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Feb 27, 2008
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I love archi maps. especially with snaky continents (and ofcourse low sealevel). The problem is I kinda ignored seafaring in the mod so far. That is now changed, and I also added a Cog as I missed a medieval transport. The coast will be 2 (easy to resupply) move and ocean 3 (have to carry extra supplies), but instead of increasing movement for all ships I added some boni (+1 move with pottery and shipbuilding) making it more dynamic. I also added Reefs that harms ships and cost 5 move.

And then I added a part of my personal history. The mainmenu song I wrote around 15 years ago on my Korg M1 keybord. I recorded it on magnetic tape and much later transfered it to computer where it somehow survived around 5 computerchanges. So be sure to enable music if you have turned it off ;)

The reefs look awesome! :) I hope that gets included in the Prehistoric NWA.


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Jun 20, 2007
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There are a couple of these floating about. (screenie)

I do think that maybe years/turn may need adjusted for Epic and slower Game speeds. Or that research speed for the early Eras needs to be tweaked.

At my current rate I will be into the 18th or 19th century AD before I even get galleons and frigates.

Was Pop growth really this slow back in Vanilla BtS? Been Years since I played a Vanilla BtS game so I've forgotten.

I have not researched banking yet so I hope that once I get there the rate of Gold is decent. I'm struggling to keep out of the Red and that in turn is keeping me down in the tech race. I have my 2 biggest cities on Wealth and my 3rd largest on research and my research rate is still less than 50%. I'm playing at the Noble level. America with Roosevelt.

Hope to get several solid hours of play in today. :D

Keep it comin'! You're my New Hero Vincentz. :goodjob: :king: :lol:

JosEPh ;)


Feb 4, 2009
Yeah. TEXT_KEYs were never my strong force. don't know why since they are very easy, but I'm always testing before I put in the text. I think its because I have to do it in 5 languages every time ;). I noticed some of the techs needs TEXTKEYs as well, and my corporations that I made 100 years ago are still missing, but specifically for the civics I'm going to wait, coz they'll descripe what the civic do, and they still may need some tweaking.

Regarding the eraflow : yep, didnt change the epic, marathon and quick for RoM's techtree or 10.000 BC change. Thats why I recommended Normal Speed ;)
But normal speed needs tweaking as well, as I changed the terrain, the units (and maybe buildings) cost too little.

I did a major overhaul on pop growth. Before the initial was 40 and 20 extra needed every step (1 needed 60 :food: 2 needed 80 :food: 3 needed 100 :food: etc. (size 20 = 440) With the extra food from terrain and the overhaul in improvements (you can build pastures practically everywhere and the farms are easier to build early with the widespread of oasis plus ofcourse the +1 :food: from camps) so even as I changed the consumption to 3/citizen as in RoM the cities would still grow too big, and the epic feeling of having a HUGE city disappeared. So I changed it to 0 for initial and 50 per step : size 1 50 :food: 2 100 :food: 3 150 :food:.(size 20 = 1000 :food: This makes it easier to build a small city, but a big one takes eras to grow, making them way more valuable and powerfull (and gives a greater sense of achievement IMO). Now a size 10 city is a landmark, and I havent been close to a size 20 yet.


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Mar 13, 2006
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