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How about to add CS luxuries into heavy tribute?


Nov 29, 2016
I haven’t followed the latest changes in the balance and don’t know. Is there such a thing already?

Some city-states are either very far away. Or they give you inconvenient quests. Either the influence of other civilizations is very large and to reduce this influence requires an 'open door' or 'decolonization' vote in Congress, or the city-state must be damaged during the war (3x the rate of decrease in influence for those who promised protection). Decolonization and subsequent recolonization to ally status requires at least 40 turns and two successful votes in Congress. Plus time to complete quests or deliver emissaries.

Why not add receiving luxury from the city-state to the heavy tribute? Receiving this tribute requires the deployment of a significant army. Although, in some cases this may still not be feasible, since CSs do not count as a threat units located in the territories of empires in a state of peace. But, they take into account if the war has just ended.

Let's say this luxury will be added as a trade deal for 25 turns - that's how many turns there is a marker 'someone recently demanded tribute'
But this type of deal should not be broken when war breaks out. It is impossible to predict when CS will have a new ally. This can happen due to the fact that the CS will give the quest to “declare war” or “denounce” us to any empire, or the current defender will declare war on us.

Can be imagined as several carts of looted oranges or porcelain sets.
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