"We are too far from our capital!"


Aug 6, 2008
Game 1 with A new dawn.

I build my second city at a great location a bit from my capital, and it immediately got this huge debuff of 8 unhappiness.

What are the rules for this debuff? How far away will it trigger? How can I make it go away? I could not fins anything about this in ROM concepts in the civilipedia, or anywhere else.
After having played a bit more, I have several questions that are not answered until it is too late. Only two world wonders per city? Become dependent on despotism because it provides infinite happiness to each of my cities (with units stationed in them)? Can't raze cities and rebuild them at better locations (the AI built a city on top of gems one tile away from a river...)?

Not impressed with the decisions made in those areas.
No one?

Do you seriously have to go into the world builder to raze cities?
I know for sure in Chronicles of Mankind you can access razing in city screen by writing cheatcode=chipotle in Civ.ini, maybe it was there since RAND. Amount of wonders should scale with culture level, also some buildings/wonders increase limit (cashback it), not sure how many were around originally. Despotism is cringe, yeah, still a problem in CoM - there should be more happiness from buildings/better resource divercity.
No one?

Do you seriously have to go into the world builder to raze cities?

Razing cities is done by pillaging. As long as the city is in disorder, you can pillage it to reduce its size by 1. Pillaging a size-1 city is supposed to raze it. Occasionally this is bugged and does not raze.

Unhappiness from distance to capital is meant to keep you from getting too big too soon. There are more happiness sources available in AND compared to regular BTS, and it does drop with era. I checked a standard map and the happy penalty for a second city whose cross-area just touches the capital's area is only -2. I don't think that is too disruptive.

The National and World Wonder caps are tied to cultural level. They eventually top out at 5 National and 4 World Wonders per city. Religious shrines and the National Wonders that produce resources do not count. They use the same mechanic as the Palace. You can also use the Unlimited Wonders game option to turn off the caps completely.
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