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Angel of Junil
Sep 23, 2010
For all beginners, and even players who have been playing RFC. I got most of this stuff from the forums, but it is scattered, and so difficult to find. So read on:D
1.The Wiki
I've heard many players complain that the wiki cannot be accessed for the strategy guides. So here is the link, accessed via a web archive. Warning-Edits cannot be made.
  • Dynamic Civ Names
    One of the distinguishing features of Rhye's and Fall of Civilization is the dynamic civ names function. This function allows your civilization's name to change automatically as it progresses through history, grows or shrinks, changes governments and civics or adopts a state religion. A list of all the dynamic names for RFC follows.
  • RFC Changelog
    RFC has included many updates and patches, so here is a list of all of those.
  • RFC-BtS Timeline Comparison
    Rhye's and Fall of Civilization features a different timeline, which enhances the classical age and shortens the modern and future eras. Tech costs are rebalanced accordingly. Also, turn 0 in RFC is 3000BC, 1000 years after BtS's 4000BC. So this leads to a change in year-turn synergy. So this list sorts it out.

2.The RFC Atlas by Zetetic and Thonnas
Most new players don't know about this atlas. It shows spawn areas, and even UHV areas. Essential if you are going for the UHVs.

3.City Atlas by Morff
An in depth version of the above atlas, shows the plot yields, and all kinds of terrain. Also shows the city names, for different civs.
And the thread.

4.Desktop Atlas by lzd
A combination of all the all the features of the above atlases, and no loading times since you can just download it!
And the thread.

5.Resource Appearing List from
In RFC, some resources are dynamic. For example cows appear in the New World in 1600AD, and horses appear in the Americas in 1700AD. The below list shows all dynamic resources.
if (iGameTurn == con.i450AD): #(dye added later to prevent Carthaginian UHV exploit)
                        gc.getMap().plot(53, 51).setBonusType(iDye) #France
                        gc.getMap().plot(53, 55).setBonusType(iDye) #England
                if (not gc.getPlayer(0).isPlayable()): #late start condition
                        if (iGameTurn == con.i600AD): 
                                gc.getMap().plot(53, 51).setBonusType(iDye) #France
                                gc.getMap().plot(53, 55).setBonusType(iDye) #England
                if (iGameTurn == con.i1100AD):
                        #gc.getMap().plot(71, 30).setBonusType(iSugar) #Egypt
                        gc.getMap().plot(72, 24).setBonusType(iSugar) #East Africa
                        gc.getMap().plot(70, 17).setBonusType(iSugar) #Zimbabwe
                        gc.getMap().plot(67, 11).setBonusType(iSugar) #South Africa

                        gc.getMap().plot(66, 23).setBonusType(iBanana) #Central Africa
                        gc.getMap().plot(67, 21).setBonusType(iBanana) #Central Africa

                if (iGameTurn == con.i1250AD):
                        gc.getMap().plot(57, 52).setBonusType(iWheat) #Amsterdam
                if (iGameTurn == con.i1600AD):
                        gc.getMap().plot(28, 46).setBonusType(iCow) #Washington area
                        gc.getMap().plot(30, 49).setBonusType(iCow) #New York area
                        gc.getMap().plot(25, 49).setBonusType(iCow) #Lakes
                        gc.getMap().plot(24, 43).setBonusType(iCow) #Jacksonville area
                        gc.getMap().plot(18, 46).setBonusType(iCow) #Colorado 
                        gc.getMap().plot(11, 47).setBonusType(iCow) #California
                        gc.getMap().plot(20, 45).setBonusType(iCow) #Texas
                        gc.getMap().plot(37, 14).setBonusType(iCow) #Argentina
                        gc.getMap().plot(33, 11).setBonusType(iCow) #Argentina
                        gc.getMap().plot(35, 10).setBonusType(iCow) #Pampas

                        gc.getMap().plot(24, 43).setBonusType(iCotton) #near Florida
                        gc.getMap().plot(23, 45).setBonusType(iCotton) #Louisiana
                        gc.getMap().plot(22, 44).setBonusType(iCotton) #Louisiana
                        gc.getMap().plot(13, 45).setBonusType(iCotton) #California
                        gc.getMap().plot(22, 49).setBonusType(iPig) #Lakes
                        gc.getMap().plot(21, 50).setBonusType(iWheat) #Canadian border
                        gc.getMap().plot(19, 48).setBonusType(iWheat) #Midwest

                        gc.getMap().plot(22, 33).setBonusType(iBanana) #Guatemala
                        gc.getMap().plot(27, 31).setBonusType(iBanana) #Colombia
                        gc.getMap().plot(43, 23).setBonusType(iBanana) #Brazil
                        gc.getMap().plot(39, 26).setBonusType(iBanana) #Brazil

                        gc.getMap().plot(49, 44).setBonusType(iCorn) #Galicia
                        gc.getMap().plot(54, 48).setBonusType(iCorn) #France
                        gc.getMap().plot(67, 47).setBonusType(iCorn) #Romania

                        gc.getMap().plot(106, 50).setBonusType(iCorn) #Manchuria

                if (iGameTurn == con.i1700AD):
                        gc.getMap().plot(26, 45).setBonusType(iHorse) #Washington area                        
                        gc.getMap().plot(21, 48).setBonusType(iHorse) #Midwest
                        gc.getMap().plot(19, 45).setBonusType(iHorse) #Texas
                        gc.getMap().plot(40, 25).setBonusType(iHorse) #Brazil
                        gc.getMap().plot(33, 10).setBonusType(iHorse) #Buenos Aires area
                        gc.getMap().plot(32, 8).setBonusType(iHorse) #Pampas

                        gc.getMap().plot(27, 36).setBonusType(iSugar) #Caribbean
                        gc.getMap().plot(39, 25).setBonusType(iSugar) #Brazil
                        gc.getMap().plot(37, 20).setBonusType(iSugar) #inner Brazil

                        gc.getMap().plot(104, 52).setBonusType(iCorn) #Manchuria
                        gc.getMap().plot(89, 36).setBonusType(iCorn) #India

                if (iGameTurn == con.i1850AD):
                        gc.getMap().plot(12, 45).setBonusType(iWine) #California
                        gc.getMap().plot(31, 10).setBonusType(iWine) #Andes

                        gc.getMap().plot(114, 11).setBonusType(iSheep) #Australia
                        gc.getMap().plot(116, 13).setBonusType(iSheep) #Australia
                        gc.getMap().plot(121, 6).setBonusType(iSheep) #New Zealand

                        gc.getMap().plot(19, 41).setBonusType(iHorse) #Mexico

                        gc.getMap().plot(58, 47).setBonusType(iRice) #Vercelli
                        gc.getMap().plot(12, 49).setBonusType(iRice) #California

                        gc.getMap().plot(11, 45).setBonusType(iFish) #California

6.Conqueror's List from
In RFC, the first old world civ to make contact with a new world civ gets free units, 'conquerors'. Below is a list of different units you will get in the conquerors event[it varies with your technologies and civ].

if (teamOldWorldCiv.isHasTech(con.iRifling)):
                                                        if (iOldWorldCiv == iEngland):
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iEnglishRedcoat, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iRifleman, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                elif (teamOldWorldCiv.isHasTech(con.iGunpowder)):
                                                        if (iOldWorldCiv == iFrance):
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iFrenchMusketeer, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                        elif (iOldWorldCiv == iTurkey):
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iOttomanJanissary, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iMusketman, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                elif (teamOldWorldCiv.isHasTech(con.iCivilService)):
                                                        if (iOldWorldCiv == iJapan):
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iJapanSamurai, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                        elif (iOldWorldCiv == iVikings):
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iVikingBeserker, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iMaceman, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                        if (iOldWorldCiv == iChina):
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iChinaChokonu, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iCrossbowman, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier2)
                                                utils.makeUnit(con.iPikeman, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 2)
                                                if (teamOldWorldCiv.isHasTech(con.iGunpowder)):
                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iCannon, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier1 + iModifier2)
                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iCatapult, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1 + iModifier1 + iModifier2)

                                                if (iOldWorldCiv == iSpain and teamOldWorldCiv.isHasTech(con.iGunpowder)):
                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iConquistador, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 2 + iModifier1)
                                                        if (teamOldWorldCiv.isHasTech(con.iGuilds)):
                                                                if (iOldWorldCiv == iArabia):
                                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iCamelArcher, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 2 + iModifier1)
                                                                elif (iOldWorldCiv == iMongolia):
                                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iMongolKeshik, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 2 + iModifier1)
                                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iKnight, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 2 + iModifier1)

                                                if (iNewWorldCiv == iInca):
                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iIncanQuechua, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 3)
                                                elif (iNewWorldCiv == iAztecs):
                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iAztecJaguar, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 2)
                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iMayaHolkan, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1)
                                                elif (iNewWorldCiv == iMaya):
                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iMayaHolkan, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 2)
                                                        utils.makeUnit(con.iAztecJaguar, iOldWorldCiv, tArrivalPlot, 1)

RFC veterans, suggestions are welcome on any more stuff that needs to be included here.:D
AWESOME. You can't believe how frustrated I've been for the last months for not being able to access the wiki. Great work :goodjob:
Thanks for mentioning my pathetic city atlas :)

Of course not, with the new changes you've made[the resources, civs and various other stuff], it is excellent for reference:goodjob:
The only problem is that my connection is slow, and it takes a couple of minutes to load.
Akbarthegreat: i know, the size is very unreasonable, but i don't have time to rewrite the html part, but maybe someday :]
But you can save the page as it is and use it "offline" as is, it's just "static" html, however if you click on "star" the informations about city are readed in the background with javascript, but it's really small amount of data.
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