War weariness

I can say there is an alternative approach to war weariness we could consider. Instead of making it a happiness thing, make it purely a supply thing (which is already a factor of weariness). Have it so that as you war your supply starts to shrink more and more, eventually meaning you either can't field a full army anymore, or you suffer the big growth and production penalties. This already happens now just make it a stronger effect and remove the happiness part.

And while the defender would lose supply as well, ultimately defenders generally need less supply than the offense does, so there is a balance there.

That removes some of the thematic concern (aka why are my people upset for my people killing the enemy). Its more "war exhaustion", it just reflects that wars are very expensive and at some point your supplies start to dwindle, and you have to stop fighting to rebuild.
Supply is not an issue at all for wide empires. They're going to be immune to war weariness if happiness is not a factor.
depends on how low it goes
I forget, is the supply reduction currently a percentage penalty or a flat penalty? Percentage would probably be more balanced under this system, at least from a tall vs wide perspective.
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I agree the calc sounds odd with room for improvement and also loses to enemy increases your WW does not make sense thematically - but from a single player perspective WW makes war more difficult and challenging and adds more interactive gameplay and decisions --you have to weigh pros/cons and is one of the few things that keeps me from perpetual war. 10 turns of peace is not much but the AI could get defensive pac or ally close CS or get more troops or become a vassal which could change it up a bit or make it more challenging.
I think, for those of us who do not really like the War Weariness System, there should be an easy way to toggle the whole system on or off, in advanced settings, like espionage or certain victory conditions. Change nothing else to begin with.
This way we'd rely on the players ability to make their own decisions. After all, it is NO real war, but a game, which should in any case provide fun.

Or, if some seek even harsher conditions, instead of a YES/NO toggle there could be a "fill-in box" implemented. Change nothing else to begin with.
While set up you insert a multiplier integer number, from 0 to lets say 3, preset is 1 or zero.
Muliply this factor with the current War Weariness formula generated numbers at the beginning of every turn.
I can't imagine such a simple operation will take relevant processing time or RAM.
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