Vote on use of CA II and Mapstat

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Dec 17, 2004
DaveShack has proposed to delete CA II and mapstat as prohibited utilities. From what I know of this team this should be voted as a "yes". I had Ainwood and Dianthus post in the thread and they can't see any type of spoiler info that might be available to manipulate the game.

2.2 - Save Manipulation

Description: No team or individual is permitted to use the PBEM save games or other files to obtain information or alter any in-game element. This includes monitoring or altering memory while the game is loaded. Using MapStat or CivAssist II or such utilities is also prohibited.

Definition: An individual scanning or monitoring loaded files into memory or altering a file can obtain location information and more, they can even alter in game data.

Purpose: To prevent the use of outside game elements to break the spirit of the game by allowing someone to outright cheat.

Verdict: Using these or any other methods that allows altering the in-game content through any means is a violation of this rule
my vote yes
Yes, hell yes!!
I vote with a resounding yes. I figure we can leave this open till tomorrow.
I just downloaded CA II. Boy does it look cool. I vote yes as well.

If we didn't have Tubby, I'd vote no. But since he is on our team I have to vote yes. How many more amazing things will he be able to deduce?
Not much. The extent of my powers end at anything useful ;) :lol:
OK we vote yes to adding the utilities.
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