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Vanilla + Civ3 Complete?

Plot a Lot

Sep 2, 2006
I have civ3 complete. I broke the first disc, the civ 3 disc, but for PTW and Conquests I still have the disc. I found a no cd disk (from a russian site, could not find one at the advised places) and played this way for a while. I got to playing too much and uninstalled all the programs.

My question is, if I buy a Vanilla, or Gold civ3 will It be compatible with the two disks I have from civ complete. Assuming that I can find v1239f. Since PTW and Conquests are expansion disks, I'm hoping I can, but am not sure.

Does anyone know? If so, help, please.

All help appreciated.

And, thanks.
If you get Civ3 Complete, then you get the complete version of it...with all three Civ3 parts: Vanilla, PTW, and Conquests. Does that help?
I have a simular story. I perchased vanilla Civ 3 to replace a lost disk.

I have installed Vanilla, but cannot install either expansion. When the disk loads, a blank command window flashes and the drive stops running the disk.
I've tried auto run in the my computer window. it only reproduces the flash of the comand window.

Also, My drive then no longer reocgnizes the vanilla disk unless I relog my desktop. I run Windows Xp.

I've failed to find any soltution to this problem on the forums
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