a silo version of the default and launch animations (I must admit I think it would be quite weird to have silos based in cities, since ICBMs are immobile, but whatever).


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