Vietnam (Civ6 inspired) mod advice


Jul 26, 2022
I'm thinking of making a Vietnam Civilization for my favorite Civ, Civ4.

I'd like the communities feedback on some ideas as I'm not an advanced player, I just play casually and I'd like to know what seems over or under powered.

Leader: Lady Trieu or Trung Sisters
Traits: Creative, Protective
Unique Unit: Voi Chien [Replaces War Elephant]
Unique Building: Thanh [Replaces Castle]

There are lots of options and ways this could go. These are just some options (not all bonuses at once)

Voi Chien [replaces War Elephant]
* Does not require Ivory (a bit immersion breaking I know)
* Can use defensive bonuses (like the Conquistador)
* Can move after attacking
* Ignores rough terrain penalty (like the Keshik)
* Some kind of bonus vs Pikeman/Spearman
* Just more strength (like +2)

Thanh [replaces Castle]
* +2 Culture
* Free Artist specialist

I'm leaning toward Voi Chien being able to move after attacking and having +2 strength.
I'm thinking +2 culture for the Thanh.

If it helps I'm thinking Vietnam would be a defensive culture victory driven civilization.
What do you guys think? Any combination suggestions welcome.
Was done already years ago.
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