Unit Scaling and Formation for VP

I'm back with some mini update and bug fixes.
  • Mini update to make it compatible with the new custom civs that just got added.
  • Fixed a bug where Penteconter (with 4UC), Modern Destroyer and Missile Cruiser (with ENW) has duplicated NumMembers.
  • Probably some scaling values adjusted along those lines, I forgot which ones.
Added a couple more custom civilizations:
Requires at least Unit Scaling and Formation for VP (v 7), otherwise the scaling won't apply to Brittany's ethnic units.
Thank you, surely there was a lot of work :hatsoff:.
Well, not really, actually. Once you get hang around SQL for quite some time, you just know how to do it.
Also, this could signal that Ethnic Diversity mod could easily work with this mod.
New Big Update!
(well, at least for me)
Unit Scaling and Formation has been redone!

To fix a pesky mistake of mine that made the mod to work like 'ART_DEF_UNIT_'||'WARRIOR'||'_V2', which is actually stupid, and I was upset to myself because of that.

Now I fixed that and make the mod to work straightforward by just using the whole Art Define string like 'ART_DEF_UNIT_WARRIOR_V2'.

There are no major fixes or adjustments, aside the codes are altered slightly (which costs me like 3 days for editing all the files and testing it). So this means that if there is someone already made a custom USnF support, then sorry because you have to edit your code again to make it work for this version or future releases.

The scaling files are also slimmed down, and now there is one file for each type/category. It's easier to edit changes this way, to be honest, instead of editing separate files or line sections for just changing the scaling of one unit type.

Also, USnF for VP Custom Civs is also re-done!

Because of the changes I made to the main USnF mod, I also need to re-done the whole support files.
The file names are changed to reflect which author of said custom civilization, so it's easier to track which mod does the unit came from.

I also added support for a few more custom civilizations to justify this update:

Also, some minor changes such as:
  • Added 'ART_DEF_UNIT_WW2_INFANTRY_BRITTANY' that uses the same 'ART_DEF_UNIT_INFANTRY_BRITTANY' model. The reason of this is that VP (or base Civ V) is using 'ART_DEF_UNIT_WW2_INFANTRY' for Infantry model instead of the older 'ART_DEF_UNIT_INFANTRY' model. So, in order to make ethnic unit to work, you need the appropriate UnitArtInfo tag with a proper ArtStyle suffix.
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Also, please tell me if there's something wrong because I haven't tested this big change thoroughly. I only do some value checking to make sure the mod worked.
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Mini fixes update:
  • Pikeman scaling value for RED scaling was wrong.
  • Few civilian units had their NumMembers for SUG scaling wrong.
Hi, any ideas why the pikemen have the wrong scale?


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Turned out I mistakenly compiled the older version instead of the newer version
(thank you Git). All issues I previously mentioned supposedly fixed now should be totally fixed.

Hi @N.Core I love this mod. I'm currently trying to play with the SUG (Single unit) option. I found a problem: Corvettes are doubled :

But not always ! :

I have put a multiplier of 0.7 on land units (because their heads were not visible due to the unit icons), and 0.9 on boat units, like for land units they felt too heavy for me. Late game caravan and trade cog, helicopter, Indian elephant and GP are also really big (too much for me so I have reduced their size).
I have also reduced all cavalry unit size by ~10% to make me able to look at their head (before their heads were behind their unit icon, even with a 0,7 size multiplier).

I use Quick movement and combat.
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