Unit requests


Jan 4, 2002
Has anyone created any mounted infantry units yet? I was thinking that the people in the older times must have needed to defend their captured cities quickly like the modern ones do by using mech infantry. These units would probably be mounted by default but would attack and defend on their feet.

mounted spearman -> mounted pikeman -> mounted musketman -> mounted rifleman -> mech infantry

Some other unit requests:
-armored horseman
-merchant galley(UU for Phoenician civ i'm hoping to add)
-armored warrior(swordsman without iron, 2.2.1)
-mounted swordsman(i was thinking of making knight a sort of european UU, so this would be the "un-unique unit")
-kung fu fighter
-modern pirate(maybe a guy with a rocket launcher on a speedboat, used somewhat like a privateer)
-something to replace mech infantry in the unmounted infantry upgrade line
An interesting way to make a mounted infantry unit would be to use mounted .flcs for the default and run animations, but use infantry .flcs for the attack and fortify animations. I did this to make a Motorized Infantry unit, using Dark Sheer's Army Truck for the default and run, and the standard infantry unit for the attack and fortify. It fought like normal infantry, but had a wheeled movement of 3. Most of the mounted infantry ideas you listed below could be done in the same way...you just need to come up with new stats (probably enhanced movement rates) for them. Hope this helps.
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